ipv6 ‘washing’

So you have heard of green washing – meet ipv6 washing – the zoo has partial ipv6 so the brown thing should say 6 but instead says 4.  Ipv6 is not easy and a work in progress but at least the monkey house has some ipv6.

I laughed the more you know it gets cringeworthy fast and how dare you not use ipv6.

shields up, ipv6 probers off the port side

I turned on ipv6 logging months ago and the ipv6 probes  failed to happen other than local traffic my isp filters everything except ipv6 icmp.

As it was time for a new isp and they have already began. That is without entries in dns zone files.

 From 2001:0500:0013:0000:0000:0000:0000:0046 -
      332 packets
       To 2001:x - 332 packets
          Service: 32916 (tcp/32916) - 6 packets
          Service: 33610 (tcp/33610) - 6 packets
          Service: 34050 (tcp/34050) - 6 packets
          Service: 34130 (tcp/34130) - 7 packets
          Service: 34172 (tcp/34172) - 7 packets
          Service: 34262 (tcp/34262) - 6 packets

I am happy to report that the zoo has partial ipv6 access although nothing is yet configured.

woo isp ipv6 !

The monkey house has ipv6 – It was a bit of a shock and i know where i went wrong ut dealing with the lack of specific instructions via the isp and voodoo router commands.

As i had tunnels before (not reliable)  i also had to about:config and de-list certain sites for ipv6 to work.

It is a bit intermittent so i might have to change isp’s.   Next job servers.


ipv6 gah or isp ipv6 is horrible

I requested ipv6 for the monkey house, that was simple getting it work well i made mountain out of a molehill.

My trouble began when i had neighbourhood prefix and pd prefix both different

  • 20xx::xxxx:/64
  • 20xx::yyyy:etc/48

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

The x address is the public interface and the y address is the lan assignment secret decoder rings help here and ipv6 existed and then disappeared.

I restarted many times, Fortunately ipv4 remained working. although ipv6 config is an voodoo art.  As i needed new routers not many of you will even be able to get ipv6 with new routers.

Eventually i got something to work which remained up, ipv6 is slow bonding from the isp’s infrastructure, so while ipv4 is up within seconds  pv6 takes a couple of minutes to connect and it say unable to connect to google if you try to ping it from anywhere during this stage

I had a problem with an ipv4 router  which means internally the monkey houses office lan still cant get ipv6. but our mail hosts in the zoo do.

So eventually i win part of the war.

Ipv6 on the local lan comes with issues i cannot seem to do::1/631, yes for printers nameservers can also end up not memorable eg* instead 2xxx::xxxx:yyyy:2: aaaa:bbb:cccc:dddd.

I can not remember that.

Ipv6 has some merit and when ipv4 does exhaust its supply it will need help becoming the protocol after all who still uses spx  protocol.  Yes it has autoconfig but that assumes you do not run a network.

So its not a replacement for ipv4 and rfc1918 ranges.

*free banana skin if know where this goes or does – collect from the zoo.

No but you really did not give me any choice – amazon being deceptive.

Amazon Prime is something amazon wants me to have and as a occasional customer since 1998  i feel that ‘prime’ adds a cost to items (my blog) that then makes then not a bargain in economics terms after all the market is not just amazon.

Due to an item i need to expand because of an ipv6 problem (my blog) i unwillingly decided to expand one thing with something* and amazon are  fast compared (my blog) with some firms.  so i can do this quickly when the monkey house is closed.

I doubt i could find one on the high street either.   So get to the checkout and i can see no option to not but sign up to amazon prime and i was willing to pay for delivery.    Having clicked on something deceptive that i thought might do that  but did not and i could not go back** and so had one new blog post to start with.

I have to now cancel prime and have put in my calender as a reminder but i might as well look at this (my blog) in music form so it is blog worthy.  I am still not convinced that prime is  for me.   It’s shady nature also makes me feel conned despite the free postage.

Calendered, cancel bookmarked and i think i am ready.

*not essential to know what the thing does  ** i could have aborted the saleand  logged out and started again.

Netflix support is awful

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

ipv6 (my blog) is the thing that will ‘save the world’ so long as netflix (my blog) does not use it.  Imagine your televisions gets an update to use ipv6 (my blog) but netflix then decides the ipv6 in use is bad.   Yep no netliix streaming for you.

I doubt you can downgrade to something that works on such a device (not a pc).

The level 1 person i had was an idiot (almost gleeful with the reply) so much so i cancelled the subscription on the spot.   If these geniuses continue to think  the way they do then ipv6 is not a replacement for the consumer.

I might be experimenting with ipv6 and not be an genius on it but suppose i had no idea except that the tv can do netflix and then it could not.  A phone company would say its not there fault, but a problem for the streamer to fix, the subscriber is stuck in the  middle.

While my ipv6 range might have been deemed bad for netflix everybody else seemed to accept the traffic.

Something else the ipv6 evangelists fail to mention.

a hiccup on the route to ipv6 [fritzed]

Sisyphus is still a role model

I bought a router [part 2] (my blog) and it jailed our network hosts into a nat prison.Even the router could not relay stuff to our mail hosts and that was with some tinkering, As to ipv6 well it had it but it failed the ipv4 test.

Sigh while it kind of routed ala pubic ip/28 <->  192.168.x..x it was pretty much unusable doing  anything else.

I guess it is a router for the masses not the professionals.   I will miss my dd-wrt router (my blog) when it is time to put it into emergency backup mode and once i have the correct solution (possibly a few attempts).

You might think i am crazy for finding average routers too crippled but that’s the fact.

ubiquity network kit

Is something the monkey house bought and something I like since ddwrt and variants is in a process of change (good luck navigating that) and the cost of something to put it on was crazy.  Ubiquity was cheaper by 130% and apparently openlede compatible.

I also like the fact that your not forced to buy wireless since that changes a lot.

ipv4 support is good, ipv6 support is more geeky being no gui for ipv6 yet so mysterious commands need to be set by console.  Since our ghetto ipv6 setup (my blog) was not that good its not a huge disaster although ipv6 does need to be reliable and done on routers rather than tunnels.

Overall it is early days but i see no downsides although the lack of ipv6 gui does make it an more tricky configure, it appears without a native isp tunnlels are configured correctly but unreliable consistently while it might think it is up (ping ok on router) it will not route packets to the lan clients.

So dont use tunnels for ipv6.


a second go at ipv6 – will it or wont it…

Dual stack is interesting and if you have both and remove one well your not going to visit that website until your dns cache clears.  Anyhow that is testing for you.  Something the ipv6 zealots will not tell you.

I did buy an ipv6 book which was not that illuminating but made me try again.  It was boring and not a really fun review to write about in the future.

The ghetto setup (my blog) stopped working and on my weekly network stop / start started working again.  I have no idea why, although i lost the server ipv6 range and also got back the separate lan router router range which boldy broke and also reset it self.

So ghetto ipv6 is sketchy but at least it was not my config was not wrong.

One stupid problem i had i made myself was one website of ours did not work after getting a working site.  Having visited a library and confirmed it was me and probably an web config issue i tracked it down to the /etc/hosts file where i had put an entry in and then left it.

I can call myself an moron for that but i was testing. and it did make me laugh nice to know /etc/hosts works..

I have also ordered some new routers and they can do isp ipv6 opposed to tunnels**,  Our oldest outers here in the zoo are eight years old and while they work i am quite sure things have moved on a fair bit so it might be noticed by a few people for other reasons.

I am sure your really excited  about this* and i will write more in part 3.

*well maybe not. **nothing to do with civil engineering