the vietnam war, Ken Burns

Is this pbs documantary (not here) from Ken Burns – i saw it on netflix and can highly recommend it.

The tone is well set with the better music and most sides although the french are ignored. and deals with the more american aspects.

Running to twenty hours it steals a few tricks from Erol Morris (my blog) who also does good work although the sound quality suffered in there version.

The dogma and lack of facts are scary in hindsight and is something both red and blue parties are still possible to do.

5/5 bananas.

Chernobyl, Serhii Pokhy

Censored picture (see link in comment)

isbn: 9780141988351 was a winner of some non fiction writing gong i had never heard of.   Oh well i guess that makes me a chav again i will have to ask the zoo to sponsor a book prize*.

Mr Pokhy details the steps that made Chernobyl what it is today although its reputation as an area dead for thousands of years has not come to pass as doom and nayslayers thought it might.   There are bad patches, but the weather is the weather.

Another example of contamination was recently found in Greenland, it happened in 660 bc and  the sun discharged nuclear material so as natural stuff goes its not unknown.

Politics wise what comes off from the early pages of the book is that the workers paradise of the soviet union also did not like coal miners (my blog). As to the design being safe is a question left to those who supposedly checked such things.  Shoddy construction was also an issue.    Class issues make for an interesting commentary on communism.

Economics wise meant the power station essentially paid for the infrastructure not the state.  Capitalism rears its head even in the 1970’s. The Swedish first detected the disaster and while the books beginning and end are good its middle is not as illuminating.

Interesting for the politics and economics.

5/5 bananas

*the banana skin ?

Netflix religous bullshit ahoy

Since it is supposed to be easter* here lets go have a look a weirdos who believe in a odd world view and what’s on netflix (my blog) for these crazy people.  The title below is kind of known to you either as a book or tv.

If i was being uncharitable one might describe the film below as a chic flick.    For those of you who keep up to date it seems such films are to be banned from the streaming service.

The red tent

imdb: tt3068894 was a view here in the monkey house I was a little confused by its old testament vibe with new testament attitudes dealing with those famous handmaidens (my blog).

Made in 2014 it seems many religious apologists would happily go along with such thinking even today.

Anyhow enough of those gender separating sharing people i think and i am not speaking of mormons (my blog) whom also do this stuff. Utah is a government welfare queen state

I suppose this is an apologists version of the Attwood book.  Still creepy.

*it always seems to move for reasons best known to crazy people

review of the year

strap in ..


January  A builder collapsed part of the blame will go to Tony Blair and his chums. Jordan Peterson made brand name famous after last years antics with Canadian sjws hit big time famous when a retarded msm reporter asked the question why can you offend me and naturally got schooled.

A mentioned before charity thought groping is good idea for fund raising..

The revised snoopers charter (old) – a law passed by both both blue and red parties agreed necessary was deemed illegal in law, Being competent is a start.

February: Being ‘pretty’ is soon becoming a non female job in the west as wimens lib types decide that is wrong for pretty people to vacantly smile at sport events for reasons best known to themselves.  Not that i like sport and dont care so I wonder when the female outrage will hit.  Not important but there was a pot noodle advert (very very old) that took the piss out of the cherrleader type ‘job’.  Never had it but it made me laugh.

The usual winners failed to win medals and got caught doing drugs during the winter olympics.  Nothing special

Derryck John

March It snowed. Russians are brilliant at closing emergency rooms when a spy contaminated with nerve gas a bit like this (old).It is one way to close hospitals, or get them rebuilt even if Carrilion* will not be building them .  Derryck John from Croydon south london became the thug of the year.  facebook got blamed for ‘over sharing’  how dare they [humour].

April: Jesus got crucified earlier than normal.   I had to replace some eu domains due to brexit – which i decided to do now rather than leave it till april 2019 which by the time your read this is not long.

The west bombed syria again for mystery reasons.

Harry Spike

May: The  northern irish continue to trump brexit demands, the south got civilised  that wedding and the media love in eventually happened.  Wikipedia got caught out as biased.

June: Where is Tommy Robinson was a question as it appeared that the Argentine style of disappearing people (old my blog) came to Britain and the main stream media did not care long live Theresa May’s Junta of clowns and children party entertainers.

Mind you a lot of sjw’s would probably like to throw a lot of people out of aircraft with out parachutes which Argentina perfected in the 1970’s**  I mention as Emile Cilliers who used to work for the army tried to kill his wife by damaging a parachute so the British army has the skills although the argentine method is still the best and most zen like and cheap.  Since the americans propped up that regime then i guess i now would need a charity donation or amusement park ticket to keep it fiscally responsible nowadays – i guess disney prisons would be doing it that way

gdpr killed email but not facebook .  We all met Sherman Hopkins jr. Billy Caldwell appears to be a master stroke in legalising some illegal drugs for reasons it appears that no prohibitionist can deny.    If they can find cocaine on submarines then i am sure they could find a reason why it could help build more bombs.

scomrade may with treet urchins

July:  It was hot, and a co2 shortage proved that perhaps british industry was not the model of efficiency it likes to think it was.   nbc suits where a fashion item once again.  Football and other sports kept the chavs busy while politics fell apart.

August: Not that i pay much attention but the crypto currencies lost 75% of there ‘market’ value in seven months, the only people it seems gaining are nvida (my blog) who sold some ones and zeros that appear to be untradable.

