Ireland gets civilised (not the north).

Well that was a surprise (my blog)

I guess the uk (not northern ireland)  will see a reduction* in abortions now.

Those weirdos (my blog) north of the border do look even more retarded.

Whatever your view on the matter (its not forced on you) it seems Ivan Payne’s (my blog) friends lost.

Well done Ireland.

*catholic hypocrisy Рbeing a large number of irish citizens and thus  skewing the statistics.

Olympic Council of Ireland’s judo thug and ticket touts


Patrick Hickey judo thug and friend of ticket touts

In this (bbc) Patrick Hickey (a member of the criminal sport of judo [my blog]) , has been arrested in Rio,Brazil over illegal Olympic ticket sales who sold 800 tickets to a Kevin James Mallon a ticket tout.

Sport is an opportunity to get rich and nothing else. Do not mistake what you see as anything else and it may explain why nobody apparently is seeing the events live there as Hickey wants too much for them.

Judo and its association with crime just gets better.

Altar Boy, Andrew Madden

Ivan Payne rapist living in Aderdare, South Wales

Is isbn: 1844880397, and after wading through 480+ plus new titles (most being having angels in the title*) I eventually came across this title, and I just had to get it from the library.

Aderdare in Wales is the new ‘home’ for Ivan Payne who groped and showered Andrew Madden (and we assume raped other male children, and did other acts to Mr Madden) while holding the office of catholic father (he did not have a cock lock)

which one was the rapist ?

The tale is very written irish slang – runners (some sort of shoe?), chippers, the fish and chip shop I assume and takes a good 50% of the book to become / release facts rather than relive the strange way catholics bring up there children.

The abuse turned Mr Madden into a thing catholics hate, so expect some heavy drinking, boy george and sex tales when it gets started it has large ups and downs.

After the admission of wrongdoing in civil court is where the book gets a second wind explaining the doublespeak of catholics on this issue.

I disagree with the authors views on himself becoming himself towards the end of the short book based on the boy george** factor, but it appears that airing the grievance seems to have finally helped rather than any other solution and that is good.

Meanwhile Wales (not Ireland) has to suffer a reject catholic, you wonder how many others there might be wishing to rape again.

1/5 irish bananas d0 read as it puts a face to the victims, and the strange catholic ‘sin/hail mary’ currency that has ultimately so damaged it and i discussed the female version of it here (my blog).

* a publishing thing for 2009 and also known for rape ** of the past not of the ‘now’ look

The Road, Cormac McCarthy

is isbn 9780330447546, and can best be summed up as ireland at the end of the world (no tree’s/abusive cults/ and a couple of people with a shopping trolley) this won the Pulitzer book prize and so it is becoming a film.

The book dumps in a walking holiday where some disaster has happened, two people fight the weather, starvation etc on a trip to the sea.

Theres not a lot of else except that. It feels like if you replaced the location with ireland and had a potato famine as well then you know what to expect.

1/5 bananas.