The end of alchemy,Mervyn King

fredgoodwinisbn: 9781408706007 was described by somebody i read as 370 page after dinner speech but that’s central bankers (my blog) for you.

This book is written for americans who get local examples and it ignores both the france and england attempts to keep the gold standard, before giving up on the attempt.

Nixon an important figure in this

Nixon an important figure in this

Problems with central banks are blamed on politicians and the imprecise meaning of money and controls on them mean questions are fudged so chapter three examines the banks (my blog) and speculators (my blog) in this mess.

Bankers also here can’t be wrong is a point argued but in the case of Fred perhaps an exit before would have been wiser to some extent? It is interesting to note that since 2008 Barclays bank lost its managing director Bob Diamond when the boe said it did not like the way things where going.

Bale to 'act with toy special effects woot!


So some lessons have been learnt  Wise or foolish this book is very general while financial engineers with there friends in politics (my blog) will try and break economics the central bankers are reminding the Fred Godwin and Bob Diamonds of the world that money is not just there plaything to break with a mythical product three people understand (my blog) or ‘bubble’.

2/5 bananas

adhd nation,Alan Schwarz

babymemeisbn: 9781408706572 is a book that charts adhd* from something nobody suffered from to most children having.

This is not the fault of the drug, but the people who take it or there parents, teachers and dispensing professionals in America.

I have some some qualms with its use of few abusers but this also points fingers at the mental health profession (my blog) for turning all humans into mental health cases.

Whether you call this bad science (my blog) or by golly your all loonies reading this is a point worth thinking about.

While no doubt teaching a class of Einstein’s would brilliant for a teacher the world does not work like that, but who is to say that even Albert behaved in class?

4/5 bananas

*not computer tla yet – joke

infomercials pretending to be not infomercials

engineeringBananas like engineering porn (my blog) but sometimes they come across as adverts rather than editorial content.  Either way i had no intention of buying what might have been sold which was also advertised in the adverts but i had feeling that apart from being large and the land facilites in need of refurbishment i did not learn a lot.

In fact i think even the producers knew they had this problem. I was glad this was on free to air television, imagine paying to watch this advert.

Sometimes tv does identify these as public relations things but that’s an rare admission.

Water softener number 4

watersoftenerProfessor tells me he is now on his forth water softener as he lives in a hard water area which is plumbed into the house rather than a jug.  Two of those water softners never worked, the third  was broken in his new residence and watering the garden as well via some broken plumbing.

Three of those came from the same bankrupt company waterside apparently famous for shit valves and pressure problems of which are not watersides problem but professors, or plumbers.

So maybe the forth one will work which does not come from them and fitted by a plumber who specialised on them.

The upside to this is that professor has not had to buy salt in well over a decade for his dishwasher when it comes in 25kg bags and consumes not much per year.  I guess that’s an upside to crap water softeners that dont work.

usb 3 with samsung tv’s

flatscreenThe monkey house can now record tv with a usb 3 stick it was under £10, when i last looked these where £40 for fast usb writing as usb2 did not pass the grade so i put it off.

The unit once verified (formatted again) allows the record feature via the guide and looks ok even if the gui is a bit hit and miss.

Recording is the same as watching so you cant watch something else, although the tv can be in standby mode to record, and the format is in CryptoBuddy .cip format so drm’ed and ancient and probably crackable.

An hours tv is 1000mb, and you get adverts too, cancelling a series may mean using the tv guide and going ahead several days to change.

Not particularly good imho.  I can always use the usb stick for something else and at £10 is not a complete waste of money.

‘Healing’ the political ‘majority’ – 48% trying to be 52%


comrade corbyn

When 48% (under 50%) represent both red and blue parties in politics then there are going to ramifications

In this case the reds and the unions who also where on the wrong side of public sentiment who also did not vote as they where told to is also in termoil, the blues have there own post (my blog).

I kind of feel sorry for the reds newly minded leader up again for challenge, who is disliked by his upper party but not loved enough by the members to get there people to vote remain (my blog). Not i vote for the herd mentality of red or blue.

With the labour party who it appears most of there members against the idea of europe there is a perhaps more need of change of opinion but i am not sure that a right winger with left thinking labour mp (think violet in colour) will attract those people who voted the way they did.

shitbritishleylandcarWe apes here look forward to everybody buying shit orange coloured british leyland* cars once again and driving them to Whipsnade zoo.

*not joking.

My Erwin Schrodinger domain renewal

cat_bondOur domain registrar had a redesign and i had a domain to renew and most of the functionality was better located where before  i usually took a couple of wrong turns being most of us dont change dns servers, dnssec, and whois details very often.

It looks quite nice but as i renewed the domain on the last day before grace redemption period although the transaction looked good going through there was a pause and no notification that i had even renewed said domain which i had planned to not renew until that bloody referendum (my blog) may mean i might lose some domains* for the zoo.

Even the whois did not reflect reality until five minutes later when both emails hit the right email account.

I felt a bit like Schrodinger’s metaphorical cat.

No cats where harmed writing this blog post

*if you voted leave then fuck you.

Airline stewardess makes the front page of the newspaper

dakotaBananas was with professor in the zoo one wednesday morning some months ago and his newspaper had this human woman wearing clothes on the front page of a broadsheet*.

Neither i or professor had the faintest clue who she was. But i think she might have been an airline stewardess.  Anyhow that’s what we think and both of us are happy with that as an explanation.

I like being knowledgable.

*posh not chav

video game films oh dear


the rock

Bananas was bored one sunday evening when on free television the film of the game doom was on (imdb: tt0419706).  I liked doom as a videogame* but as Uwe Boll wrecked many films i had doubts.

Anyhow what i did see of it was bad and low on the 16bit blood and guts hidden in darkness that made doom** great.

Anyhow i soon got bored and i went off and cleaned out an domestic applicance.  I switched it on later and  it takes them about an hour to get the bfg gun.

I never saw the end so i wont be rating this.

Needless to say that its good the film industry hates videogames with its bad concepts so its something that will be hard for them to really get behind in the future with there track record.  After all the fairy look is a way better look for the star of this murky and boring teenager friendly fare rather than edgy art form of video games.

*it was good for bios setting checking as well **never played the enhanced 16bit plus versions