The unravelling,Emma Sky

isbn: 9781762392576 is about Iraq and if like me you have never heard of Emma Sky this is reading before a snail called Sir John Chilcot writes an official report that will probably never be read being 100 years late or state that nothing wrong was ever done by anybody despite that still missing wmd*.


Sir John Chilcot

Sky is not a civil servant but academic who volunteered and saw stuff in Iraq (my blog) although post war plans seem missing and after going south, then north a job to which had no description was found.

I came and conquered, and then left itAnyhow i came to rather like the author who despite the failings of a few top politicians (also including Hilary Clinton) into a state that sort of works.

Iraq it appears is pulled like a puppet from the North via Turkey, and the South from Iran so to de Iraqi -ng Iraq means fun for all.  Once Iraq was de Saddam-ed groups came into the mix who those wise political thinkers like Bremer created.

hclintonA bad ambassador choice from the latter Mrs Clinton’s state department¬† caused the collapse of the independent iraqi state to fail when having a government meant that while it existed it was in name only – i leave you to draw conclusions from that.

So it was left to the army to fix the mistakes of the diplomats again who kept making them while dealing with a civil war, foreign fighters and local politicians.

It is an insightful read, and since that other million pound document is no where to be seen mired in Tony Blairs excuses Рso at £20 its a bargain even if you have to buy it rather than get from a library, however snails should not write reports

5/5 bananas.

*that wmd