chav jewellery – an experience that i did not want to know about.

The whipsnade apes (my blog) wanted chav (my blog) jewellery and being that i do not wear jewels a search of this stuff is horrid and the box is extra online.

That film with the blue smurfs in should give you a hint as to the ‘preferred’ brand which is a danish owned company according to ev certs (my blog) are pretty useless how can i confirm that?

Anyhow the ape doing this on a smart phone [not me] here in the zoo started at 3pm and by 6pm one sunday still had not managed to order this crime against taste.

The next day comes and it discovered that chav jewellery is best bought* in a high street (my blog) and not online but the ape who had to buy this thing to gift spent most of the day ‘shopping’.

Horrific is a good word.

*the box was ‘free’ – not cardboard or excess packaging eg a retail ready display that online does not need.

tbe bbc as a ‘netflix’ competitor lol

I do not watch the bbc but recently i have been called out to ‘fix’ the iplayer’ in the evening which never seems to load here in the zoo – netflix is fine btw so its not us or the zoo’s isp.

Without saying a lot it seems that the bbc output is subpar and with a lot of stuff ruined say that doctor, cake thing (my blog) and that car (my blog) program under new management that the bbc cannot compete* with others either on sjw values (my blog) or diversity reasons.

If it wont load in the summer then i call bullshit on any bbc management thinking the internet will save it.   It perhaps is galling to the bbc (see image) that there solution is failing.

I have recently read there copying netflix with transgendered people on the bbc so much for being original bbc content as the format has been bought in and I think it was on netflix.

*1000 people lost there jobs at bbc enterprises after it moved

Anne Sacoolas [who is not a diplomat]

Is an person the press (blogs i read) have been told to not talk about.  After driving on the wrong side of the road and killing some local [on the right side of the road] and then leaving the uk.

More the spouse of a spy this spotlight on this nsa (my blog)  asset must be cause of some embarrassment in the organisation and to mr Sacoolas who is very much a public figure now.

Nothing to see here.

Having a logan’s run moment

Bananas (me) was wondering about the zoo and the security office had reports of the latest green protest (my blog) on the tv.  I said hello to the crack team of security professionals and saw these interesting people before I returned to the monkey house.

To be honest my first thought was of the protest i hope thats not synthetic dye or cotton** but then the logans run (my blog) thing came to mind (youtube)

A recent convert was shown too the reason for joining was a bad hamburger in an mcdonalds (my blog) recently.  I think we have all have had one and i did in Shepherds Bush once but then perhaps the lamb was a better choice* here.    Not that i eat at mcdonalds.

While bad food is perhaps a call to action i do hope this protestor is ready to die at the age of 40*** after all its what they do in the film, but the action seems extreme.

At least this time they did not trust there sjw journalist friends so do give them credit for not talking to police informants – your have to going to read a link of mine above to find out about that,

Apparently gradual change is not good enough.

Anyhow what do i know.

*joke **not green *** earlier in the books apparently – perhaps this is what the ethnic minorities are doing in cities to save the planet by stabbing each other.

how many engineers does it take to change a lightbulb

The monkey house has an 1960’s interior spotlight it is hardly modern health and safety with no earth* to the plug but this works and it is fused (my blog).

One of the bulbs died (lamps if your a professional) and so i went to Camdem near to zoo to get a replacement – as an engineer talking to a lighting specialist on the high street with the defective bulb in hand i got a replacement but the bulb may have low wattage and all that but it cost a fortune to buy.

I do hope it lasts as long as the light fitting and it does emit a nice light.  The new bulb does not get hot which means i cannot use it heating like i used to with the old bulbs.  But i have one old heater bulb remaining which produces both heat and light in the coldest days.

So it took three attempts to find the right bulb and two engineers this is when the  high street works which came with a two year guarantee.

I dont mind paying extra if it means less electricity consumed being an a rated bulb and it lasts forever so be it.

I do not purchase light bulbs regularly but i predict less electricity will be used by a lot more people when then start using these new lamps that are bright and are not those eco chemical lights from ten years ago that fade after a while.

I am sure i could bought it cheaper in bulk elsewhere but it inspires confidence that lighting can work and be as good as before and use less power.

*live and neutral.

debian changing kernels from i686 to amd64

If you see a message that your kernel can run amd64 but you used an ancient i686 media years and years ago (my blog) then you may be able to  use it.


grep -q '^flags.* lm ' < /proc/cpuinfo && echo yes

If it replied yes Then this

dpkg --add-architecture amd64
apt install linux-image-amd64

Installs the kernel stuff, but your old kernels do remain just in case it does go tits up and can be selected via the grub menu.   Doing this remotely might be dicey and something your hosting company might have to help with but that is not a zoo problem.

To remove

dpkg --remove-architecture <x>

Other cravats, virtual box and other outside kernel modules not included by default might not work so openafs and other daemons might need your kind attention – it works but i have not bothered to fix with kernel headers but several days have passed and the debian box in question has not suffered any serious faults making me want to revoke the changes.

I also am running i686 binaries and performance wise there’s not much of a performance boost yet.   I want a stable server so being courageous is something that can wait.

Do this at your own risk.

to all the clients & or crooks at hostwinds llc

There ipv6 range is 2607:5500::/31 – ipv4 ranges worth blocking here (my blog).   Yes they have a reputation with the monkey house,

Reason for mallet-ing – (my blog) attempted relay of fake zoo email to the zoo via postfix so some thought was put in here there not being idiots but targeting specifically.

I believe this is the first range of ipv6 addresses (a lot of them) i have had to null route for nefarious reasons.

Determining genuine and crook here is hard.  Since they do not seem to subnet below /31 say a [small] /64 so it seems the /31 is safer assuming we start playing whack a mole if i block per ipv6 address.

Its kind of amazing with the small user base of ipv6 that my first block is from a usual suspect perhaps being too trusting of the address space is a mistake although spamhaus has a ipv6 list of subnets it distrusts which i am aware of.

Cannon films

do you mind

Cannon made films until they got sank by raising the titanic and ever since it is running joke here in the monkey house as to whether its due a sinking or not.

Cannon where a prolific maker of films which got a cinema release before cinemas found they only wanted blockbusters.

On netflix (my blog) they had a film called lifeforce (imdb:tt0089489) which has not aged well and stars Patrick Stewart it includes naked ladies who are supposed to be space vampires  where most of london dies before leaving.

The main attraction is the naked lady vampire and for the time it is a well made film with good effects.

Lifeforce is no top ten film but by existing tells that cinema owners clearly have changed.

2/5 bananas