Reddit goes fake/genuine/fake again

In the beginning … reddit was something i thought fake and later this was admitted that bots where writing nonsense. After real people started joining it it was more real and then Ellen Pau and her replacement Steve Huffman where found to be editng user accounts and other strange shit.

Reddit can be odd imho i like these reddit’s

papist fab! and gay

papist fab! and gay

/r/atheism – is a fun read.

/r/linux – /r/archlinux – /r/debian  (my blog) for reasons you can guess

/r/guineapigs (my blog) is way to cute

/r/dns is yet another low traffic zone which is usually ok except for whiny microsoft windows people yes we know windows in rubbish.

Overall i don’t do much in reddit except lurk but outside of the big groups things are usually ok.

picardIf reddit management don’t like reddit or its community be they staff or users then clearly moving on is still an option as happened to digg.  I still like nntp but nobody else seems to.

I guess they like some but not all of the monster.

a hsts gotcha with a iffy bios

headachehsts (myblog) is a man in the middle attack preventer for tls. You specify a time and if the result differs web browsers view it then nags you about a problem that something is wrong.

One person reported it and so i checked it out and found nothing wrong with the server end. Until i discovered that the bios on the users crap hp thing was dated 1980.

The date was reset to 2016 and the problem disappeared.   I never imagined that ssl would alert me to workstation problems.  That’s not a compliant.

html5 offline storage

Follow me or die

Follow me or die

When I have a slack moment occasionally i might fire up a firefox game of which i have a few reservations about (my blog).  Anyhow i was looking at firefox settings and found that the game had nor asked me to store 3mb of data in offline storage.

Usually your asked.

It was deleted for not asking.   If this was a microsoft product then i guess this will be the next infection delivery point since there a bit rubbish at security.

Youtube worth watching (or was)

Is subjective but these are not funny cat video’s.  These are not particularly liked by youtube or alphabet who own youtube,   More to life here than mental health daycare videos.  I still dont have a youtube account (both my blog) so i do not like or follow these.

I expect that if these channels have to move then i would follow them to there new sites and even register on that noon google site.


is a science researcher (published in nature) and debunker of ideas like the world is chicken shaped (not egg shaped*), he does chew the cud several times but i respect that is for the more slower people with lazy brains – i have discussed before.



is an electrician and after you have seen his teardowns you wont buy anything replacement electrical from amazon or ebay sourced from China.

oww bump bump bump down the stairs

oww bump bump bump down the stairs


Took down Ted (the ”ideas’ videos site for bulllshit) and has his moments.  I dont have a bear image so winnie will have to do.

That link will not work currently since youtube have decided to suspend his content – see what i mean ?

Sargon of Akkad

sullaMight be deemed rude by some but makes a coherent point about tribal politics the truth might be hard to swallow if you are a red/blue sheep.  See beyond that and your in for a treat.

cat_bondHonourable mentions:  ShoeonHead , TheAmazingAtheist,reponut I might not agree with all of there stuff but there is more than enough calming cute here for your insane asylum patients.

So share your cat videos with me below. Go on!

On seo books

hipsterSome seo books where read my me here in the monkey house – there not my choice but what i could find rather than buy paper  ebooks it appears are the way to go here but with a lot of crooks in seo meaning one book a decade is out of the question due to scams by seo professional’s in there quest misdirecting searches.

This is not an endorsement of the items below but they reflect a more modern world view than i usually could obtain there are two books reviewed.

moranFirst is isbn: 9781119129554 was not a book i bought and is by Peter Kent and called seo for dummies (edition six) published in 2015 a publisher i dont think a lot of and aviod

Kent is a lot more honest than mr Odden who you will meet below.  This book has technical terms in as a bonus and lays out a long term view rather than claim that a one off $25 will buy you first result (my blog) which many seo ‘professionals’ flog and does not work.

It is low on technical content but he points out the downsides of the seo profession too although to describe nofollow as a curse seems a tantrum.  Hey your ‘profession’ fucked it up.

A bit general term but full lifecycle.

3/5 bananas

seocrookisbn: 9781118167779 is by Lee Odden and called optimize published in 2012 it was not a book i bought but in the introduction you have to be a brilliant public speaker to do seo.   I nearly gave up at that point for reasons of deadpan humour.

Hold on lets do this as a speech after all comrade Odden suggests it.

picardmy lords ladies, gentlemen and honoured league of international chicken sexers of planet earth may i tell you that many people google things, tweet and use facebook and this can be a commodity.

