Oh my – and as seen on bbc news

Douglas Adams wrote a book about a ship full of telephone cleansers* (once a job still one now?) and other people like hairdressers – I will not spoil it the books humour but if he was alive today i think this ‘person’ would be joining them.

As seen on the bbc (my blog).  Clearly somebody who will cure cancer in the morning and  invent the fusion reactor and eat a banana at teatime.

*wired handsets in offices.

the ‘diet’

Professor when in the zoo told us apes a very funny story about his mate and the diet tv program she watched.  I will return to this topic in the future.

Nutrition science so fucked up that apparently burnt toast gets you cancer, chocolate in non fattening and by that logic smoking cigars must be good for you.

As a well known scientist myself i can recommend that cardboard boxes are VERY healthy if eaten raw – to avoid the toast problem do not warm them up.

One diet was a baby food diet which needs a lot of water apparently and other crank ‘methods’ which professor could not believe females would do.    Ironically to call professors mate fat is a bit of a lie but that’s the power of these professional psychological lairs at work.

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceBut that’s female humans for you.

The mystery is that she fell asleep for the last twenty minutes so the results as to what kind of cardboard equals the best kind of gross weight loss are unknown both to Prof and her.