film things, space yoga and film makers being snobby toward netflix and ‘streaming’

Usual disclaimers apply and very good luck finding these in a cinema.

A cure for wellness

imdb: tt4731136 is a modern take on dracula.   Quite slow but it ramps up and I think the good guys win.  It remembers the cardinal rule of horror of not to explain all.

4/5 bananas


is a french award winner imdb:  tt8359848 and implied drugs / sex and craziness.

Do not expect coherence here but has a certain charm as it has no super heroes in it

3/5 bananas.



imdb: tt0483607 dates from 2008 and is max max (my blog) done in scorland who features a Gordon Brown type (my blog)  who turns scotland into a land of zombies through iron bru*.

Quite why it took nine (9) years for me to even hear of this film yet alone see it is something to marvel at.

Its better made than than the remake i linked to  although most of the cast i have never heard of.

Its genuinely bonkers does not make a lot of sense and fun

1/5 bananas this is the optime of a film makers hate of netflix or

how dare you stream my awfull film which never got any release by my fellow art profesionals.


imdb: tt4443922 has a cast of about four people, and features space yoga.

Either they went crazy, got bored, or decided to make yoga an important part of the film.

Stylish but incomprehensible

2/5 bananas

*a sweet soft drink comprising mostly of sugar which the natives of scotland are upset at the maker of for reducing the sugar content because of fat people – never tried it.

more Taiwanese netflix

til death do us part is netflix i like (some other .tw examples),

A series of short stories is well worth a find from the cheating wife to the finding of happiness not following communist party rules like no fantasy* mean a more freethinking and worthy see.

Some of these might be deemed gruesome – i never thought cat litter could be even though the nuclear wast industry uses it non traditionally.

Since a lot a netflix is chav  this certainly is not.

5/5 bananas.

*or live live chairman mao sentiments.

Leila – indian netflix

netflix needs subscribers and where better than from India, after all microsoft technical support (my blog) is good from there**.

Since i like stuff with subtitles* i decided to give this a go.   Dystopian with a warning text it correctly points out that indians can be bad and things like the caste system have been maintained by indian society since independence.

This is a book by Prayaag Akbar.  and being it ends after six episodes i decided  to go read the book.

Worth a see, book review to come.

*provided i can read them ** i joke

netflix subtitle and email change

I had to change the email address in netflix and i was expecting a somg and dance routine* – however one change with the password did it and the television config went automatically. cool

It was simple and suprisingly not a chore i thought i was letting myself into as many of these things are not as straightforward (my blog)

Since i often gripe  (my blog) that i cannot read white text on a white background, i even found a black colour instead of the white colour used by default by netflix..

*sacrifice a first born child,  etc

venereal disease tv, hollywood and amazon

Syfiy (my blog) was a channel more dedicated to wrestling than science fiction which i have never bought. There decision making processes are batshit insane and seem to have many shows that have left it as nobody watches the channel.

I saw the expanse (my blog) on netflix and another and when they do back a winner they soon cancel it for reasons like wrestling (my blog) is better.   After all men hugging each other is good.

So the expanse came off ‘televison’ and i was surprised to discover the expanse series 3 is not on any streaming platform until november.

I decided not to try amazon prime for that reason. Instead i found the books and wil ask the library to get them.

So hollywood hates cable tv, (my blog)  and both hate amazon \ netflix it’s not a problem here except for there bank balances.

The good news is i have books to read, and blog posts to make, the downside for people who love men hugging and hollywood is there problem.

Netflix support is awful

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

ipv6 (my blog) is the thing that will ‘save the world’ so long as netflix (my blog) does not use it.  Imagine your televisions gets an update to use ipv6 (my blog) but netflix then decides the ipv6 in use is bad.   Yep no netliix streaming for you.

I doubt you can downgrade to something that works on such a device (not a pc).

The level 1 person i had was an idiot (almost gleeful with the reply) so much so i cancelled the subscription on the spot.   If these geniuses continue to think  the way they do then ipv6 is not a replacement for the consumer.

