Professional social media persons – oh dear

MR POO we presume

MR POO we presume

I am not a professional social media professional – translation not somebody who craves upvotes on reddit or facebook or even on wordpress (my blog however wordpresses social features are mostly an afterthought) and i wonder if those users with upvote tally’s in the 10,000’s plus are the reason why social media is such a toxic place for social media firms.

Its easy to get upvotes that’s a herd like mentality – eg i like bananas.  Crowd friendly and no hot sauce..

After all if numbers mean the world to these strange people then clearly social media is not me.   Its easy to be herd like and liked but then those people are shallow they are a version of a propaganda machine which many countries will be interested in influencing or sock puppetry. Russia has been claimed doing this with people although there is supposed to be software from the nsa’s contractors (my blog) as well .

If i ran a social media site i would hate these type and be mindfull of these few losers with days and days of free time like the sjw’s which is what totals of likes  in the thousands indicates but these users are the creation of those firms.

There are genuine people  with followings and i guess they will become better known provided the left wing media approves of them but as they become more popular with the people the open the envy from the regressive left.

Who lasts the longest the platform (my blog) or the users will be interesting to see but social media as it is now is somewhat biased.  Social media is not that important to me.

Left wing media sells your privacy & recycling social media ‘outrages’ two rants in one

Imagine you are a trash left wing media site (my blog) , and you also promote alexa and paid by them

Then the retard Adam (right)  finds out it records everything*.  Cue outrage in five four…

Since Adam Estes is paid by his left wing outlet selling  spy devices it only proves what a retard he is.

I expect little from left wing activists and since they are pro censorship and love government spying then its a good thing the nsa know all about his ‘private’ conversations

Another example is was a thing three years ago and once agian was doing the rounds.Being i turned off most of that some time ago i checked and still was un-opted from it.While a timely reminder is good i wonder what happens to new content for if every three years things get recycled then clearly social media is not doing a lot of innovation.

social justice warrior

Since Alphabet who own youtube doing what the msm wants and then discovering a 70 billion write down due to loss of eyeballs you might think that left wings blue check marks advice is not profitable but somehow the blue checkmarks know best at destroying social media is heeded in google land.

*i would not own one before or after the outrage

losing andriod ‘focus’

Professors significant other had an alert about chelsea footballl club from this (my blog) and lost message input focus.

She could not figure it out  not that she any interest in what Chelsea football club does but the focus from the app.

Perhaps she is wiser and that points to a design flaw in andriod.  I am sure some app designer would point her to some level 55 settings eg sport > football > eu > league > club and settings but since she never  set it up  (nor did i) then the app was not tended to as the addictive nature of apps desired.

I never heard what happened after that phew.