neurotribes,steve silberman

dontcallmecrazyisbn:97817601113636 is a sideways look at different thinking, it has an sycophantic introduction which it did not need but come with territory with mental books.

First chapter deals with how it was handled in the past, being rich helped, otherwise accidents happened and perhaps still do in Africa. Then in chapter two a living human called Leo is introduced and the usual suspects get mentioned (my blog) plus crank medicine (my blog) and an them versus us situation.

Then its back to the past and eugenics and stuff is done after all why the hell not.  A number of people try to medicalise (my blog) the condition and there is chapter on science fiction and saint steve jobs of apple fame for the zeitgeist* for some strange reason.

What the causes are means another exploration of cranks and charlatans which brings us to the the present day and back to Leo and the brave new world of invented problems in need of a magic pill although such numbers of genuine people are low and give rise to mass numbers diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related issues

2/5 bananas.

*i wonder what people a century later from now will think about useless mentions

Only in the rupert murdoch mindset

Rupert MurdochBananas hates all sport and recently discovered that the bbc which are not influenced by intercepting phones had the rights to male americans in tights playing a game.

Americans like it but in the zoo security office (my blog) it is looked on as effeminate its final is tonight and oddly is not called a universe cup or name like that. Anyhow imagine the surprise when instead of just one free channel doing it a uk based murdoch channel (my blog) on free tv as well also had this sport.


american sport

Both where ignored by the crack team of zoo security staff.

The message here about competition is mired in some weird murdoch-ain logic that seems to lost on me.

It seems that so long as the billionaire has it and very few people see it but that’s ok (remember rugby ?) but as soon as the sport desires [sold the rights] then a wider audience its also free.

I suppose if phone hacking is ok, then that logic must also fly in the murdoch family for being good.  May the team with the better tights win.

Under new management professors cinema

hippiesProfessor visited us in the monkey house with the news that his local cinema is under new management. He does not go often. Lets face facts when did you last see a tarzan film ?

The new owner looks good and might even have those non superhero films (my blog) that supposedly exist but never get seen in average cinemas.

That will be different. However the situation will mean it will take several months to be open, as it appears the building is decrepit and not up to modern standards. It will make no difference to professor or the oscar ‘winners’ that have gone unseen by many (my blog) even after winning the film industries egg and spoon race.

The seating capacity is apparent;y much reduced from the old operator to a third of its original size.  Quite what that says about that bit of the cinema industry is an interesting thought.

all the toys, and ssl mafia double ready

lalalahpkp and dnssec (my blog) are things the zoo has set server side with memorable stuff like:

Header set Public-Key-Pins

But are hpkp is wanting in web browser, only one dnssec plugin works and nothing seems to check hpkg which i will write about one day if i ever get it working although the ssl mafia seem to desire a second tax with a second ssl cert for ‘backup’.

Oh well it seems hpkp is er broken.

Government passwords a tale to amuse

Bananas was wondering about in the zoo when i saw professsor scream at his computer so when he saw me and then screamed help so i wondered over to see what perplexed our expert human.

countdownProfessor was doing something with a government bank of which include the royal bank of scotland (my blog) and others and an online thing that needed a password, he was investing rather the withdrawing but the password had to be ‘complex’. A number of combinations had been tried and a countdown timer sort of from film or television type thing was adding to the drama that needed a bomb disposal actor character as well near by just for the tension with no doubt with a dry martini  standing by and a bikini clad lady not more than few steps away.

Is zero (0) a number ? according to the thing it was not so you could not have a zero, and special characters where also needed.  I even tried rude words and they too where rejected.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Professor in the end gave up and so did i, defeated by the governmental type  password policy even i thought bonkers.

cat_bondAt least the bank security employee was happy, as for the rest of the bank well its not an ideal situation but rules is rules, Perhaps you have to be a trained bomb disposal expert or be a hollywood actor and dressed as such to set a password and 007 is way too short.

Mysteries are the best. Or perhaps the evil villians cat set the password policy,

Harvey Dent and american politics

harveydentNews reaches us in the monkey House that the wife of an ex president (my blog) won six coin tosses in a row I think the coins where broken in the attempt to become president or Harvey lent his coin.

In other news the billionaire (so much richer than ex president) non politician apparently lost although coming second is by means a shabby result.

The good news in this is the the political class rule the roost and the other lot chose a ‘winner’ that is hardy inclusive but at least has a profession of being a tax payer paid politician.  Some of those like this (my blog) did not do well so maybe the ‘n’ word* maybe does not automatically mean a free pass.

You may not like those statements and they are not endorsements of any kind but when a coin toss decides stuff and when money alone is deemed a reason to fail but it is ok to donate to professional politicians when ‘bribery’ could be a concern then maybe both unpalatable ‘winning’ candidates have a fixed game.

*not the word you think

my cloned mother (well i never knew that)


casual friday

If i can refer you to this (my blog) then i can happily inform you that my mother apparently has a clone according to human financial experts who some other monkeys are dealing with.

Its not my side of the tribe but it was humorous to discover that my mother has a copy somewhere wondering about.  The strange thing is i never noticed the clone until now/ Perhaps you too have a clone mother?

Families sigh mind you it was quite funny before the serous side set in.

Oh my! social media pkzip software

Bananas was tasked with backup-ing a vista pc here on the zoo – yes ancient windows the software available on the pc was wanting i had putty* but no means of zipping directories.

So i get a copy of winzip from Nico Mak of which the zoo has a shareware license for somewhere and its social media enabled – bloody hell you can tweet or something i made a zip file.  Do i get a gold star ?

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

A first attempt it asked for an email address – yes really and i aborted that zip, there are charts too. Are windows 10 users significantly more retarded than ten plus years ago a bit like this (my blog).  Other windows ‘software’ wanted me sign in to things to continue – fuck that.

Anyhow i make my backup of this user and mput the file via ssh to a safe place. Bloody hell social media enabled zip files has humanity gone bonkers ?

Anyhow its good to know that microsoft have totally lost it. Yes i could set up a samba share but since windows is insecure thats a security risk to other things so no way is samba going our linux system.

You do not get that kind of nonsense with linux.

*ask your computer expert what it is and no it nothing to do with window frames

The birth of the pill,Jonathan Eig

220px-Annie_Kenney_and_Christabel_Pankhurstisbn: 9780230770140 was a pickup from here (not here) and does the pill.  This appears to be an american inventon and the characters are a varied bunch of people sacked from universities like mit.

Sanger who is famous for womens issues starts off this with $2000 dollar funding which no drug company would even contemplate despite the fact that diabetics died through lack of research for the consideration that it may be deemed ‘smutty’.

Catholic birth control which is basically homosexuality (my blog) means most of this is a thirty year struggle where depression and war * (my blog) mean large families where becoming undesirable if a state wanted to fight and still make things.

Animal reproduction is a place that your randy catholic priest is probably not going to see as smut and so theories are tested outside of brand name research facilities

This is not a technical book 3/5 bananas.

*the spread of std’s from 1914-18 is worth noting on policies today


vulcansshfp records are not that too hard to get working and need a little bit of tweaking to configuration files in ssh to verify but seem useable if a little under the radar but there’s a lot of that with dnssec anyhow (my blog)

I will see what ill will if brings to failtoban (my blog) before i tell if the records are worth it or best kept obscure and off dns.

It looks under the radar for the average person so far.