Using a marketing plan Odden employs usefull idiots to create noise that drowns out any meaningful conversation for example consider this meaningless crap.

seospamAlas it takes the author to nearly the end of the book to admit that nofollow in blogs and competitors mean this stuff is of poor quality and i imagine that this din of don’t think of that try this is hardly the kind of content deemed of value.  It does kind of explain why i don’t get the comment spam volume here.

Yeah its the tempest

Yeah its the tempest

If the high noise ratio to meaningless content is Odden’s aim then i will imagine that this non technical book will require a complete overhaul very soon.

But it might work if your a public speaker.  I failed to master that skill in the time i read the book in.

0/5 bananas.

Seo books um lets say are best not purchased.

hsts and hpkp in the wild

babymemehsts impressed me when i had to do a tls upgrade unexpectedly, that’s a great thing to configure although preload as syntax option is best removed and is counter intuitive.

But hpkp (my blog) still baffles me.  hpkp is a waste of time although i have ‘valid’ hpkp i still have no hpkp backup key and the report uri thing also remains a mystery to me – is it a form in html,a cgi script or something else.

Specifically problems seem to exist with primary and backup keys (if you hairy eyeball to documentation) appears to be done with pin-sha256=\”base64+primary==\”; and +backup but i can’t verify that although it could be rfc right.

report uri is also a mystery to most just do the hashes so i guess they also gave up on it however it is supposed to work – i rekon a cgi like form is used

The higher mysteries of hpkp will remain here in the zoo

The freedom fighter vs the tyrant.

cheFidel Castro died recently and the mainstream media are playing catchup as usual as to was he a friend or a foe?

Since Cuba (my blog) before his rule could be described as criminal (as in the mafia dont exist (my blog) say the fbi) he must be a friend to law and order? But then the msm point out his human rights problem. However If you look at Milton Freidman’s legacy (my blog) as a ‘solution’ for cuba from the american’s then many south american countries have had there dictators and human rights problems – Argentina being famed for throwing people out of airplanes without parachutes for free*. It is interesting that one sins are ignored if your in the us sphere of influence.  So does that mean it is ok for Argentina to give away free skydiving trips?

ejhooverSuch ground was covered in star treks deep space nine (my blog) and the change from terrorism to being in power a sub story.

Politics has killed many both on the left and on the right wings, Castro was a reaction to the negative aspects of american foreign policy.

Cuba today is now a trading partner of China so neither Russia or the US can claim it as a new trade region.

*usually a charity scam recently

The cadbury failure of leadership

Oompa-Loompa's to be fired by Kraft

Oompa-Loompa’s to be fired by Kraft

Cadbury made chocolate in the UK, it was bought out by americans (my blog) – moved its production to eastern europe and started to mess with its recipes some of which antics upset members of parliament and the people who approved the sale.

I read recently like you may have that Nestle a competitor have a technique to reduce the amount of sugar in chocolate and apparently taste’s the same. I do not see innovation like that from Cadbury’s quaker roots being religious* or its new owners.

Cadbury seem to have made many bad decisions in light of brexit (my blog) and that is there right.  This is not a ranty post about the rights or wrongs of Mondelez International (or Kraft) decisions after all its there’s to do as they wish but it seems Nestle has invested in the science that makes things and can screw with Mondelez in legal patent proceedings.

checkPoliticians post the referendum vote (and the same people who approved the sale) keep on about innovation and stuff like that but if the locals won’t, and the american’s also fail to innovate then clearly these politicians with there free market mantra is clearly some strange reality that is not supposed to hurled back to these leaders.

I see a lot of leadership failure.

Less fat humans ? – we will have to see. * anti-science?

Prudishness and Theresa May’s conservatives

Fiona Locke's biggest fan Theresa May

Fiona Locke’s biggest fan Theresa May

Theresa May is not bananas in the falklands cup of tea (my blog) and her party is now censoring sex acts by consensual human beings.  Oddly the other lot let it through too so they too are anti liberal.

She has also legalised spying of all internet traffic which can be thought as a total failure of islamic immigration* into the uk.

I wonder how many fingers she uses when fisting (wikipedia) **.  Mind you clergymen daughters can be quite kinky despite she not being a mother.  Since both laws might be seen as an attack on western liberal values she won’t be getting our vote.

*most terrorists come from these countries ** more than four is illegal apparently