What I talk about when i talk about running,Haruki Murakami

Druggie Liliya Shobukhova

isbn: 9780995266155 dates from 2007 and is non fiction from an author i like (my blog) any delay in reading this might have been as I walked to a library.*

mr s from kes a class example of the role model for pe teachers

It is a small book and while ignoring drug cheats it does point out the failings of physical education in schools – most of of which is useless.

If you like Murakami’s non fiction it complements that and while perhaps not the most interesting subject reveals something of the author.

3/5 bananas.

*I walk faster than most runners.

mental gymnastics for star wars fans

pa6412leo.jpgWhen i write this yet another star war’s film is out (not anymore) which i have not seen and others in the works. On youtube i notice that the ‘fans’ are doing some serious mental gymnastics trying to keep there love intact.

Can ‘star wars’ maintain its integrity ? as a story and not do infodumps on how things work something of which star trek voyager (my blog) seriously screwed up where previous series did not bother to venture in such territory.

Star Wars is on the losing end of the battle like star trek was with its poor sub standard books, tv shows and video games which with every new explanation mean the trite star war fans now need may be at a point where even the most obsessive fan might find it boring.

There will become a time when the franchise will once again be put away.

Anyhow i hope you star wars fans enjoy your visit to the toy shop today.

ungrateful minions who use gmail

minionIn april last year google got badmouthed for a minion themed april fool day along with a few idiots who then complained about said feature being not business like.

Gmail is free [personal use].  Its hardly ‘business’ email and the minions are well known.  If people are unable to press the right button then clearly these select people are whiners who really should be kicked of gmail for being retarded

Where does this leave the april fool ? when some morons can’t get a ‘thing’.You tell me

Holocausts and Palestine

Jo McCarthy - man who made china a superpower

Jo McCarthy – man who made china a superpower

As time goes by it seems totally ok for a jewish state to exist but not iran, or isis (daesh) upon its establishment.  Daesh [or handmaids tale land] is not a nice place to live but set by a 1948 precedent.

I have been to a concentration camp but it is odd that jews don’t acknowledge that others also suffered and see what they did with america’s help is a model for others to emulate as I write this during a dump your jewish experience in a book via the grandkids and publicised in the newspaper i dont like that I read for new books to read.

I also had an experience with a one jewish commenter here who was bullied by other jews over a perceived wrong view.   She never came back.   Not my problem.

So i dont read those books that validate or promote right wing jewish thinking that could also justify the others i listed above.  I am so glad i dont print jewish books.

kangWhy ? – there is some copyright shenanigans going on with the jewish girl in the attic book set in a european city since it is out of copyright in some regions, apparently yet another version of it is out that has aliens in it who worked with the nazis to discover them  in order to beat copyright.  So i hear.

So the truth to that non fiction could be said to be fiction now, that is if you ignore the censored content that the estates publishers felt not worth publishing for reasons of a party line.

Is public domain that scary for some?

Mind you ‘gaza the holocaust years’ sounds a great line of books  for publishers in the future after all its a proven sales model.

They Live


clinton too

they live (imdb: tt0096256 ) is a film i saw on tv way after it was in any cinema  but oddly appealed to me after fixing the zoos dvr and a test for it when it lost its format for some weird reason once again.

It has long boring fight scenes  and a jaring vision it is worth a see.

I think Trump will be an interesting president, one for showing up the electability of professional politicians (my blog) on both sides as poor with there paint by the numbers majority double speak say on gay marriage in an environment like they live and who signed deals which made Trump a solution instead of professional politicians.

hclintonIt kind of of reminds me of the old Neal Stevenson book interface where an republican fixes america rather than a democrat.

Interesting times – will Trump perform? only time will tell.

5/5 bananas.



Donald Trump supporters on nationstates

Trump may have a rodent on his head, but he might fix campaign finance

Trump may have a rodent on his head, but he might fix campaign finance

Donald Trump might have a dead guinea pig on his head but is more popular than the average ‘reasonable’ republican (my blog) but when both parties thought when that nepotism is the best thing (my blog) to be the ‘dear leader’ by there consensus perhaps they deserve the result.

