steamboy (スチームボーイ)

Is on netflix (my blog) and took ten years to make from the manga and produced by Katsuhiro Otomo.

It has a innovative use of history and while fiction is something i found not mired in some awful ” life was better in the olden days ” mantra which could have been easy to do  – but exciting as something no british talent  would ever do.

Well worth a see

5/5 bananas

173000 spam comments so far

Which seems entirely reasonable, despite blog links not counting for seo (my blog) i guess somehow despite that there’s a good reason for them – perhaps people are being sold bad ‘advice’.

Some of the domain names look legit but somehow i guess there not and are typo squatting.   Maybe if i get bored i will find out why until then i look forward to staying ignorant.


the darkening age, catherine nixey

papist fab! and gay

isbn: 97815509312325 details the thugs of the christian world. far from being enlightened we meet Shenoute, the original Greek destroyers of the elgin marbles, Mark, Luke and every bodies favourite Deuteronomy.

Saint Chrysotom (john to this book burning friends)  is also credited with helping the nazis to burn books of more recent time begins the tales of the destruction of roman and greek culture.

Although your average gay catholic bishop probably wont be mentioning them as pillars of the faith.

It proves that both christian and islam faiths are insecure and through violence there will is got.  So to call either as enlightened is wrong.  Mind you it might be fun to watch Shenoute and Obrien (my blog) fight to the death.

4/5 bananas.

money and blogging ethics

fraudster (the rbs bank) left, ethics campaigner right

I was in my spam comments queue and noticed a comment wondering why i did not have a donate button.  Not something the monkey house wants if i am honest.

It was of course a variant on the comment form spammers whom have appeared to stopped writing html forms and do something probably worse for seo crooks.

Does money trump real comments ? or if you pay would that mean I cannot delete your comment ? Sounds very much like seo.spammers (my blog) have found something else to abuse.

The blog spam was deleted being only i saw it..

I am sun mu

imdb: tt4722674 is an insight into chinese censorship as a north korean defector sets up an art exhibition in china and you can guess what happens. (my blog).

I rather like the art but then the zoo does have propaganda posters framed.  If you know a site where i could buy a sun mu print i would be grateful if you tell me below.

5/5 bananas not good sub titles was white text on a white background means this is a watch on pc rather than television* screen.

*sansung (my blog) – joke

enraged sjw journalists and there rotten tomato problem


altered carbon (my blog) has a bloke with a chinese sounding name – and was ‘stored on a computer’ for two centuries – apparently if your a sjw journalist that means he will always be chinese regardless of the fact he was not born on earth.  That is like the bloke from avatar (the blue smurfs) not needing a mew biology to breath because of the toxic to humanity atmosphere.  anybody for smurf wheelchair tree climbing ?  – so is it ok for a white bloke to go native, but not a chinese bloke to use a body which is not the correct ethnic stereotype.

Every time i read what a sjw journalist thinks and is contrary to the idea of the author, let alone tv series that shit for brains sjw cant get the idea of perhaps the 4th estate should die being irredeemable retards who either cannot read or grasp that if you transcend time, and planets biology and ancestry is rather moot.   Elon Musk will only pack a swim suit when he emigrates to mars wont he.

gawker journalist

This ‘problem’ is also seen with rotten tomatoes where mere mortals disagree with these special people and these people seem most upset that we unwashed do not think the way they think.

I would hope that people (not the sjw’s) would also read the original work – i like the adaption so far*

There are other aspects that i have blogged about but i do not think think anybody needs entertainment journalists with liberal art degrees today.  I do not think these people are essential** the way they think they are to big corporations and might even be toxic to balance sheets.

Anyhow not my problem

*i will review it properly at a later date. **how dare you not see the star wars film we ‘liked’

Banksy’s alternativity

Banksy (my blog) is pretty well known and his presentation of the chirstmas story was watched by us apes here in the zoo.

The how to was a lot better than then tv program but then again probably to seen it live was the aim.

If  you find Banksy interesting then i think there is something worth a view even if the politics is toned down.

4/5 bananas

a forgers tale,Shaun Greenhalgh

isbn: 9781760295271 is about an art forger from Bolton* who got caught but as many art dealers keep finding lost paintings and Vincent Van Gogh detached ear you may think he is not alone.

Mr Greenhalgh is a talent who either would be genius or artist in his own right if the school system (my blog) had not failed him and even you think there no talent here there is a fine technical ability that should be admired.

He pokes fun at the art industry and the many snobs in ‘art’.  I like him for his candid nature and ability to see what the art industry is and through fame tell all.  Strangely this too is a book no publisher wanted to print until it was self published last year and clearly that means either the cultured types did not want you read this book or know the scams.

4/5 bananas – technical in chapters

*beyond Watford.