unfashionable ebooks

I read that ebooks are now untrendy (my blog) and paper books are ‘in’ .  Somehow people are rather intelligent or lazy in not wanting to carry another thing as it is now perceived as a bit big.

I have my own theory that drm and not being able to buy titles and meddling by Microsoft with the only other ereader have not helped.  It is interesting to note that people do buy second hand readers rather than a new one if there old one dies of some issue – so the value of new ones seems depreciated.

While i can read some non drm formats it is on a computer not a e-reader so i never have never owned one,




cosmic raygunned ? – usb memory card or shit samsung software

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

I have had a usb memory card recording tv (not much of it) for a couple of months until one day it bacame unreadable.

I lost films such as

the wicker man (1970’s)
the tale of orincess kaguala

Exploration of the device in linux proved no device or files so i had to format it, and the tv then drm’ed it as well

So much for Samsung tv’s (my blog) but it did not explode (non samsumg usb stick) .

Months later It’s format is well strange as it crashed while recording, but it decided to switch channels and replace that with the content on the tv but it kept the same name from the file before the crash.

This drm is damm odd – but it has yet to explode

And .. it happened agsin

fdisk  /dev/sdb1

Welcome to fdisk (util-linux 2.29).
Changes will remain in memory only, until you decide to write them.
Be careful before using the write command.

fdisk: cannot open /dev/sdb1: No such file or directory
linux0:/home/bananas# fdisk  /dev/sdb

Welcome to fdisk (util-linux 2.29).
Changes will remain in memory only, until you decide to write them.
Be careful before using the write command.

Device /dev/sdb already contains a ext4 signature.
The signature will be removed by a write command.

Device does not contain a recognized partition table.
Created a new DOS disklabel with disk identifier 0x4c34f22f.

Command (m for help): w
The partition table has been altered.
Calling ioctl() to re-read partition table.
Syncing disks.

And then the device is working again.

Lets go blame Samsung.  The ext4  is something samsung record format as i formatted it as a dos disk format on initial format back on its second format.

I would like to blog about x, but it will probably have a dcma’ed link at some point, so i wont.

guess who this person is

guess who this person is

As a general rule i dont link to youtube content, as one it never works, have an account there (my blog) , and 3 the likely hood that it wont be dcma’ed  by some little hitler so I wont bother you with my musings on a subject

I believe that the riaa, and bpi prefer it that way.  So if your a musician* tough.

That way this post will retain it relevance

* not that person/event (my blog), but an piece of equipment.

drm on the hp printer fun

Squeeze knows usb, shame about hp runtime

We have a rather crap hp laser printer, it never worked well with lenny, and in squeeze (which are debian distros) it seems to have got over some of the more weird usb messages it previously generated by the device,

The printer got its reputation as a madam as it could only work only with a reboot of the computer (thats with  a newer hplip complied by scratch) seems to have been fixed in Squeeze.

Squeeze came to be installed and the printer also needed redoing after a disastrous upgrade, it told us that i needed to use hp-setup (like i did not know) and so did.  I was informed i needed runtime from hp (drm) as expected again to get madam to work.  So hp-setup -i is started and ….

The site with the driver on is down.  Printer is a useless box again – the crowd roars with laughter at the comic antics,  Thanks HP.  Its not the software (hplip) but a .run file.  Clearly buying any new hp printer with drm to start with is clearly useless at present (hp shareholders be aware that ink\toner sales are down).

Perhaps the ex sap ceo of hp was right when he suggested they become a government software house, You know printers that cant work, and Microsoft windows product pimpage only is no way to make a profit*.

After a month of sitting on desk doing bugger all, i look again in detail, yes theres the drm crap is available elsewhere but its the wrong version we have 3.6, there version is 3.10, yes that means it don’t work and one has to recompile hplip.  Come on its humorous now.

I decide to do it, and download the 3.10  with the compatible runtime, and start the complier which then complains i dont have gcc installed, (i do have it) and i guess another month of this rather crap printer doing nothing and i decide to give it rest.  Fortunately its not our only printer and i think our last hp laser printer, so if anybody in hp is reading this perhaps completing with sap is the best course.

To upgrade to the next version of hplip might mean no run files, so its a zero sum game.

The danger for hp shareholders is that the reputation of the tools and the hardware goes down in everybodies estimation.  I might serve windows users with this driver too.  This also affects ink /toner sales, no usage no refills and no money for hp or its shareholders this year.

Its becoming funny, and when things like printers and large businesses become jokes then things become dangerous for them.

