brand name marketing screw ups – pizza express prince andrew crisps

Prince Andrew – queen and sleep inducer

Pizza flavoured crisps including the extra spicy [my blog] ones became a topic of opinion here in the zoo, reports of them from the zoo staff where mostly disgusting inn terms of taste.

That’s after Prince Andrew made them famous with Ghislane (maxwell) and Brian who strangled himself to death apparently.

It is another blow to the owners of a well known restaurant chain here in the uk who have a royal hot and spicy endorsement royal endorsement as well who it seems must be the only fan of the said crisp flavour

The zoo staff also mention that they have seen bags of these discounted even in covid-19 food shortage britain who do have some other weird flavours so it appears princce andrew is not a popular lesser royal even with his sexual antics as a ladies man who does not suck toes which many know as the key to any princesses heart [my blog].

While the sale to the crisp firm might make it look good financially for the pizza restaurant firm does it not stop visits to there restaurants from it’s royal fan.

Matthias Rath – who causes the death of 300,000 south africans a year from hiv aids.

Perhaps extra hot flavour is royal viagra’ for those Epstien escorts so is perhaps mis-marketed as food but a herbal medicine* [my blog].

Anyhow if only they offered helicopter deliveries [my blog].   Im sure they would soon have run out of stock.

I think the zoo staff might send Andrew a packet to autograph.

Its amazing what i can do with a packet of crisps as a topic.


netflix ‘gay’ films

So i saw this film on netflix only to discover it had a ‘message’ not that i minded it, it was less in your face than say this [*my blog] but since sod all happened i am wondering if gay people are now so boring for film makers and cinema chains whom also never widely distributed it.

the half of it

imdb: tt9683478 has a gay subtext apparently – charming if hard to detect and more go between than anything else since nothing happens.

4/5 bananas

It will be interesting to see what replaces the comic inspired superhero film once the diminishing returns start to set in.  I do not think this will be it as the blockbuster recipe but i could be wrong.

*intersectional totem pole might mean  gay is a form of oppression, or conversion therapy by one lot of the rainbow by the other as tranys hate gays is ok.

Korean dramas ahoy

Long endurance required [my blog] your going to be sitting through seventeen good hours here at least.

Itaewon Class

Is imdb: tt11239552 and features the struggle of a normal south korean over chaebol families.  Its pretty good as i am still watching it and binging it

Well worth it

5/5 bananas.

My hololove

Was a sub par k-drama where nothing and lot happened very slowly.

1/5 bananas – meh

greetings from bury park,sarfraz mansoor – or pakistani importation

This was free book and now apparently a film probably funded by the luvies in the filmm indusry and this light tome i thought worth a skim..

Sarfraz Mansoor is best described as an inept media studies person who only got the job because of his heritage* and is kind of western as he likes Bruce Springsteen  that seems to be about the only thing.  Quite how Springsteen being an american is ‘british’ is a gymnastic exercise for your brain.

Anyhow if Springsteen is white and thus english seems a strange concept.

I was amazed what you can buy.

I guess there is a market for that – well done that ad agency.

Arranged marriages, family abuse in pakistan (my blog) and pissing on the street are tales from Luton so you could argue that buying a vauxhall car is benefiting pakistan more than anybody else.

It could be argued here that Mansour is complicit in being pro-western only for himself and not for his sisters who had to be honourable.  Mind you his thought crime is probably enough for any future visits to pakistan to get him on death row so don’t expect a lot.

I am not sure how liking Bruce Springteen makes you western, based on that logic if you like curry your an indian. drinking scottish whisky makes your scotttish deepy offensive to the natives.

You may have a different impression of this biography  if so comment.

A ‘diversity’ read and unrated but if i where you i would not.

*blessed be the bbc and the guardian.

Happy Harold Camping Day!

Harold Camping failed  to meet jesus nine yeas ago today

Today marks Harold Camping is overdue an end of the world by nine years.  Bible thumpers sure are shit at guessing the end of the world.

So lets wish Harold (my blog since deceased) and his cult believers a happy anniversary.  Religion….

Harold died a couple of years later and so if you see him beck from the dead* do cough on him as he is not immune to covid-19.

Happy Harold Camping day everybody

upgrading python2 to python3

heaven apparently

So my geoip lookups [my blog] where not working properly and partially dumping before moving on.

The script was fine just the input was rejected by the library being wrong something i can rant about here.

Crappy python libraries can be irritating especially if your input is correct but rfc1918 ‘wrong’ .

Anyhow i decided to make the script python3 friendly and found myself a new headache.

  • file gets replaced by open  and file=something issues
  • print is more picky with ()

Somebody has put online a copy of 2to3 a python converter script which sorts out most kinks although probably will not make your python code run as converted.

I am sure i can python like python3 but for now my python remains old school.  Indents can be irritating.

It then took me an hour to figure out the meanings of the issues on the first script and some changes but the script essentially did not alter except for object placement so its quite easy once you know 2to3 wont work out of the box and some objects need help going from 2 to 3.

