Eric Lundgren shows the shady side of Microsoft


I suggest you read about what Microsoft did to Eric Lundgren do not trust these scum (my blog).

Conclusion windows is not maintainable and linux should be installed on hardware.  Irony that perhaps it may bite them back  Being Microsoft (microshit) free is possible and not a problem.

Lets hope thay go after system makers that install virus ware when i did not even order it (my blog).  After all that is probably illegal now in the us.

Another take is that if you godaddy* and there basic email is that years later you want that email back you cannot, so to call godaddy or anybody else who offers basic email hosting it is not business class.

*who have very close ties to microsoft

retards with dmarc


Another retard who used Microshit (my blog)
Remote Server returned ‘554 4.3.2 mailbox busy; STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:StoragePermanentException.MapiExceptionMaxObjsExceeded; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Cannot complete delivery-time processing. 16.55847:B1020000, 17.43559:0000000090000000000000000000000000000000, 20.52176:140FE5810F0010106C020000, 20.50032:140FE5817F17101071020000, 0.35180:03000B37, 255.23226:76020000, 255.27962:0E000000, 255.31418:7B020000, 16.55847:8F010000, 17.43559:0000000090020000000000000F00000000000000, 20.52176:140FE5810F0010105B050000, 20.50032:140FE5817F17101060050000, 0.35180:0A00B780, 255.23226:65050000, 255.27962:0A000000, 255.27962:9E000000, 255.17082:E4040000, 0.18273:6F050000, 4.21921:E4040000, 255.27962:FA000000, 255.1494:0A00BB80, 255.1238:79050000, 1.29920:07000000, 7.29828:41420F000000000000000000, 7.29832:40420F000000000005000780, 4.45884:E4040000, 4.29876:E4040000, 4.30344:E4040000, 4.37696:E4040000, 4.58176:E4040000, 7.40748:010000000000010C00000000, 7.57132:00000000000000000F010480, 1.63016:9E000000, 4.39640:E4040000, 8.45434:10D38DFFA885F2418179636382C870570F010480, 5.10786:0000000031352E32302E303438352E3031353A5649315052303630314D42323430303A38623266373864612D303436612D343561632D393363352D383533343364623537393438000F010480, 255.1750:C4050000, 255.31418:80030400, 0.22753:80030400, 255.21817:E4040000 [Stage: DeliverMessage]’

Well done retards prove yet again that microsoft is really crap at everything.

Dear sat nav executives its 2018

So professor owns two sat nav devices – one that can be used in any car a tom tom (my blog) , and the other in a car (my blog) which to remove would take hours to remove and make the car un-drivable – one is ancient and had to use windows software to upgrade it so it never happened being a linux shop here in the zoo.

The newer ones connect to wifi apparently.

The newer car based unit [opposed to being in any car] still needs windows to update argh

I am not asking for an ethernet cable just something non os specific.

I have no objection to usb flash drives but when some idiot in the sat nav industry thinks microsoft windows is best then professor will not be buying extra software since it needs windows to download it.


Its 2018 this is not rocket science.however you wont be getting extra rich while make updating incar satnavs a multistep process.  The zoo will not be buying crap microsoft software just for you.

So if have sat nav shares the sale is final and no additional money will be collected because of microsoft.



what the hell happened to .ico website images while i was not paying attention.

missing things used to be here

You know those small images that used to be by the website name, animated gifs seem to have been broken by the browsers and one zoo website had a ‘broken’ ico file. How that happened is open to speculation.

So i got tasked to fix something that might be deemed a new feature. Not that it appears to be deemed html and as i do not really keep up to date since html5 is still the latest and greatest.   But it seems that ico images have become strangley like one side of the tribe you dont share a banana with.

You want a xml file to tell microcrap windows 8 and 10 what file to show ? Sure not a fucking pain in the arse.

Apple wants svg and a html header or two and the image file size is getting bigger and bigger over time well they are apple.

Andriod has its own way of doing the same shit and would also love a manifest file for my html. It works so it looks ok and that will do. Its a page of html not an app but thats the google way i bet these (my blog do not work.


Microsoft hence forward microcrap got a 2mb file as an ico to show on a desktop because by the time i got round to there fucked up way of thinking and xml (no problem) seemed to be happy with that and i could not give a shit that the file was huge so i left it.

I am kind of amused how a 318 byte icon file turned into a 2mb file and microcrap seem happy with that.(microsoft files where intentionally left that way)

Oh well at least i had an entertaining hour, if anybody from microsoft wants to see me throw poo at them i am very willing to do it if want to visit the zoo.

As to where that leaves html as a markup you please telll me below.

steam ‘multi-platform’ and useless stuff

I Bought a game (my blog) and the soundtrack came in mp3 ogg and wma formats – the last of those being a shit microsoft format wiith drm.

I suppose that is one way to support stuff, not that i was supposed to notice that.

The music is pretty good and for the extra three pence for all the other dlc content seemed a risk worth taking rather than just buy part one and part 2.

Those steam badges are also useless, however i did create a badge for making gems from badges that i did not expect but i have no clue about how to use them. I suppose if you have Asperger’s life is hell being completist or needing that pre-release thing worth absolutely nothing  but as a casual gamer i have no desire to show off my steam things to people.