Falling off cruise ships became a thing, and debian had its 25th birthday. One ‘pay day lender’ is not faring too well and the first to look like a failure after trading.

The pope had a rather bad  short trip to Ireland after the abortion vote i mentioned above, but waving at empty pavements (reddit) i suppose has it charms.  Paving slabs can now boast they too have seen him.

The bricks and motar retail industry appears to be plagued by burning department stores in city centres.

September: The comedy known as brexit rumbles along and when bmw close down there plant for scheduled downtime clearly shows nobody has a damn clue what is going on.

October: Nothing memorable happened in my opinion newsworthy.

November: Android phone review users are very snobby (here) and  entitled and i thought apple users where awful both these people are retarded.  The creator of spongebob squarepants died.

December: When your being compared to Ted Heath (my blog) your in deep poo. The comics sjw’s (my blog) are nicely summed up here – all is not well there while some corporates might think comics characters are a way to go the other lot do not.

Brexit looks iffy (my blog), the latest Royal is from a really dysfunctional family. and  Patreon (my blog) went sjw

Books:  The library stopped buying books so do not blame me for not reading them of note those that where included where the monk of mocca who tom hanks will no doubt be playing a yemmi woman character when the film is made . Books are being read (my blog)

Films: Never made it to a cinema this year here is a hint why, netflix films impress me like Mute, and since  there is absolutely no hurry to post film reviews i do see you all can wait after all there is more to blog about than that.

Disney continue to screw up a franchise [not seen] after all we all need pansexual midgets in children’s films in the future being a tranny wont be enough your have to be a pre op robot i wonder will a ddos be hate speech ? i am sure the sjws in hollywood will have an opinion on that.

Television: mostly netflix i saw with subtitles – some good documentaries as well as drama although the third division character marvel stuff once beyond the origin story gets a bit boring.  Other stuff included Humans and the Handmaids tale and i caught babylon 5 (old) and house (my blog) on a repeat and still regard that as good although the tv films are meh and i had not seen all of them.

Nothing exceptional really happened while rearranginng the deckchairs (my blog) on the titanic but regardless of how the shit show ends up the zoo has working internet domains that wont disappear come march. I think the zoo is in a better situation than many who have not thought about it yet.

Hopefully more engaging things will be needed next year rather than migrating stuff while shit for brains citizen may (pictured above)) fails.  Ipv6 looks possible.

So how was your year

*pay attention now. ** thrown out handcuffed and you drown in the south Atlantic water.

Thermostat wars


a favourite in Camdem

I write this in October and while not cold the monkey house is shady and i noticed that the heating was off when  our banana daiquiri glasses in the evening.

I amble over to the control an discover its the morning according to the ‘computer’ which it is not* but  would be correct if we lived in Fuji with Truman Burbank who we do not.

I am going have a word with the beta females about screwing up the timer and then complaining.  Apes sigh

*more a timer

An uneconomic ‘black friday’ deal

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

Last year around this time i was looking at gigabyte Ethernet switches (my blog) for the zoo to replace our aging switching and nearly bought them until the postage was more than the saving made normally

Sure i could have increased the order size but i saw no point as i needed nothing else urgently.

Since the existing switches still work i decided to not purchase them.  I suppose being specific and logical mean no sale.

Nobody really complains about our internal network speed anyhow and still have not commented about it.

Having been asked to buy a new phone recently (my blog) i can confirm that it went up in price during black friday means the not sale price was better then then deals you may have bought might not have been ‘deals’.

Its kind of weird consumerism, when its like this.

Horrorstor, Grady Hendrix

isbn:9781594745263 is an iikea sized catalogue (my blog) like book with likewise product names set in the  horror genre.

Part diatribe of retail and the people types who work in the ikea shops and copies of say  chas olsoen of this world (horror?) the main horror comes from what was previously on the site.  Here the Horror aspect fails with barely sketched out scares and part of the showroom being used as torture kit.

Felt more film-ish than book, the graphic design is more illuminating.   In the end a noble attempt where some aspects work better than others.

2/5 bananas.

five came back

imdb: tt6587094 is an odd documentary series since it is made by film-makers but on netflix of which the irony* of that i leave to you readers to figure out

It is worth a see though and points to the limitations of film and cinema.

I am not a fan of old films, but many influence film-makers and you argue that ratings and censorship mean while things might be more realistic film-makers are still restricted by an odd world view even today.

*you get it ?

a sinner in mecca,Parvez Sharma

isbn:9781044643374 may also be a film but a film even i have never heard of which gives you an indication of the censorship in the msm and the bbc after all some minorities are not safe for reporting or they shit gold bricks.

Anyhow with glowing distaste from both Iran and Saudi Arabia in reviews and no bbc coverage you have an inkling of the thing and so it seemed worth a read.   After all no gay muslims exist.- although ‘straight’ sexual deviancy (my blog) is well known in islam.  Another matter the bbc would not report upon.

This is not a well written book but details the hate and association radical islam gets from Mecca as a place that all islam goes too which was built by the bin-ladins (my blog) modelled on disney world for handling large quantities of people.

It is an interesting observation of islam which details the crime, abuse of foreign workers that naturally would never happen in Saudi Arabia but would be report in the uae.  The use of statistics is devastating muslims are ignorant and intentionally kept that way as directed by the Saudis.

3/5 bananas