bulkanized new tlds

renHave heard of .ren ? or Renren Inc – apparently it is a chinese social media thing not skincare which made it an odd sighting in the mail.log

Anyhow i am none the wiser but i do wonder if this use of .ren breaks the icann rules of the global top level domain i mean the zoo is not in China.  If somebody can pass this along to the great firewall f china team it be most appreciated.


Milkmen in the mist

cat_bondThe milkman delivers milk which is a product from cows, not human ‘pleasures’*.  Anyhow the zoo has had a few and occasionally they disappear for weeks on end with as once happened and then a new one turned up asking for money owed who had no idea what happened to the last one.  I admit it is quite traditional not buying the stuff from an evil supermarket but it still works when the milkman profession does there thing.

It has just happened again and as time goes by there are more communicative with pieces of paper and a conflicting message between the old one and another new one as to why the milk stopped weeks later.  The old one had the cheek to blame the evil supermarkets for his woes as a trader** while he was not providing bottles of milk.  I suppose the zoo could have done Captain Picard tea but its milk and its not some rare substance that only a milkman has access to.


While economies of scale do factor here – simply not delivering to anybody else means a trip to his evil competitors for milk is sort of required.  Alternatively we could probably blame some cats..  It appears as if the new milkman has no such cat problems*** so far that the old one had.

Mind you perhaps Picard had the same problems.

* somebody might infer it ** the cost of milk *** a cat mafia ?

Exodus of the vets in the spring/summer

royals need vets it appears

Here at the zoo the alpha ape is rather worried which is normally not something that happens..  Bananas picked up the banana and asked him whats up.

Having all heard the news that theres  to be a royal wedding (hello cave dwellers) he has been told that all the vets want to become royal physicians to encourage the breeding of this rare human species.

I thought this was not really a concern, and told our Alpha that if our ugly (for tv) vet did leave maybe we get a pretty lady vet* who will bring even more tv cameras in to the zoo.

He ooked at that i cant blame him.  So if your vet and unfilled please write to the professor here at the zoo now.

* tv program makers prefer lady vets – don’t ask us why