Scott Pilgrim (as graphical novell not film)

Scott Pilgrim for the intelligent

Has been made into a film – which i will not see  because of my American products boycott.  However since the author is Canadian i can still read the six books and retain that book / graphic novel snobbishness ha.  You will need

  1. Isbn: 9780007430477 [book 1] fun 5/5 bananas.
  2. isbn: 9780007340484 [book 2] fun 5/5 bananas.
  3. isbn: 9780007351466 [book 3] erm ‘record companies ?’  O’Malley.  amusing note from publisher is worth the read 5/5 bananas
  4. isbn: 9780007430491 [book 4] keeps it it moving 3/5 bananas
  5. isbn: 9780007351473 [book 5] 3/5 bananas
  6. isbn:9780007340507 [book 6] is huge compared with the last five and manages to be happy and sad and pulls the rabbit out of the hat 5/5 bananas.

I do like the way Bryan O’Malley gets the ‘diversity failings’ and the vegan police way to funny for words. I enjoyed the Scott Pilgrim experience (available from your library) if you don’t read comics then your missing something, yes most American comics are crap mass produced for say prison inmates to read in the wire (my blog – try season two and hot shots) but SP transcends this with psychology,girl characters, humor and video game references something that american comics can’t do.

Overall Pilgrim (as book not film) is a blast – do it.

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