In november after a months holiday/vacation on the desk (a printer stayation?) the drm driver finally works, only locally since i then have to adjust a client elsewhere on our network to use the foomatic print device.. More of make work thing than convenient.

To finish that joke: what is a4 sized and does not work ? a hp laser printer.

The audio public library – whitby and dracula.

mp3 players or variants are essentially out of bounds to library users, yes you can buy titles or if out of copyright maybe for free via there shop at there discretion while services like Lendle get terminated.

As i am no rabbid apple fan ape, i did not know that those apple things are also crippled, eg its hard to copy a file from say a computer to a sound thing  unless you use itunes which is shop.

The audio library is one way  library users can not have to use a shop. I run Linux and found that Linux not being a mac or windows user was troublesome to download eventually i get a file ‘Dracula_%7bUnabridged.%7d(2).mp3’ to download which hopefully will play being i am no mac or windows user.

Then a session timeout, (after all two login sessions one for download, and one for the library system. The file 370mb was finally ‘delivered’.

The file plays without drm or file management which was a relief after two attempts at getting the file. It has a running time of 18 hours.

I choose Dracula since i have never read it, and quite how Whitby became ‘important’ in goth circles seems an odd choice.  The text by Stoker is better than i thought it would be with atheism, mental diseases, and early blood transfusions along with the vampires and knowledge that estate agents have always been a retarded bunch.

It works well even today despite the new fangled ‘shorthand’ and the typewriter.  Its use of the then technology works well and puts part three together well, although a little flowery while it rehashes huge chunks clearly a nod to newspapers whom might have serialized it making the later bits mind numbing boring.

Another reason for it was the lack of choice of ‘new’ books in audio format in offering.

Since I don’t own a proper ‘mp3’ player and i am a fast reader 17 hours to get through dracula seems very long compared to the text.  However worth the effort andif you own a sound thing something that print books on a screen its worth asking your library service for.

5/5 bananas.

Dab sucks

Dab which I discussed here (my blog) has been put on the backburner again because…

  • people where not buying new cars
  • people where not replacing old radios

With tv and digital switchover it made sense to ‘upgrade’ but radio not as much unless you have brilliant hearing.  The ‘new’ radios are also retarded in there design by

  • No headphone socket
  • No means of recording ‘anything’
  • A station list with no reception is useless
  • Most have an awful design

So the cd player/dab thing spends most of its time switched off (no not even in standby. Commercial radio claims that if fm was turned off today 30% of the audience would not miss it.   I also don’t have the tools to fit a car radio.

Many people also complain of bad reception, or reception in one one room which nobody spends any time in.

Internet is claimed to be good – but in the land of useage caps and that streaming is a heavy use of a connection I dare say your average radio listener would not like nasty practices of sky and british telecome (british india) when say you used 10gb of your 20gb yearly connection in one month.

Im sure better radios exist but with the no record defective by design standard and limitations of dab itself is best a bit of turkey.

Little miss gold digger

_44497876_mills66.jpgOnce upon a time a ‘z’ list celeb and animal liberation freak called Heather who met an ‘a’ list celeb who was VERY RICH and has not really done much since the 1960’s (so oldish too). Paul was a bit bonkers after doing drugs and the india thing. Heather too naturally ‘believed’ in those things that he believed* in. It was an marriage made in money.

‘love’ then flowered and one legged Heather did her duty but alas the love was not for ever for it was time to harvest the wealth of Sir Paul after a few years thought little miss gold digger. So naturally the media got blamed and the the quest for the 400 million pounds began by the ‘young’ little miss gold digger.

images.jpegOne Leg up** heather said nasty things about our ‘lovable’ liverpudian to the media who has gone a bit bonkers and that enraged even more people. What a silly old gold digger Heather was.

So Little miss gold digger got sad, cried on american tv and ‘hopped danced’** too for her sympathy but the media were not having it.

The charm failed, but a english judge ‘mulord wiseman solomon’ saw through lttle miss gold digger and said nasty things about her and gave her a couple of million instead.

So If your an rich billionaire beware of little miss gold digger, shes only got one leg so she should be easy to spot***.  Alas as for Bananas in the falklands who eats meat and so will not be chasing after Sir Paul becuase he is a freak.

I blog this as people like Paul McCartney think that copyright on songs should last 200 years and keep animal liberation loons like Miss Heather Mils in explosives and animal terrorist stuff supplies for a week.

That’s good isn’t it?

* vegetarian scum ** only having the one leg for some celebrity reason *** hopping