So its not hard but doable.


Leah Cordice the evil lady rapist/paedophile

So lets talk female rapists [my blog] and lets meet Leah Cordice [bbc] who is new.

A babysitter Cordice has been detained for 30 months after having a 13-year-old boy’s baby. Judge Clarke added the victim, now 16, had suffered “chronic insecurities” over the offences

Funny that if male got that sentence womens rights campaigners would be screaming bloody murder.   Oh the fairer of the sex does get away with it.

Those evil women.

serial music plagiarist millionaire now bricks your electronics already has a shit name and even i know that being the [was] black persons brand ambassador for some silicon valley brand who has not kept the black lives matter lot happy either.  The company too is not doing that great either after his involvement.

I also know that daft punk wrote a song about his plagiarism of there songs by mr am.   Being a plagiarist is not an unknown thing in the music industry and so a comparison with the the esteemed Joyce Hatto [my blog] can be made*.

After that i think he became a talent less tv presenter for one of those talent show contests who revolve the door after one finishes another has to start.

unknown television star who made it big and i cannot remember them

He is not as bad as some musicians offering knock off classic game consoles which some do but perhaps thats next.

Musicians really dont respect copyright do they.

Anyhow one of those make me a star tv shows enabled him to buy wink one of those cloudly things that does something in your home which i had never heard off.  If you dont pay him monthly now then your internet connected device has just been bricked by them/him.

I dont particularly approve of iot stuff but keep what the monkey house has turned off until required so amazon dont know about stuff.

Not much notice was given to owners either.

Devices in the home that do something are good and all that but i do wonder if our plagiarist is doing more harm than help to the woke in silicon valley.

So if your buying a home hub magic cloudy thingy i hope you ask the question how soon is it going to become ewaste.  Its your money and with people like will i am around the answer is not that long,

*remember to groan.

films seen

Probably all on netflix since i do not visit cinemas and have been closed as well due to the chinese flu [my blog].   I have been saving these and well theres more than enough to see.

Horse Girl

An Alison Brie vehicle [my blog not for cheese – joke]  which i have no clue what is going on but most of it was skipped.  Nice horse but very much art house something.

1/5 bananas

Paradise Hills

imdb: tt6127004 is a stepford wives thing with a twist, not a lot actually happens but the patriarchy get it in the end.

Phew sisters !

4/5 bananas

I am mother

imdb: /tt6292852/ Was a three month + plus slog that i spent most of it in fast forward.  That brazilian film orbita 9 [my blog] about space flight was way more interesting – i wish netflix would not anglicize films to orbiter 9. after the event.

0/5 bananas phew – its out of the continue to watch queue.


imdb: /tt3201640 is another long term meh film that i thought i better get round to clearing. It is dark and murky and it took me a good year to watch through to the end.

It is more thoughtful and the dialogue does give an ending which cannot be said of i am mother which was so boring i could not care.  Another film that missed the cinema.

1/5 bananas


imdb: tt5640450 has been sitting in the queue since 2017 ?  and is an infinite do while loop and rather murky again

2/5 bananas

Elizabeth harvest

imdb: tt6852872/ is another do while procedural instead with clones and is rather clever.  It works although altered carbon [my blog] is the same conclusion it also comes to even with a wamens liberation subtext.

5/5 bananas. Not what you think it is.


imdb: tt5690810 is a women in control film.  Another subtext to this is perhaps that mary sue’s disney blockbuster films dont appeal to ‘actors’ only the left wing ideologues.   Even then its female star is a bit wooden in acting.

Clive Owen [my blog] also stars who injects some life into this.

4/5 bananas

No excuses for there’s nothing on netflix is there.

Benefits of covid-19 – lets see an upside

Really gay and corrupt

News reaches the monkey house that the crappy gay song contest [my blog] or eurovision is cancelled and so britain won’t be last* not that it honestly matters except for the consistency.

I really do not care but as the qualifications for being in eurovision means its a fat transexuals only affair according to the intersectional politics totem pole and there’s a enough of them about to laugh at and make the tv broadcasters happy for diversity points which is what makes a tv producer happy.

How do you spot a gay person – ask them about eurovision in depth and if there champions on the topic then it has been confirmed.

As this thing is a joke it was not the reason why brexit happened.

Anyhow since after there sixty seconds of fame most of these very talented people you never hear from again apart from vague recollection that  there gay or special somehow and move on to more important stuff like have we enough bananas this week.

winnie the pooh for some

Alas they will probably run the competition next year – thank you chinese communist party for covid-19 this year, but  can you release covid-20 next year too but target fat ‘gay’ singers instead.

Apart from what i blog about this subject feel free to ask questions in comments but dont expect your gaydar to tingle with the response. Your cope until next year when a fat indeterminate sex person [not ‘british’**] wins the competition with a song about two gay cockroaches who got exterminated.

*a probability, in football the worst team is often considered the strongest as a joke.  ** the independent nations of scotland and wales are not bothered to enter this competition either and they have football teams.