They cannot buy bananas. it is odd that ‘dlc’ is non badge thing compatible.  Not that i give a stuff.

If you have suggestions about what to with these useless steam stuff drop me a comment.

even more Microsoft viruses from india

Kkaran Bahree

The zoo does get viruses from people sending bad microsoft [microshit] products and recently most of them have come from india so come and meet

BANNED (.asc,CCE28122017_009107.vbs) []:52331 [] <> -> <x@>, quarantine: J/banned-Jfl4doEQpwiO, Queue-ID:x, Message-ID: <>

who is

% []
% Whois data copyright terms

% Information related to ‘ –’

% Abuse contact for ‘ –’ is ‘’

inetnum: –
admin-c: AN486-AP
tech-c: SA823-AP
country: IN
last-modified: 2015-08-26T06:43:16Z
source: APNIC

address: SHOP NO 242, 2ND FLOOR,SARDAR COMPLEX,KADODARA,Surat,Gujarat-394327
e-mail: mastermind@
abuse-mailbox: mastermind@
admin-c: AN486-AP
tech-c: SA823-AP
auth: # Filtered
last-modified: 2015-08-26T06:41:04Z
source: APNIC

Now i have also read that the world has got wise to Indian it ‘experts’ be they technical  support fraudsters, and the disingenuous seo and website developers in which you have to give them a a+ rating or you never see the thing to rate its quality.

I am amused that these it professionals use hotmail or whatever the Microsoft free internet email name is these days to send these requests to do ‘business’.   The zoo has it’s own mail server

Had the zoo’s rules not have been triggered then no doubt some scammer from india would probably be thinking about ringing us up and fixing our computers he/she intentionally tried to broke.- something to look forward to.

The poster boy for inidian it is no doubt Kkaran Bahree who was caught selling your bank details some years ago revisited

that shit hacker from the core

In this (my blog) i set up automated reporting and it works well. Despite the zoo warning ssh probers they still visit.

Postfix 3 (my blog) means postfix rate limits itself a lot of bad email servers and isps and so ssh attempts are the majority of reports sent. I suppose the idea works as most sites appear once or twice and then never reappear so it depends on if the isp is receptive to such reports so it still means your going to see a lot china attempting to steal our public domain banana smoothie recipe.

blocklist’s reports are not particularity good bit since i get a copy as well i have no gripes about not getting those and tools do exist to do it yourself [grep and wc].

I assume most attempts are windows bots or the odd typo by a real user although i am sure sure a non caring isp who allows complete subnets to abuse could be malice.

Since this data becomes available to all and usable in multiple formats you might be benefiting from my reporting and not know it.

Overall it seems to do good rather than bad.

shit at dmarc:

Since i like to name those awful at dmarc (my blog) and many of those already mentioned retain there status. I feel it necessary to add to that list.

Why they use Microsoft software, (my blog) no wonder gchq and the nsa hacked them.which made the newspapers until reporting spies became a non reportable thing (my blog).

I look forward to informing me that there dmarc inbox is ‘full’ once again.  Oh yes
#554-5.2.2 mailbox full 554 5.2.2 STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:QuotaExceededException.MapiExceptionShutoffQuotaExceeded; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Cannot open mailbox /o=BelgacomGroup/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=A04071/cn=Microsoft System Attendant. 16.55847:C2000000,

A feedback loop!



Microsoft windows 10 – ransomware removal


The zoo bought some pc’s without microsft windows and when i got to install linux on it I spent a good ten minutes attempting to defeat tpm,secure boot and the windows boot manager for it had a virus on it called windows 10 *.

Quite why the fuck windows 10 has to talk to you and offers no shutdown during setup made me think of ransomware may be i think in original ways that this has never occurred to you before..

The bios really REALLY did not want me to remove the windows boot manager it kept going further and further down the list until it did get disabled – this reminding me of ransomware which happened to vista pc many years ago.

My linux on usb iso image although it worked on my usual device i wrote it to did not on the new pc. so i baked a cd image and that did, Once i installed the cdrom all was well with the universe and the ransomeware was gone from the disk..

In fact to remove the ransomware on that old pc i had to use a cd as well.  Great to see microsoft learning from the crooks.

I repurposed the usb thing for the non gpl hardware drivers.

mafia run the british red cross

It is strange that harddisks come with mafia approved virusware on them automatically , however i did find out the screen was ok, and the sound card worked. Thanks to the mafia at Microsoft.  Really wanted to not know that.

Here is a top tip: So if a new pc does not have sound  you should return it to your retailer immediately after all microsoft have decided its defective.

I wonder what other spyware courtesy of crooks and governments (my blog) was on the disk until i repartitioned it.

*no key sticker from microsoft


The virus configuration revisited

boredIn a boring moment here in the zoo i had a look at our virus config, i noticed that things had changed not too much but extra features could now be enabled.   The source was updated but nothing necessary seemed needing a download.

I enabled a few things disabled in our version of the configuration file and tested – it mostly worked although some feature has extended rules but i will wait and see when a virus is detected to find if i need those extra commands.

As a non microsoft site its not really necessary to have a scanner but it is a good criteria for blocking bad hosts and stopping inbound crap.

You microsoft windows users do like living dangerously and  i am all for it so continue your bravery with crap software..