Preachy Davos

We apes here in the zoo are not davos delegates but listening to baldy and twenty six trips to the Antarctic veteran makes it sound like a dogma opposed to people with a sense of time (my blog).

While the left wing media probably think this good think despite them being toxic white males  it probably indicates that unless your an a lister Davos probably is not worth the time.

While being green is good, instead of offering solutions it comes across as i know best and who cares how to fix it.

by royal appiontment

Harry Spike

Suits is television series now ended with one of the cast now married to Harry Spike, (my blog) you all saw the wedding in Royal Windsor on the news – well you have two weddings from there so you know of them unless your cave dwelling in Afghanistan.

I do not watch suits but professor tells me that his significant other only watches it for Mrs Spike.

As to the plot, other actors that does not matter apparently.  It seems a vapid reason and an interesting place to find a marriage partner if your a ‘royal’.   One might even feel sorry for the aristocracy  and mere mortals who not be like them and not in the public eye and it seems are unsuitable* to become royal.

With ex-prostitutes  of princes (my blog) ** now married to royalty and the usual debate as to who is really fit to rule it seems those in the public eye are suitable.   Mind you one mad king (my blog) was enough.

*in no way a pun but it could be. ** your great uncle had paid sex with my great niece marry me

Happy Adof and Eva wedding day

If your in Windsor England today please wish adof (my blog) and eva my best after i read one parent has already been deemed a security risk.   Surprisingly the press have been going on about this mixed marriage so i guess the patriarchy and royalty is fine to sjw’s even though it is not marxism.

I shall be working here in the zoo- the zoo’s vets are also on standby (my blog) just in case.  So come visit the monkey house instead i read somewhere that 60% thought (my blog) the hype made by msm about this was something they did not care for.

King Charles III (bbc version)

King Charles III was a play that you probably needed to sell both kidneys for to see live (my blog) and the desire to see it meant that it was something i had heard of but did not bother with.

However somebody who did sell both kidneys and works for bbc saw it and made it into a drama on the bbc.

Prince Charles and Diana

Most of my views on Charles* (my blog) remain unchanged from before i saw it and it says what i think eg Charles is not fit for the position to become head of state for his deeds so far..

How much truth here is something i do not know or care about but i enjoyed the output for being thoughtful and provoking.

5/5 bananas go find it.

*Charles (wikipeadia) is an unfortunate name for king’s – I have a film review (my blog) and another that one day i will post.


Mad ginger royals and even madder ginger people

what what

Ginger people are odd and there is ginger haired loony called Mark Colborne kept in a secure mental health home for his desire to kill any non ginger haired royals (not here) and anybody else who is not ginger.  I suppose that is being sunshine intolerant for you.

Mark Colborne and it seems his royal idol with the right coloured hair* both seem to have a health problem apparently ‘grief’ – perhaps he should grow crops in Lincolnshire until  sanity returned under the care of Dr. Francis Willis.

Medication time.

It worked in imdb tt0110428.

If you know any ginger people they too might be weirdos

*royals usually are usually not ginger

The ethics of royal bananas (really)

Prince Charles and Diana

Prince Charles ringer

Bananas was shopping for bananas in Waitrose* who sell the said item and you have to careful as bananas come in various schemes like monkey free, american sponsored death squad friendly, (my blog) ‘fairtrade’, etc

Waitrose have duchy bananas which is prince charles (my blog) which just proves some royals are bonkers.  I just eat them and refuse to consume royal bananas, also I do not have my own brand of bananas or a plastic bag with printing on.

Would you buy a banana from me ? tell me below

spot the difference

spot the difference

I wonder how polluting plastic bags got past the prince of talking to plants, marrying his well known catholic whore (an affair in the past makes them old family whores), pro quack/crank medicine (my blog),  along with not being chinese friendly during the latest state visit.  These royal bananas where double the price of normal bananas.

I did not buy bride of chucky bananas for reasons of sanity and for not promoting those weird things one expects from ‘young’ royalty.  After all how ethical is a royal banana.

*a supermarket with ethics and nearby the zoo for a visit when i was out.

national service conscription in Britain 1945-1963,Richard Vinen

isbn: 9780846143878 was first published 2014.

