poverty safari,darren mcgarvey

Pretending being a lion

isbn:9781912147038 was an orwell prize short list book that oddly it was not too hard to obtain from a library for a change.  I think it also won it not that i knew that then.

mcgarvey apparently a scottish rapper come sjw safe left msm person (for how much longer?) is candid and despite some attempts to become a poor childrens marketing academic text book on who reads a newspaper he gets his point out without having to resort to local dialect.

Even i agree with him on some point‘s (my blog) Pollok could be many places.

4/5 bananas


lucasfilm and disney sjws ‘small problem’.

I have discussed the problem of toys which do not sell before (my blog).  You might consider bricks and mortar retail a victim of Disney corporate expectations but for how much longer?

I saw this headline

It is past midnight as post this and i did not read the article.  but it appears that with the sjw’s in Disney that lego cannot sell toys at the suggested Disney retail price.

If you have disney shares do not expect the toy sale rights to be much on the sjw influenced lines on bought brands profit wise.    While i really dont care if a star wars character is intimate with a robot or not i doubt that the toy makers will be making a toy of the happy couples marriage suite  along with a lot of wd40 cans to keep things ‘lubricated’.

I have not seen the current star wars films* and do not consider it a failure on my part

Since i do not buy lego either and i am not an sjw it appears that whoever runs disney seems to be out of touch with children and the  sexual liberation of robots which even some sjws feel is wrong even in left gender politics.

Lets put it this way hot toys command a high retail value, or secondary market.  If lego cannot shift stock  then that toy is not worth the value of the rights that lego bought from disney.

Another story i can tell:

I was in a shop in camdem (near the zoo) recently and  a young  female child was fascinated by a shiney magazine of a recent cartoon by disney while queuing to pay.  The magazine was left on the floor and the child wondered off thus the disney license again did not resort in a sale.

*it has been over a year since i have been in a cinema

Shareholder registars employ retard genuises

One ape has shares (my blog) and with a change of domain required*  it meant updating and a letter with a code to unlock the rest of the unneeded features, being the ape had a number of different shares they have no idea what share the code is for.

Technically this is angels dancing on a pinhead until the right account is used so this could go on for weeks and weeks before they get one right along with letters saying the account was accessed wrongly.

Sisyphus is still a role model

If only they put the name of share firm on the letter.

Somehow that code will never be entered i think.   Making electronic shareholder communication irrelevant.

Mind you those three companies that do shareholder services still manage to get there email classed as spam, so email gets nulled.

Special people sigh

*more at another date.

debian 9.5 in the wild and the broken virus scanner

UNCHECKED was the magic word that amavis (my blog) added to emails going through it after the upgrade.  Various suggested fixes to amavis in 50-user did nothing and so i delved into clamd the zoos scanner.

It could not share a socket in /var/run, adjusting that config file also did no good so after a afternoon of fun restarting things so i disabled the virus scanner in amavis which does not see a lot of action anyhow.

amavis[*]: (07127-01) (!)ClamAV-clamd av-scanner FAILED: run_av error: Too many retries to talk to /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl (All attempts (1) failed connecting to /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl) at (eval 98) line 613.\n

my groups already share clamd, and amavis as members for both so that was not the fault I even removed a yara (my blog) file that the 9.5 version that clamd did not like all of a sudden.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

It did work in its own user/group but not anymore since it is a low priority and bad files are banned by the mta as well from email (a duplication)  i bet nobody will notice it is gone until it gets fixed.  Not my issue it seems but some artefact of AllowSupplementaryGroups not perhaps getting reflected elsewhere.

My printer server config got wiped away (dbus/systemd shenanigans ?) but i managed to get a kind of print server working for monday and that is a tale for another day as hplip might need an upgrade via a compile and that seems to be not important software in the grand scheme of now.

Overall apart from the whole server room rebooting itself early in the morning debian 9.5 seems a bit problematical if you use it as a server rather than ‘basic’ workstation.

I would have installed it at some point anyhow and i would not rather want to have done this on a monday morning.

So not sure if this is something i can fix.  More fun that way.

Alias Grace

Alias Grace is a Margaret Atwood book (my blog) which either i have not read or found to be not my sort writing i like depending upon on how snobby your msm book reviewer* is one can be excused being kept ignorant of new books because of a genre problem .

It was made into a television series on netflix and i enjoyed it.

5/5 bananas

*how dare you not read  a dead female poets letters.


the sunlight pilgrims,Jeni Fagan

isbn 97800995921181 is an author i have read before and then ignored by publishers.  An obnoxious bunch of caravan dwelling persons* attempt to survive an ice age near a port town.

I did not understand this book and unexplained the three suns, its dependants on the pre op tranny and neither cared.

1/5 bananas meh

*channel  five poverty porn  via Jaywick essex.

the summer climate

Yeah its the tempest

As an expatriate Rwandan hill ape 23 centigrade is a nice temperature but here in the zoo it is strange that after a spell of good weather 23c feels cold at night.

This is not a complaint, it will soon be cold and the rain will come but it is strange how we perceive ‘nice’ after a time.

I do not object to the british climate.


Humans (series 3)

In this (my blog) returns for a third season while generally ok it does resort to soap opera  at times and so is bit painful to watch.

Despite its problems its still well done even if it does rehash some battlestar galatica plot points.  As usual some retard designer forgot to earth the robots or even put bloody fuses (my blog) in them*

If you have managed to sit through the prior two seasons then its got something going for it

3/5 bananas


network segregation woes

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

The monkey house has several routers and they work but some people segregate there routers into work, home, wifi, and iot networks,perhaps even a guest one too.

One router is fully used and chucks out all the traffic, our internal router handles all of the above stuff however i wonder about the point of doing separate networks.

Sure i have no idea what nefarious things iot’s things could also do but they might in the future

  1. colllect mac’s, network addresses
  2. scan ports
  3. use dns (which they already do)
  4. do something evil – eg ddos another brands thing since its not theres

Since i read the logs surely i would be alerted if 2 and 4 where being done and how I provision our iot printer (my blog) home./work/ wifi when all three could use it – perhaps i should buy more printers ?.

An crap iot device we have needs to be plugged into the router direct otherwise it wont work if i connect it to a switch (my blog – not just that one, all switches)

That means my vlan for iiot needs at least two switch ports. plus a new hardware switch

The wifi is in need of an upgrade but works so does that mean two ssid’s  – i am beginning to need to large port router and maybe double the hardware.

Perhaps as nefarious iot devices evolve routers will also evolve, mind you i can monitor traffic and block it with our existing router so it is not like i do not have any counter measures now.

I think two routers is enough for the time being.  Vlans miight be possible but expensive for the money house.

I could but so far do not see a lot of point to do it