Fatima Ardern and weird new zealand.

Jacinda Ardern (Fatima) and new zealand has few problems.

Kim dotcom (my blog) means new zealand has no backbone and it seems veers from being a stooge for america and and now pro saudi arabia.

I do wonder if Shamima Begum (my blog) will find safety there, after al you could argue that the pro censorship and pro islam policies means its probably a really safe place for deash (my blog) believers.

If your not a muslim and living* in new zealand good luck,  better throw away those razors now and ladies should go buy burkhas after all Fatima is.

*homosexuals get thrown off two storey buildings.

Kim Dotcom and New Zealand’s lack of a backbone

sheepLove him or hate him Mr Dotcom with mega and his previous ideas mean that if anything might happen it probably will.

Recently Mr D has been exposing the sham that is New Zealand.  Spying, collusion with America show perhaps the other side that all is not well in the land of sheep and dwarfes who pay no tax as there’s apparently no money* in filming old fantasy books people pretend to have read.

Perhaps New Zealanders should be voting for americans rather than electing somebody to do the americans bidding. They could give up cricket and rugby after all its not’;american’.

* irony – search for hollywood accounting