Burning money (or austerity is for the english only)

dup handmaiden

I note that Theresa May (my blog) is spending a billion pounds of your money on Northern Ireland and her new friends – i suppose the dup will get handmaidens and new orange blower hats.  Maybe a new bagpipe or something to piss off a catholic.

Prudent conservatives – that is another lie.  Power corrupts absoltuety

English devolution?

There is joke about a successfull small business, to be successful start with a large company.

Take a look at these results from England in June 2016 (ignore the ni,wales (right) and bottom bit of scotland (top))

citizen may the children’s entertainer

Would a conservative advocate devolution (my blog) ? in order to cling to power after all northern ireland,scotland and wales has it.

I believe i stated that I thought it could happen recently making Parliament a body with not much to do.   It will be interesting to see if a conservative will dismember the union in order to rule..


It would make the tories into something the the snp in Scotland who still are the largest party.  Northern Ireland votes according to religion. Wales as a region is an non entity if your Theresa May.

It is one way to call it a success.

online shoes

Bananas needed some new shoes** for the monkey house, so instead of doing bricks and motar shopping (my blog) i did it online* and with two pairs bought found it as good as an experience except i was slightly murdered by the postage costs which as a non returns item from me probably means more profit for the retailer which i do not bemoan them..

.Would i do it again ? yes – as to the life of the shoe that will be a post for the future however they look long lasting. So it seems to beat going old style shopping.

*never bought shoes before online.  **the old ones where uneconomic to repair – even repairable shoes have a life despite good boot repairing (my blog).

I am so glad i was able to use the internet before Theresa May turns it off (my blog) because she is a fascist..