Googles (& Alphabet’s) possible missou problem

Google have been in the news recently and they fired somebody for writing some internal words that become public. Now i do not know who leaked it and corporations do like to keep there laundry hidden so one might think shooting the messenger was the right thing to do in that context.

south african claims voodoo is a thing

However in terms of sjw group think* (my blog) i do wonder how working at google/youtube will be perceived by the rest of us.

You might remember  Missou a higher education institution in the US that has a huge sjw problem who believe in racial segregation and since your supposed to learn something rather than just become a sjw which does not command an income and the skill of walking with placard stating “don’t eat chicken” mean its paying customers [students] either think its horribly racist or a very shit place to not learn non sjw stuff.

Gnome [not a height challenged human] but a software project went down the sjw route and recruited the ‘oppressed’ only to find they where not up the job. There’s a reason i don’t use gnome as a window manager even with the Potterang (my blog) doing stuff that could be seen as bad decisions.

Apparently many google staff now don’t feel ok after sjw management chilled the environment way beyond the fridge.

social justice warrior

Now if google can only employ sjw staff from sjw degrees say womens studies and social studies then maybe if you have gmail account you better start backing it up or finding a new email provider.

Another example – good luck talking to a womens studies grad about your technical problem with your aws server.

Own an andriod phone ?

If alphabet management think that going down the missou route and the gnome project will mean world beating stuff that makes them money then good luck to them.  The  world of ideologues might be nice but customers do not all inhabit that world.

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

People voted Trump rather than the women with the email server in toilet.

If left leaning Hillary Clinton thinks email is deserved to be sited in a pubic toilet (my blog( then i suppose that should attract females to stem roles.

Things change who is to say that alphabet brands will be  still on the tip of your tongues in the future if they continue.  Hard to use google in China hint hint.

I do not have a crystal ball but this is an interesting read (my blog).

*Sargon was directly mentioned too in another leak. who is neither right or left leaning

unfashionable ebooks

I read that ebooks are now untrendy (my blog) and paper books are ‘in’ .  Somehow people are rather intelligent or lazy in not wanting to carry another thing as it is now perceived as a bit big.

I have my own theory that drm and not being able to buy titles and meddling by Microsoft with the only other ereader have not helped.  It is interesting to note that people do buy second hand readers rather than a new one if there old one dies of some issue – so the value of new ones seems depreciated.

While i can read some non drm formats it is on a computer not a e-reader so i never have never owned one,




When Copyright does not create (AEPI )


greek and proud of it

Copyright is supposed to make creative stuff pay, patents too have there issues (using a hyperlink) so i was amused to hear about AEPI  which is an organisation that collects fees and issues them to artists in Greece (my blog).

AEPI (not here)  made some greek’s rich, but as to paying copyright owners there in debt to €42 million euro’s

So copyright it seems does not promote creativity, you shall be glad to hear that the organisers collected the money but then gave it to themselves because who gives a stuff about to artists.

So next time somebody says copyright works (and they will be a politician) please remember our Greek friends to aiding culture.

infinite monkeys with typewriters but no content

Yeah its the tempest

Yeah its the tempest

Bananas was in the zoo one sunday and looked at the wordpress blogs i read via the reader as provided in the browser – one stopped sometime last year,and and the other ground to a halt not long after i subscribed to it which explains why i don’t interact with wordpress blogs.  I do read non wordpress blogs which seem more ‘vigorous’.

I don’t understand the lack of stuff in wordpress land, i seem to hover at 110 scheduled posts come most times of the year and that’s with some pruning of drafts say three blogs into one scheduled.  Some posts are very delayed and might entail fifteen hours of my activity if you where such interested

I will not name and shame you for not having typewriter ribbon that has ink for your blog but if i can have 110 posts ready why cannot you comrades of the wordpress collective?

blink and you miss it

Joyce Hatto crook theifBananas was wondering what happened to a group of swiss musicians one day who had seemed to have disappeared even from a ‘lifetime’ subscription streaming service of which is not one of those that commonly spring to your mind.

I could not buy it since they have a catch 22 like policy on questions.  But hey not my problem.  Content from others have also gone missing or bit rot.

The swiss thing was rather good to my poor ears but it seems some argument happened which i read and that was the end of that apparently according to one page.

Oh well copyright (of an out of copyright music score) means the music industry screwed it self i guess copyright means censorship and no earnings when ‘people’ disappear.   Copyright is working well then

Summer blogging

runningtighstBlogging in the summer is expecting a low audience compared to winter (be it upside down winter, or upside winter) however those equatorial people read blogs all year.*

Maybe i am more boring in the summer or something but it shoots holes in the gamification of blogging.  Since i do not generally write about talentless porn stars, rap stars and not usually monkey rapists (my blog) i know what is a hit and what is not i have no intention of doing that for the numbers but do what i do.

Please do not read this blog posting in the summer. Thank you

*i joke

Strange comments in wordpress land

stockingsBananas does wonder about some comments received here, there was the blogger who was impressed by my phrasing although non wordy themselves was selling used panties or may have been a a mail order russian bride but i suppose even the zoo would get some visitors for that species.

The second are the children who start well but then mention there age and the fact there home-schooled either because there crazy christians since Obama is a black person and government school must be bad – there reasoning not mine before your complain.

I had a look at one of these home school sites as sponsored by that crazy Republican even fox news (my blog) considers to be the Voldemort** that is if home schooled kids are allowed to read such books. Where youtube was the content and wordpress was the html for some reason. Html is not hard to do.


us democrat according to home schooled republican ideology

I learnt from that college was evil and turned victims into communists (honestly comrade thats what ron paul thinks) and so night school is the only ‘safe’ way to be an american that was when the youtube video recorded the sound quite a few of these videos had no audible sound.

I suppose it keeps the republican voter base intellectually retarded.

I also wondered how or if evolution (my blog) was taught be by these people and assumed it was not after all a tank of satan *(my blog) will always get you to church on sunday.

Anyhow i am perfectly fine with attracting an audience of hookers and schoolkids and there deranged parents who think in a unique way.  Do they read this stuff or think hey that ape needs a sex companion and my views on economics means i am going to comment on blogs talking about republican propaganda.


*i joke **known to have taken the mcain child