Professors funny tale about fit people

Professor popped in between the new year and told a very funny tale about fit and healthy people and champagne cocktails.

Having no fat and consuming a few these fit people then proceeded to fall asleep at there hosts and could not be roused.  There was sick involved and a night spent with the hosts.

They apparently did not remember anything of the evening.

Enjoy your new gym [my blog] this year.

ipv6 ‘washing’

So you have heard of green washing – meet ipv6 washing – the zoo has partial ipv6 so the brown thing should say 6 but instead says 4.  Ipv6 is not easy and a work in progress but at least the monkey house has some ipv6.

I laughed the more you know it gets cringeworthy fast and how dare you not use ipv6.

really fast fashion

The daily rowandian (my blog) our newspaper has a magazine on the weekend it is full of stuff no ape needs here in the monkey house but has fast fashion.

Yellow was a trend to begin with to begin and then in the back blue was the colour.

I did not rush out and buy either yellow or blue objects after all i think purple is really going to big next week.

I found it humorous as these style gurus often do this kind of thing many years ago it was jeans not in one colour but all of them each pair costing £500.00.

If you bought the wrong colour then i supposed you where just unlucky or became untrendy too quickly.

a vampire proof christmas guaranteed.

cloved orange

Sally our ape of mind (my blog) vampire proofed christmas here at zoo with the orange with cloves something i was told goes back to sometime during Henry the eighths* rule in the 1500’s .

So i guess the count wont be visiting.

It does look good, have you vampire proofed yet ?

Prince Charles and his new catholic wife

Mind with prince charles (my blog) looking very much like chucky from the horror films i guess something else is needed not that royalty visit often.

Anyhow that’s all for now

*the one with seven wives and dismantled the Catholics from raping kids (my blog).

Her talents are wasted as prime minster

street urchins

I do not like  Theresa May (my blog) but while searching for a technical book this genius act of comedy made me do a double take.

Really yes it does exist

I wonder what she will do to fuck up* tcpip like whats going on with brexit.   This woman has a midas touch.  I guess the uk be leaving the internet as well.

As to finding a book  that’s a task for another day.  Comrade May probably hates the internet as well.

Well done Mr Fowler.

*british telecom fucked up the isdn standard.

Emailing the zoo’s boss like a professional spammer would

Do you (yes you*) want to email the zoo’s boss – well you can and somebody did email Cave (my blog) and his assistant who’s details are written in a page of html as a comment.  I laughed when i saw the reject in the daily report since Cave does not work in the zoo..

These people or there clients tried to contact Cave and i must thank them for the early morning humour attempt.

address: 33-01, 33rd Floor, Menara Keck Seng, 203 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur,
admin-c: KSA6-AP
tech-c: KSA6-AP
auth: # Filtered
last-modified: 2017-05-05T02:32:21Z
source: APNIC

Lol somebody is an idiot – I imagine its on a spam list of ceo’s  Its a shame one cannot neurotoxin spammers (my blog).

Anyhow Elvis needs a contact next i think.

*sjw and npc’s included.

Gay cake in northern ireland (the baker strikes back)

Apparently this is really important (my blog) in northern ireland the cake wars saga..

Pink frosting and pink cake stuff is now banned.

What an carefree* society it must be only to worry about cake.

My head hurts.

Well done if you got the film title, please claim your banana skin prize from the zoo’s compost patch.

*i wonder if northern irish bakers have gay detector employees or machines.  ** gaydar?