Netflix ‘science’

Comes with some ‘famous’ people that only American’s know – an example say the young cast from mythbusters* (my blog) whom where jettisoned by the older cast which i never got to see the last series.

Another well known american presenter was censored for gender comments by netflix or the production company of whom is reliant on tv for work

So one day i sat in the tree and watched a thing about mars (imdb: 80117263) which was mostly about ‘nerdy’ american children at a nasa summer camp with said mostly unknown tv personalties saying stuff.

Concerning me was the fact that nazi (a sjw prerogative) was used explaining the history of stuff.  Paying Russia was also deemed not space science despite the failure of american leadership to even have rockets that can handle human beings at the present time (blame democrats and republicans politicians here)

The kids had various successes and failures in the nasa tasks (one which looked like lego) but there passion was infectious although what comes after mars is another matter fify years of talk?.

I somehow hope that Nasa does not do what it did on the moon and send test pilot after test pilot to make crappy home videos or golf games because the politicians all play golf and send real scientists rather than bus drivers.

As an non american the content underwhelmed me.

Netflix science strikes me as thinking science is for american children only. These children looking at summer camp as a way to be famous and an association they like strikes me as creepy.  Lets hope they all become test pilots in the right airforce.

3/5 bananas – that is one great banana for the apes

*heavily censored

Korean likeable television on netflix

On netflix (my blog) these are not south korean films (my blog)

momo salon

If you where blind you assume that this short duration form (imdb: 80116687) might be something the French made but you would be wrong but it refrains from the usual south korean beautiful stereotype most of the koeran tv i have seen seems to cast and dials it back.

Light but likeable

4/5 bananas


Netflix in February 2017

Since it might be many months since i schedule this, (my blog) and the subsequent posts here  are some thoughts on netflix which i kind of last looked at in 2014 (i think) In the winter months there can much said about the quality compared to freeview television.  However i dont subscribe to netflix often and have fresh eyes.  Long term subscribers might think meh about choices.

Value for Money/Problems

Netflix is cheaper for me than renting dvd’s from my library however Uzumusza limelight is not in netflix, or some amercan independent film i will not mention that i had an interest in, both of those missing titles is something i can live without seeing or wait for.

I cant’ play netflix on linux (drm) so that’s a minus point from 2014 when i could..



One issue that is not netflix’s is the presentation of star trek tng they have the old television version not the version on dvd which apparently was improved from the source.  Next time some hollywood executive claims remastering is not profitable there not selling ir correctly and …

So it looks a bit odd on a new tv.  – Blame is assigned elsewhere to other persons and not netflix here.

Final Thoughts

Television – including cable is a time sink when you see something runs for thirty minutes you just know you usually double that.   There’s a reason why i record and watch back (my blog) stuff,

I will suggest:(some are older) some titles in further posts.

Overall i like the content on netflix.

Old things and art house netflix

bsgbacI saw blood and chrome (my blog) via youtube, it was lens flarish on netflix it was less so but still not very good.

Another blast from the past was the Magdalene Sisters (my blog) that is a hard watch but well worth seeing so the quality and execution of the idea still count regardless of ‘format’ and presentation.

senerityFirefly (my blog – browncoats) was a brief revisit and something that could have been good but got messed about with after some television person really did not get wagon train to the stars, which you might know as star trek.  Its best to explore the new rather than stuff i done before but useful for me as a guide to if i have a bias.

instellarLars von Trier (my blog) makes some interesting films but i could not get into Nymphomaniac that was also on my library list and my discovery that there is a part 2 soon made me think to have a rethink

I can handle long films if in the mood and it will be interesting to see if cinema will show them or they end up here for profitability reasons for being too long for cinema’s – even profitable directors are not immune to the charge of it is a long film.   I might have a second go with Trier in the future.

I did a search for Japan and blue is the warmest colour came up and did not see much relevance of the search DVD is better for me with japan.  I think netflix has a future despite that minor point i raise.

oh that sounds interesting but – the netflix series problem

netflixBananas and the rest of the monkey house is having issues with netflix.

Mine our that i may have started a series (my blog) but never finished it. I cant remember where i stopped when i gave up watching it first time arround.

The monkey houses issue is alsoto do with series, they do not know how to get episode 2.

I could resolve that for the zoo, but the interest seems low, as to my problem many of the wiki articles seem to be bereft of entries (my blog), and imdb is also of little help.

My first netflix film

killerswas Killers (imdb: tt2409300) and something i had though to do on dvd but netflix preempted it (my blog).  Chromuim on linux [open source san api’s from google] could not show it, so that meant using googles chrome via a deb file being an linux ape.

After a bit of fun with apt-get at command line* it installs and works in linux, please note i did not even bother to try it in firefox.

And I caught up from the tv save point.  If i am to gripe about netflix is the subtitles and the audio description** are the same since i dont speak one of the many Indonesian languages or Japanese and its dialects i dont need it to say bananas is chewing a banana from the zoo and making a loud noise.

Anyhow this is a bit like American Psycho by author Bret Easton Elis (isbn: 0330319922), i have only read the book and i am not refering to its film which i think they made. plus a but of fight club of which i have never seen on film only read the book (my blog)

It is an uncomfortable watch 5/5 bananas

* the gui loader failed. ** the car starts, indistinct noise

Netflix japanese anime

psypassTends to err on the popular side* on netfix (my blog), oh which sword art online (my blog) is a part of.  Don’t expect j dramas (my blog) which can be found else where.

Psycho Pass was the one i watched being not on my radar or at the places i usually visit and it was fine even though dubbed (my blog) is an option – i remained with the subtiitles – no audio description thankfully.

This is a good for an introduction to 1984, we, and other books where an perfect society is looked at via those who do not fit in. It is thoughtful and if your wondering what to watch** then you might well do with giving it a try.

I prefer j dramas to anime these days but thats just bananas for you.  Overall a pleasant experience if mainstream for my liking

4/5 bananas.

* not the ones i like.  ** it is easy to pick something you know rather than new.


A quick look at netflix – via a smart tv

monkeycoupleThe alpha ape in the monkey house has discovered netflix, or not that netflix exists but is able to access it on a television (my blog).  I was told to set up a months free trail and did so on a computer, before doing the simple login stuff on the pc.

Netflix works on a television and i had a look at its content.

I make these quick observations

  1. channel four – that’s british and known for stuff like the inbetweeners* is duplicated from 4od streaming although 4od is extremly rubbish
  2. japanese anime like this (my blog) is duplicated too
  3. quite a few films have already been seen on tv like this (my blog)
  4. There is a huge load of scientology ** and ilk (my blog) stars and a minus point imho
  5. Spongebob (my blog) is available too
  6. Being fair to netflix some films i have not seen are available.
  7. original content looks good

So a fair amount of duplication if you look hard enough to find alternatives for free.

The japanese anime selection did not impress me, don’t expect j-dramas (my blog) but if you lazy stuff like this (my blog) is available without getting a dvd which makes netflix a cheaper option for me as a dvd costs £ 3 to hire locally.

asbo in an morning suit

asbo in an morning suit

OK yes i am being a bit snobby with my japan influence and comparing bananas with sushi athough its a place to compare stuff from.

There are some interesting mass market missing in action things say Nolans dark knight (my blog) films.  Although the copyright lobby are also a player in trying to make netflix a non option.

We might also need to upgrade our download cap on our broadband. If you donit change the playback settings this might be problem – i have set ours on medium.

I could theoretically break even on netflix by seeing two films month however since i am not a big film viewer and have concerns over what i see i am doubting it will be kept..

* not seen ** scientologists and loony christians (my blog) should not be encouraged with viewings that make a business case for films.