thou shalt not change ip address – your friends at google and silicon valley.


THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Charlton Heston, 1956

The monkey house changed isp and google had a hissy fit that we did. My reasons have something to do with ipv6 and i am running out of options.

The move is best a topic for another day but a cache issue meant i wiped my browser data it did not work and then later did despite me not doing anything.

I was kind stuck by it – but google took much offence at this clearing of cookies and changing isp.   Everybody seems upset that the monkey house moved but if you want the next great thing you got to move.

I guess those two things made us an new prospect and any data held by google is now deemed bad and not trustworthy to sell others.

Anyhow there are probably odd issues and that thing to  configure since that changed but the assumption appears to be the ip address is something they base a lot of decisions off.

While my cache was not the end of the world to loose googles reaction to that was perhaps more revealing.

google prudes

Pretending being a lion

I read that sex workers use google to store files and google does not like it. While there probably not spreadsheets (my blog) and other boring documents.   Is it wise to store anything in the cloud that you do not control.

Megaupload was the first cloud service to get terminated and new zealand continues to look idiotic for doing what the united states of america wanted  rather than create jobs.   The us ambassador to New Zealand has more clout than democratic system of New Zealand.  Mind you sheep farming still is legal so i guess the americans let that go lets hope the americans dont start sheep farming.

As to google disliking certain content means no changes to our use of google being minimal already, but if i did i would be thinking about moving stuff off it just in case.

Clouds evaporate but when it is your data that evaporates i do wonder about cloud computing.   While the alt right might be detested when cloud computing decides to censor sets another precedent one which the copyright lobby can use to stifle the internet.

ecommerce idiots who rely on google way too much

Relying on google  is a bad move.I saw this while doing stiff and was surprised since i could not continue doing things.

Idiots – even the zoo has its own recaptcha software (my blog) and if i can do it  Lazy people. – it seems it shutdown sooner rather than when announced.

So i did not buy from them – ergo google breaks the internet/ or perhaps they did not want money – not my problem as i found it elsewhere and they liked money.

I bet the google domain report (or buy adverts from google or else) will ignore that there software stopped them from making a sale.


Googles (& Alphabet’s) possible missou problem

Google have been in the news recently and they fired somebody for writing some internal words that become public. Now i do not know who leaked it and corporations do like to keep there laundry hidden so one might think shooting the messenger was the right thing to do in that context.

south african claims voodoo is a thing

However in terms of sjw group think* (my blog) i do wonder how working at google/youtube will be perceived by the rest of us.

You might remember  Missou a higher education institution in the US that has a huge sjw problem who believe in racial segregation and since your supposed to learn something rather than just become a sjw which does not command an income and the skill of walking with placard stating “don’t eat chicken” mean its paying customers [students] either think its horribly racist or a very shit place to not learn non sjw stuff.

Gnome [not a height challenged human] but a software project went down the sjw route and recruited the ‘oppressed’ only to find they where not up the job. There’s a reason i don’t use gnome as a window manager even with the Potterang (my blog) doing stuff that could be seen as bad decisions.

Apparently many google staff now don’t feel ok after sjw management chilled the environment way beyond the fridge.

social justice warrior

Now if google can only employ sjw staff from sjw degrees say womens studies and social studies then maybe if you have gmail account you better start backing it up or finding a new email provider.

Another example – good luck talking to a womens studies grad about your technical problem with your aws server.

Own an andriod phone ?

If alphabet management think that going down the missou route and the gnome project will mean world beating stuff that makes them money then good luck to them.  The  world of ideologues might be nice but customers do not all inhabit that world.

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

People voted Trump rather than the women with the email server in toilet.

If left leaning Hillary Clinton thinks email is deserved to be sited in a pubic toilet (my blog( then i suppose that should attract females to stem roles.

Things change who is to say that alphabet brands will be  still on the tip of your tongues in the future if they continue.  Hard to use google in China hint hint.

I do not have a crystal ball but this is an interesting read (my blog).

*Sargon was directly mentioned too in another leak. who is neither right or left leaning

Failure to launch of the modern home (making ewaste bricks)

Not working new brick

Nest – Not working new brick

Housing remains an area where domestic electronics is still basic, sure there’s an electric metre, fuse box and a mile or so of cable requiring manual input and that’s 1930’s technology.

Your boiler (my blog) might have a timer and a thermostat so that at least is some kind of computer if single purpose and an idiot.   However if you read that link of mine there are fails even plumbers and electricians fail to do with this stuff.

Then somebody had the idea of connecting stuff like lights and heating to the internet who google naturally bought [nest] and then the progress story fails.  Nest had a failing out with apple as a hint of problems and secondly some lightbulb manufacturers decided to drop some transmission standard protocols and make them vendor only so go and fuck off if you wanted to turn off and on both philips and somebody else’s bulbs with technology.

nick telsa

nick telsa

Then nest recently decided to brick older nest controllers because they can.  I dont particularly see a lot of point to modernisation if the controller makers and things that respond to it (or the internet of things [iot]) are going down the drm path and when Phillips and Google tell you to fuck off and either do it there way or not at all perhaps that 1930’s wiring still installed today was really wise after all.

Yes better give those thick Liverpudlian's there money back

1930’s fashion

The monkey house remains progress free from drm and suggest that you too remain in the past until google and philips stop pissing about with progress and lets face it retro is quite a nice look.

Control is nice, but better insulation is a safer bet

To finish there is a joke which goes how many people does it take to change a lightbulb if google and philips and all the other makers of this stuff had there way your probably looking at a very large number of people on a regular basis.

chromium sucks

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Bananas tried to use the chrome browser, however an update here in linux land made this google inspired web browser into a user space disaster zone.  I had to look up man pages as well and even when that did not work and even the help pages at google would not even load in firefox* It was time to delete this odd browser**.

I used chrome on one internal site only and not very often either.  I am glad that did not make plans to make it my numero uno place to start with doing web stuff..

* irony ** networking works and firefox can fetch stuff just in case you think its not chromuim’s issue.