Happy Adof and Eva wedding day

If your in Windsor England today please wish adof (my blog) and eva my best after i read one parent has already been deemed a security risk.   Surprisingly the press have been going on about this mixed marriage so i guess the patriarchy and royalty is fine to sjw’s even though it is not marxism.

I shall be working here in the zoo- the zoo’s vets are also on standby (my blog) just in case.  So come visit the monkey house instead i read somewhere that 60% thought (my blog) the hype made by msm about this was something they did not care for.

Chernobyl prayer,Svetlana Alexievich

chernobylisbn: 9780241270530 won a nobel prize something i do not usually look at as the snobbier the award the crappier the book gets or mired in ego, awful poetry or meaninglessness although this is retranslation rather than an new book.

Belarus is one of those countries that gets a mention where the bbc never reports on news from so is non existent news also fake news?

4/5 bananas.

Gender studies with the Wachowski’s.

 loo brush hair?

I saw that netflix had Jupiter ascending (imdb:tt1617661)  a film that got panned on release and decided to invest in it to see where the Wachowski’s.(my blog) are in there gender studies course.

After all why not

The film is a mess and has mumbling in as three siblings try and kill mother who is kind of unaware of stuff but likes a man dog.  It looks like a sjw film and the men relegated to b roles or gender fluid.

I suppose it could be a commentary on administation a bug bear of the W’s and has some dresses in which are a lot more nice than bureaucratic forms.

Since cleaning toilets is the beginning and the end of the film  I rate it 0/5 toilets.

Celebrity children authors (or chav world book postponed day)

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Apparently you have to famous television star (being gay helps too) to write a childrens book these days and get it published.   It is kind of interesting that tv stars get a second career with the help of a ghost writer and film types do not appear to get such opportunities.

Only books by millionaire gay and cross dressing celebrities appear are chosen for world book day i suppose being associated with gropers helps (my blog) too..   Being simply an ‘author’ is clearly not enough for childrens authors by publishers these days.  It is kind of weird that the organisers of the ‘day’ and publishers sell any books at all which appears to be aimed at adults who have heard of said star as seen on tv celebrity.

Mind you that’s chav books day (my blog) for you

After the day ends i am sure books by ‘celebrity’ folk shall be forgotten and my library will empty of people who will only visit for one day in a year after all they only read celebrity books.

Celeb book authors do more damage to the publishers than ‘good’ imho but that’s not really my problem.

Martin Luther catholic dissident, Peter Stanford

papist fab! and gay

isbn: 97814756216664 is the european bloke not that black guy and this book is written by a catholic apologist who it appears to be searching for a truth proving his faith is the best.

I like Martin Luther (not the american) who certainly moved thought on and it is interesting to see the fate of queens in europe (my blog) compared to independent churches that Luther inspired.

Being Luther is old it is quite tricky to disentangle myth from truth but i got a sense that he was well educated and could think despite becoming a fairy tale professor of theology, if he where alive today i think he might have been an atheist / brexiteer.*

The problems of rome are well documented – Italians got europe’s wealth and none of the ‘good’ church jobs – northern europe paid and got no benefit.    Luther was not the first to propose reform and was one who was not burnt to death by those lovely catholic folk for upsetting the money making machine that catholics are.

Ivan Payne ex priest rapist living in Aderdare, South Wales

That appears to be the apologists writers main attack, i wonder if Luther had failed if the author might too have been tied up and burnt as a heretic perhaps with Ivan Payne (my blog) today with the match ?.

Luther is important and this eventually dawns on the point scoring author that while core Luther is perhaps still five hundred years too controversial for catholics where his successors where more moderate.

I like Luther more than the lutherian faith.

5/5 bananas.

*some points are similar.


self made man,Norah Vincent

is an older book from 2006 and  isbn: 9781434545047 and makes some case for migtow [men going there own way] by the feminists

Ms Vincent generally gets away with her role reversal and points out the problems of the female population which they ignore or rather not have said and if you have seen a bit of migtow stuff then it has repercussions and can be cringeworthy. .

