phone [pots] call blockers are ugly

If you get me on the phone here in the monkey house then it is the last resort, and i am once again getting complaints about scammy calls from india from people like Kharan Bahree (my blog) down the bush telegraph eg can i fix it by concerned zoo employees..

Fortunately our non existent microsoft windows infrastructure has been totally disabled by indians who work for embrace extend and extinguish Microsoft (my blog) and we have yet to notice it with there magic computer things detecting stuff* which cost the zoo nothing in them helping us.  There is a value judgement on indian businesses there if your not paying attention.

launch missiles and block telephone scammers

So i got called in to the zoo to discuss call blockers which look damm fucking ugly and look good in the oval office for missile launching.  Our dect phone system is a varied mix of versions some can do some things and others not mean questions that your average call blocker seems not to have.

I decide to find out and discover caller id is needed and it does work across dect handsets which is nice as it means no changing handsets.  I am dubious to the claim that one blocker is needed for two base stations but hey that’s me and a look through ‘technical’ documentation was the one fib i caught from the online chat.

Anyhow that’s the lowdown and its now up to zoo to decide now.  I would rather not have to install a new dect system but i think it is the only option.

I hate phone systems.- mind you since microsoft make shit products it is not surprising that there sewage goes everywhere even to copper phone networks

*eg lets rip off the zoo

The long distance self rectifying dect phone

hellotmobileThe monkey house has dect phones, and throughout the year i have got hits that there crap as users have been SHOUTING and saying so to people while on the phone although i have idea if the cell phone tower the people are using is bad or not.

I looked into ‘fixes’ but did nothing as extenders dont apparently work with junk call blockers and then one day the complainants from the monkey house stopped.

Phones deemed ‘rubbish’ then started working properly and people stopped shouting. Sure one phone is old but with dect phones your buying a standard although our mixture of two well known brands, and an unknown brand will always cast some doubt as to the best phone.

Dect phones do wear out and i know what will go next* but whether that is obsolete or not is an interesting question dect has changed since its first release as some can do date and time and others cannot but the core function of making calls works so i am not changing anything.

Registering the phones is a bit of a performance but not beyond anybody who can read the instructions.

*the oldest one silly