webdav at the zoo

Was underwhelming at first, and after installing a real dav editor it finally showed up the collection of files after i went away a made a banana beverage and reconnected the list of files then disappeared never to be seen again.

It was a rather enigmatic process but something else done.  I find of prefer scp still but thats me.

Not sure who is at fault here me, the editor, or the dav server as i can authenticate.

eu got to be kidding me

citizen may the children’s entertainer

The zoo had some eu domains* and they are to be withdrawn within a year or so was the plan with brexit going sideways with the childrens entertainer at the helm.   Its a lot of work for me and the zoo which i have already done/.

One is basically a secondary mx, the other is used by users.

So I and my users had to

  • buy new domains
  • move email
  • create dns zones
  • sign the zones
  • redirect  mailstores
  • add mail servers
  • web things
  • etc

So all of a sudden i have a shit load of stuff to do.  Domains are more popular then they used to be but i got some good replacements cheaply.  In a couple of hours i got a basic dns zone setup that has a slave which i can change registar nameservers to.

I have to delete a number of zone file records in the existing zones too

Fuck you if voted to leave and enjoy Mays balloon animals.

*since 2008 or whenever they got released.