lucasfilm and disney sjws ‘small problem’.

I have discussed the problem of toys which do not sell before (my blog).  You might consider bricks and mortar retail a victim of Disney corporate expectations but for how much longer?

I saw this headline

It is past midnight as post this and i did not read the article.  but it appears that with the sjw’s in Disney that lego cannot sell toys at the suggested Disney retail price.

If you have disney shares do not expect the toy sale rights to be much on the sjw influenced lines on bought brands profit wise.    While i really dont care if a star wars character is intimate with a robot or not i doubt that the toy makers will be making a toy of the happy couples marriage suite  along with a lot of wd40 cans to keep things ‘lubricated’.

I have not seen the current star wars films* and do not consider it a failure on my part

Since i do not buy lego either and i am not an sjw it appears that whoever runs disney seems to be out of touch with children and the  sexual liberation of robots which even some sjws feel is wrong even in left gender politics.

Lets put it this way hot toys command a high retail value, or secondary market.  If lego cannot shift stock  then that toy is not worth the value of the rights that lego bought from disney.

Another story i can tell:

I was in a shop in camdem (near the zoo) recently and  a young  female child was fascinated by a shiney magazine of a recent cartoon by disney while queuing to pay.  The magazine was left on the floor and the child wondered off thus the disney license again did not resort in a sale.

*it has been over a year since i have been in a cinema

Childrens Toy hollywood films

Your citroen It needs new ice skates

Include Michael Bay* and an attempt by others to have there ‘ip’ used to sell things. As to the payoff it is not all success (my blog).

Being that holywood makes crap some of these more recent not successful films have been sent to streaming sites and as i do not intend to visit a cinema but notice the trend in toy films i thought i should at least sit through one non micheal bay film..

What i saw was the origin story, and despite one humorous shout out to another product line it was bereft of swearing, sex and scary bits, they had a go at f****r but think of the children stopped it.

Since i do not visit toy shops (my blog) i have no idea if you can buy discounted toy lines which was as sold by Hollywood.

Popcorn describes it well, i have no idea if sequels are being made or tell what it was and lets leave it there

*some advertising agency did the idea first

Tired and Lawyer friendly

Dr Who is over – and thank fuck for that for what an awful finish full of cliches, overused prop devices so so that it seems like the the bbc are not interested in the issue but have become a toy maker which our legal friends at the bbc should like (my blog).

So with the bbc legal eagles in it for suing the shite out of people who knit they at least can say it was good for them.

As usual we left our place in the zoo and visited the zoos security office (that’s where the tv is) and consumed a banana and made pleasant conversation with the security staff. You know when the priorities have changed at the bbc when then play schedule games with the time. For the latest season (season 4 post year 2000) I don’t think that it had a consistent time slot for its entire run.

Its such a shame that the wrong staff of the bbc have got there hands on dr who. S/F is not Dickens or other over wordy crap but has the opportunity to engage in some quite philosophic ideas rather than sell chinese made lead paint infected toys.

But then who wants to think ?