labours non working free broadband for all – run for the hills

mcdonnell and corbyn aiding and abetting indian criminals

Oh fuck (my blog) if this scumbag gets in you have to have non working british india broadband and write praise comrade corbyn tweets every five minutes providing it works or else the police will come round and arrest the users for labour hate crimes.

At least the indian scammers (my blog) ‘win’.  I guess the refund scammers will start to use this immediately

Fiona Onasanya the Peterborough traitor

I do not like the eu,(my blog)  or the majority view of the uk public (my blog)   but one lying mp Fiona Onasanya who is Labour  has subverted the greek comedy (my blog) known as brexit .

Parliament is supposed to represent the people and her vote means  brexit is not going to happen.  Parliament thus does not recognise the people and Onasanya is a perjured individual who unlike these (my blog) stood down as ‘honourable’ members.

Fiona Onasanya is a convicted criminal and while the labour party might claim ‘nothing to do with us’ there fingerprints are there for all to see.

Does Parliament matter no it seems that we dont need them after all they do represent the people.   Perhaps if the eu took over that would be better, after all that is what Fiona Onasanya  unexpected vote means.

street urchins

This means neither red or blue party can be trusted. – with 51% of the referendum voters not being satisfied i don’t think much of the chances of many members retaining there seats in the future.

tldr: Nobody got brexit

‘Temporary’ buildings the other lot also did not invest in.

Dont take my picture you evil terrorist picture taker you

Depending on what you believe there is perception that things are always better with the other lot. Stephen Twigg (bbc) made this fatal mistake with green grass .

There is much illogical to say about Mr Twigg for all his good intentions had 11 years in power to fix the leaky flat roof* but did not fund it either.  Politicians have bad memories, but Twiggs seems to do a large dis-service to many whom vote for them.

* geniuses abound in local govenment who buy this long term temporary buildings lke this for some odd reason.  If you applied to build a flat roof structure in england now most council planners would want assurances that your not insane with the climate being what it always has been

European elections of June 4 2009

Bananas is voting Green for Europe


Why ? well Labour under Gordon Brown is corrupt as fuck and does not give a shit about europe, the conservatives don’t care about Europe either , so why not choose an alternative party that loves to hear from you (rather than ignore you – my blog) and appreciate your vote rather than some grandee who does not give stuff about you.

57_largeThe association of Jury Team is also a interesting choice, I should also mention the pirate party.

So get rid of these out of touch and in the European parliament and vote for some of these chioces instead, they may not be to your liking but there are other parties so dont just vote the same way becuase you dont know any better.

Send a message to stupid old white men that be conservative or labour politicians, not because of them but because you think Europe means more than there dumb ideas about it and beware of those few in the conservative and labour parties who claim to ‘forward thinking’ on europe they are not they are just lying to you.

Happy voting.