I might be experimenting with ipv6 and not be an genius on it but suppose i had no idea except that the tv can do netflix and then it could not.  A phone company would say its not there fault, but a problem for the streamer to fix, the subscriber is stuck in the  middle.

While my ipv6 range might have been deemed bad for netflix everybody else seemed to accept the traffic.

Something else the ipv6 evangelists fail to mention.

‘you fucking awful men’ reboot

Tin foil for all

lost in space was a series from the 1960’s that Gene Roddenberry got pissed about before it got forgotten for being a cheap crap (black and white) and the supposed network competitor to star trek because star trek existed*.  I saw a minute of it once on free tv and people where dressed up as talking carrots or something i bet that freaked out the vegetarians – are carrots sentient.

A film made no effort to resuscitate it in the 2000’s.  So due another attempt  netflix it got a remake and the men are now useless morons.

The women are geniuses but now suffering from ptsd, – it feels like a remake of this dinosaur tv show (my blog) which called  terra nova that also never got a second series.

I do wonder if women will opt for a sperm bank instead of men in the next tv series after all perhaps spock’s brain** is the future of male roles on tv.

I never got past the second episode with all the vagina heroics.   Although it was interesting that the useless men had to figure out the plumbing where the wamen where doing something nicer.

I cannot rate it for reasons of the wamen

*the two buses at the same time theory – shit we need a show about space because the other lot have one **brain what is brain – that one

Taiwanese netflix

First time for this and i did have problems determining whether it was chinese (my blog) or not at first being  in Mardarin and even though i know taiwan makes tv it so far was not say great teacher something which is something that never appealed to me.

Since china does not do fantasy,horror or science fiction being communist* i think i have got a handle on who makes what in the language now rather than guess.   Other east asian drama is different and there are good examples to be found although there is some  rubbish a view that all a countries tv output is amazing is one that can be disproved.

That brings me to

on children

imdb: tt8507402 is a creepy distopia that even i found believable once i got my country right since china would not make this it is well worth a see .

A poor example to compare it to is black mirror as on children is way better with extricating five minute scenes, suicide and animal cruelty it is worth the time. Expect pushy mothers as well.   These run to an hour and twenty minutes as is the way with asian dramas so put aside six hours.

5/5 bananas.

I think Taiwan has some interesting ideas and i will look to see more mardarin language content.

*console games where banned and also are required to be localised (not getting through the great wall) and probably will not have supernatural things in them either

Alias Grace

Alias Grace is a Margaret Atwood book (my blog) which either i have not read or found to be not my sort writing i like depending upon on how snobby your msm book reviewer* is one can be excused being kept ignorant of new books because of a genre problem .

It was made into a television series on netflix and i enjoyed it.

5/5 bananas

*how dare you not read  a dead female poets letters.


Netflix ‘science’

Comes with some ‘famous’ people that only American’s know – an example say the young cast from mythbusters* (my blog) whom where jettisoned by the older cast which i never got to see the last series.

Another well known american presenter was censored for gender comments by netflix or the production company of whom is reliant on tv for work

So one day i sat in the tree and watched a thing about mars (imdb: 80117263) which was mostly about ‘nerdy’ american children at a nasa summer camp with said mostly unknown tv personalties saying stuff.

Concerning me was the fact that nazi (a sjw prerogative) was used explaining the history of stuff.  Paying Russia was also deemed not space science despite the failure of american leadership to even have rockets that can handle human beings at the present time (blame democrats and republicans politicians here)

The kids had various successes and failures in the nasa tasks (one which looked like lego) but there passion was infectious although what comes after mars is another matter fify years of talk?.

I somehow hope that Nasa does not do what it did on the moon and send test pilot after test pilot to make crappy home videos or golf games because the politicians all play golf and send real scientists rather than bus drivers.

As an non american the content underwhelmed me.

Netflix science strikes me as thinking science is for american children only. These children looking at summer camp as a way to be famous and an association they like strikes me as creepy.  Lets hope they all become test pilots in the right airforce.

3/5 bananas – that is one great banana for the apes

*heavily censored