2/5 bananas

Scottish nationalism and the delayed american television series funded by the uk lottery and suppressed by all the uk broadcasters

skirts and dresses for all

American tv decided to do a book (my blog) with scottish people in. Some years ago** and i thought it was natural content for british television although why they did not do it is a question to ask the bbc and other local broadcasters who seemed to not know of it too.

How wrong i was – amazon got it and referendums (my blog) for Scotland’s independence made it a no for free-view . Only in 2017 was it being broadcast to the weak and feeble minded people with ‘free’* television .

I have never seen this braveheart version 2 but i find the timing interesting for i wonder how long it has been stored by the broadcaster who was kept being told despite it being fiction by our lords and masters to suppress it for reasons best known to themselves

The zoo’s dvr decided to not record the first episode also for reasons best known to it self** and I caught up with the first – Ronald D Moore (my blog) de-femaled it well and i was quite happy to consider not womens fiction but an interesting concept. However with no second season it appears that Westminster has derailed it as a series. despite being over 5 books being written and published – which puts a certain  tv writer (my blog) to shame.

Latter episodes are quite harrowing and make it hard viewing

The music is good by an composer i regard.

.Perhaps the tax credit for television production is selective as to the will and views of the english civil servants after all and not all ‘creative’ jobs are valued as others despite the lottery funding it (my blog).

I shall let you mull on the matter.

Overall it is worth a see with 5/5 bananas but its funding and broadcast shenanigans make it a curious beast – why is it on now rather than several years ago.

*which costs £ 147 and time wasted for adverts **2014 – even i was late on this one despite being a battlestar producer (my blog) ** never happens 99% of the time – i blame sabotage by ofcom and so gchq know i watched it.

Quiting dr who

Bananas in the Falklands has decided to quit blogging about dr who (my blog) and watching it for reasons that it serves other interests rather than entertain and i have no objection to multi racial lesbian couples travelling replacing a man in police box although most of us have no idea what a police box is but if your a sjw then its probably a sign of facist (my blog) oppression..

Now dr who should be of universal appeal with monsters, can rather than cannot attitude, and the brutal honest truth now and then but instead it is something else to those who manage it and do not pay for it.

I would guess that the bbc will ultimately cancel the series  but not without giving it many many chances.  It certainly will not be sold to Saudi Arabian t& Pakistan elevision with its latest star in charge of the facist box..

If dr who was a period costume drama rather than genre then i guess none of this would be happening.

So as somebody who is engaged entertaining depressed armadillos (not here) today i will not miss it or bother to save it (my blog) or catch up with it (my blog).

See you all tomorrow.

Kimiko Ishizaka, Bach,and a film

a goth or a borg

a goth or a borg i think

Kimiko Ishizaka is a performer of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier in the public domain rather than what those crooks in the record companies peddle. Its worth a hunt for after Bach has been dead for 250 plus years so he is out of copyright. After all that famous recording in copyright is not available that people mention* although they too probably went to woodstock as well**.

It is the only piece of classical music on piano i can tolerate.

Anyhow i was viewing a film on television with posh british actors pretending to be supernatural things fighting down at heel goths or something like that. Popcorn describes it well and i wont bore you with a imdb or title but lets say it has discarded by Hollywood..

It might be a teen ya book doing the lets redo harry potter thing that hollywood picked up on.

snobsGetting back to Bach i was amused to discover that if you play Well-Tempered Clavier to the undead with there out of tune piano you can detect them.  I bet that will upset the classical musical snobs (my blog) when they discover that Bach was a vampire hunter who associated with goths if you know what i mean .

It may have been er rubbish and i came in half way through but it was well worth that for the laugh at the classical musical industry.

*glen something **everybody went to woodstock and had the front row when they did not