Harry Spike

Harry Spike

Anyhow when a royal mentioned this (as seen in the picture) recently (not here parody) then maybe an independent look might be in order.  After all working for grandmother, and stripping naked for the internet must mean the army has something to offer asbo princes like harry wales.

National service from 1948-1963 is from a time when nuclear wars could perceived be won (my blog) and Britain was the worlds policeman despite being in debt and seceding lands since 1948 so this was a means to a cheap manpower.

natserviceNational service can be seen as a generational failing to notice that Britian mattered less despite winning two wars and it had to nationalise its workforce despite the debt to make civil servants and politicians seem important on a declining world influence stage.

It also invented the gap year after all sex had yet to be invented until the swinging sixties and youth culture (all taxable) yet to be invented.

The author likes to rehash  so start at page one not the introductions which are probably designed to be read by media types.  Its dry at times and like all governments statistics are either not collected or rather general.  Death could be an outcome for those who agree with Harry Wales who also has a helicopter fetish (my blog).

faggingClass comes a big factor for the bourneville (think chocolate quaker) based author and apparently public school is good for not thinking and so make great army officers.

Grammar schools made no difference to the class of the army.

The ‘gap’ made it easy to escape crap apprenticeships but getting deferred was something employers (including governments) did rather than citizens.  It is interesting to note that national service was more a hindrance to governments with scientists who knew the value of wasting time doing stuff not of importance.

The raf was the best choice, the navy did not seem to do ns, and the army was its usual incompetent self with example of suppose your a brick layer then they would turn you into a chef.  I suppose mixing cement might be deemed cooking by royalty.

That’s private schools for you.  Anyhow freshly faced children where also subject to scams from regular army staff, and suicides happened although the government hushed those up or did not collect statistics.

Once in and assuming the humans where still alive social mobility increased but there lies another problem that if you worked or had an apprentice in a demanding job at the time then those people never went back.  Again killing economic productivity for some then important northern industries.

thicktoff10% of public school types made bad officers and the worst of those ended up managing bricklayers in catering.  Another interesting fact is that technical knowledge was disliked by the upper classes, but tests could be ignored by those lot. After all playing rugby (my blog) and the old boys network means your brilliant at stuff.

Those ‘chavs’ who did excel at soldiering mostly could not be persuaded to do it as a job, as the army was too snobby.  Eventually Suez and the americans brought the civil servants and british politicians down to earth and defence spending went from 10% of gdp to 2% taking with it much of the public school brigade who also lost a lot of wealth via taxes in maintaining that army.

Blame can be attributed to many here for retarding the peacetime economy while the lust for influence when none existed due to politicians mistakes from early 1900 meant that these leaders where foolish and nearsighted.

As to the army it comes across as snobby, class ridden and poor at either training people or equipping people with peacetime transferable skills when thrown huge resources.

harrynaziNo wonder Harry Wales thinks its a good idea.

4/5 bananas – an interesting read

whoo! a delayed royal funeral

prince charles

not dead but a royal

Richard the third was found under a car park after going missing in a battle some four hundred years ago.  This seemed apt

Sin, death, and hell have set their marks on him,
And all their ministers attend on him

It was time for a funeral and so the thing was a whole day affair and televised with hangers on and ilk getting there 5 minutes of fame.  Hey he got his wish, and had a reserved parking spot which goes some way as being a social privilege even today.

Christendom destroyed europe 1517-1648,Mark Greengrass

meanderisbn 97807199908667 was an economist pick

This book meanders** into how houses where built, mini ice ages, the odd revolt. Ironically money and the discovery of the new world gave the place a name.

A conclusion early on is Christian faith did not bring much benefit to the ideas of greek or roman rule simply repress it

Anyhow once you have yawned to death (or slashed your wrists) and hit page 200 some of that interesting shit starts to happen. No i have no idea why i told you about how houses are built but that’s authors for you.

Still awake ?

After yet another huge information dollop about royalty Martin Luther (the european not the american) gets a mention on page 300, there is pro catholic bias here by the author, and there hate of women* in power also shows that these catholic’s are not exactly nice.

I began to get bored of whatever the latest distraction was arround page 500 but the catholic church got rich and offered little in return and that created the nations of europe is a fair summary.

sausage-v.SM1/5 bananas oh and i do like sausages do you ?

* eizabeth 1 ** see image