While Trump is a marmite* type of person he has only made one mistake with womens health which men control when i wrote this some months ago and that being a stated republican policy.

He is not my banana or the nepotism favoured other, but i can see why people think why not considering the other who are also worse.  Anyhow in the real world trump supporters have been active elsewhere…

Nationstates (my blog) has seen an influx of these people and i was amused to see that one creation inspired by Donald had a huge tax rate and other laws that your normal republican american would probably be raising a militia against with Sarah Palin as its cuddly mascot with her families illegitimate offspring** as torch bearers.


film they live

In mine nation things are going well  and overall i have a highly successful economy and a low tax rate which meant that any ideas these trump supporters might have had about running mine or the region lasted an hour before they moved onto greener pastures .  It will be interesting to see if these trump supporters continue after the election or not.

It would make an interesting analysis as to what trump supporters ended up with policy wise via nationstates.net and how out of whack those are with political thought of both parties.

It is strange that i do not notice Clinton supporters there, but i assume they must exist but are under the radar – but perhaps they know that independent thought is not tolerated in there party?

*love it or hate it ** Bristol Palin had at least two out of wedlock

‘Healing’ the political ‘majority’ – 48% trying to be 52%


comrade corbyn

When 48% (under 50%) represent both red and blue parties in politics then there are going to ramifications

In this case the reds and the unions who also where on the wrong side of public sentiment who also did not vote as they where told to is also in termoil, the blues have there own post (my blog).

I kind of feel sorry for the reds newly minded leader up again for challenge, who is disliked by his upper party but not loved enough by the members to get there people to vote remain (my blog). Not i vote for the herd mentality of red or blue.

With the labour party who it appears most of there members against the idea of europe there is a perhaps more need of change of opinion but i am not sure that a right winger with left thinking labour mp (think violet in colour) will attract those people who voted the way they did.

shitbritishleylandcarWe apes here look forward to everybody buying shit orange coloured british leyland* cars once again and driving them to Whipsnade zoo.

*not joking.

Guantanamo Diary,Mohamedou Ould Slami,editor Larry Siems

isbn: 9781782112846 sounded an interesting read after this (my blog) so i eventually tracked a copy down in a library it was not a simple book to obtain but the library system serves staff rather than users.

I know very little about the person so i have no ideas as to the rights or wrongs of the case.  I even had to find out where mauritania was.  The issues start when Slami signed up to fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980’s (my blog) so is linked to people but rather than blame the usual suspects i am sure other muslims [saudi and pakistani (my blog)] banded his name about to deflect attention.

Stints in a mosque certainly did not help perception wise and he kept in touch with friends  which kept him on lists of lists of interesting people. The fun starts in 2000 in Africa so this not at face value a problem of western rights that it eventually became.

After 9 11 (my blog) he once again is picked up and sent on a world tour of secret prisons.One problem there appears with this arrangement is the lack of communication between torture enforcement agencies who ask the same questions over and over again until they get what they want to hear which is a problem if you did not do it or what would get people promotions.

It is 2002 and back in custody not anywhere near Afghanistan or the middle east he is given to the americans where some Jordanians see if they can find out anything which has eluded three countries so far.  As i write this it is 2016, his final destination being Cuba where an motley array of torturers from Egypt,Pakistan and the us seem unhappy with any answer.



The book gets Kafka like when sugar* is part of an security theatre industry explosives device, when after a while such things may strike you as bonkers such admissions even though they are fake make torturers happy.

The book is arty like this (my blog) in places too but indicates that not all is well in the security theatre industry.

This is a recommended read and there are some interesting conclusions that can be made.

  1. Never volunteer to do anything you might be freedom loving citizen one day, and a terrorist the next.
  2. Don’t assume the state gives a shit about you.

So the next time some government employee complains about a lack of social action or cohesion just look at what it did here.

A disturbing read

5/5 bananas

* tea sugar