old person ‘mode’

oldpeopleThe monkey house had aged guests one day recently where we youthfull apes had to shout and repeat ourselves or be ‘translated’ by other apes nearby to the deaf.  Ambient noise was through the roof

Despite it being not that cold for november (hint walk outside and then return) it still meant we got very hot and sweaty.

We survived we think.

Spoon fed media journalism



Bananas was reading one of those light content websites when an under the radar thing caught all of these ‘journalists’ off guard.

If i was nice i would say that there not very good at there job, being nasty i would say they are spoon fed this stuff so there not journalists but doing product placement instead.

I naturally wont tell what it was for reasons you can think about.  Um when did ‘news’ become product placement ?

The ideal google webpage in reality

tapIs more mobile friendly than computer based but if your html is up to standard then quite achievable.

The webserver component is interesting although tricky to decide if what it suggests works – that maybe through debian stable doing its thing.

This is not seo, and industry seo ‘experts’ broke but just html and even something’s are new to me although i dont claim to be a mobile user with there retarded apps (my blog) for instance a tap point is nothing to do with tap dancing but an ahref link and css.

Concerning me is the minified text content that also includes html.  while i can do css and js files it does make troubleshooting fucking hard work and i am not parsing my html in a foreign website where i have no idea what extra content it adds.  No html minifier exists in the .deb ecosystem.

So compiled node.js and installed via npm two minifiers.  One only works via copy and paste on a website, the other worked but the rating algorithm found its work poor and recommended minfying it.

Minifying is best for incomprehensible css, js and php make no difference. html is a disaster area take this.


It becomes (via an online tool)

</footer></div></div><!--[if lte IE 8]>http://js1/respond.js<![endif]-->

Ignoring \n removal – can i have my /body and the rest back ?

Oh good luck fixing that in real life

I had a 100% user experience rating and the page speed was ok although without minification for reasons explained

Security of pages [https] seems ignored and page blocking detection from frames via somebodies else’s website (think this) is frowned upon so i ignored some of the recommendations.  I’d rather not display html to a client if that is how it is delivered rather than direct.

headachejquery that does css blocks (imagine form html) is also frowned on but then i thinking client experience rather than googles worries.

php is interesting – using

zlib.output_compression = On

Resulted in no php content so do not take these suggestions are 100% practicable

Page design is almost an art form and as to tap points what the hell cannot they be called link anchors/url’s.

If i ever find out the web designer that coined the term tap points then they should be shot dead for reasons of sanity.   HUGE Font sizing looks RIDICULOUS

These ideals are for the benefit of google not the open ‘web’

the zimbabwe question (score 26) versus the old aged scrabble professional

zimbabwe is a place famous for my hate of bob parsons (my blog) and dubious experiments in kleptocracy (my blog) add a tablespoon of model torturing (my blog) and even your most retarded african brain will begin to wonder if there is a problem at the top thirty seven years later.

Grace Mugabe seems to be the point where things went ‘wrong’ and even the Chinese (my blog) have seen that non meritocracy politics have gone too far since they have the main interest there..

Since no doubt the Mugabe’s are multi billionaires* it appears that forty years of beating the cow has finally resulted in the cow getting upset.

However as there is no real economy i somehow doubt that zimbabwe will now become a spammers paradise becuase of china and the average zimbabwean still owes china a huge amount of debt so while independence was had, they have since sold it back to the Chinese wholesale as logic works.  Asian colonizing ?

It shall be interesting to see how zanu pf can avoid forty years of tainted corruption as a record and having sold zimbabwe to China if they or the other lot can improve the lot of the many not just the mugabes.

Anyhow that is what they have done with independence.  Blackmans’ burden caused by there own will not some colonial power.   Winning a game of scrabble is not the aim but its a nice hobby for those elderly types.

*not loaf of bread rich, but swiss bank account holders

listen liberal,Thomas Frank

Nixon an important figure in this

isbn:9781925307900 once again recognises that Nixon was the political game changer for both left and right.  It takes a took a how the technocrats took over politics and so posh/poor labels do not apply.  Since both red and blue parties both used to sign trade agreemnets such free trade agreements by democrats are now seen as job killers.

bomb russia

Established leaders such as deplorable clinton can be seen as out of touch.  Book kind of reminds of the silver standard (my blog) and makes me wonder if new parties are needed – perhaps Corbyn is going to be a failure but the tradition msm wonit like it when they have to report more than two parties (my blog)..

Are the left ‘left’ ? Despite Nixon’s activities in the watergate building it appears no.

3/5 bananas.

More netflix documentaries

Continuing on from here (my blog) These are things i watched all the way through

randy bisexual priest

the keepers

imdb tt6792200 is about Baltimore (my blog) and deals with catholics and there need for murder and rape.  It apparently goes further to state government with fellow travellers along for the ride.

5/5 bananas

Get Me Roger Stone

imdb:tt6714534 is like one of those bbc documentaries about political fear.  It is well worth a see.   The man is a genius..

5/5 bananas

If you like disaster stories then command and control  by eric schlosser (my blog) which i have read is an interesting view if your not into reading.

Nice to see some the of people on film although i found it a it over dramatic and the words felt better.

Some of the agenda documentaries on netflix i find i have issues with for instance there is one about press freedom.  Quite how tabliod click bait web journalism is news is a point i am hard pressed to validate.  They seem also forget that Snowdens files (my blog) where soon dropped by the msm, and comrade Murduch’s family empire (my blog) seems to nowhere near there radar.

The presses love of Hillary Clinton is another example of bias so before censorship is claimed there is a very strong view from the press that there already pro government and the people they like.

From the trailer i saw i quickly came to the conclusion that one should not buy on ebay or use paypal.  Newspapers can change hands.


the bbc’s special interest and diversity problem

When i write this the bbc is having yet another charity evening which if i understand they have been building up to events in many of there other content before the event.

In the news too special interest groups get no hard questioning back and things that i might watch are missing from screens for over a year.

However its not all bad news as you do not have to watch this crap from the bbc and i don’t as i have a book to read. The bbc may not like Clarkson, Hammond and May but i read that even the bbc had to admit that there non bbc show is way more better than what the bbc could manage with a washed up american tv actor, a scotish man

If the bbc wishes to do stuff for the 10% and not the rest of population so be it but when all fund it and appear only to get safe charity appeals and unquestioning thoughts its a problem and the sooner the bbc goes commercial the better. when they can reap the rewards of the 10% audience they cherish.

the northern beach

the northern beach

Is the bbc ready for that well Blackpool (a northern seaside town) decided to beat up some bbc talent while filming there.  Maybe not then.

new members of staff in the zoo

The zoo has seen an influx in credible pretend new staff members according to our email server logs – all blocked for reasons of being spotted beforehand by reputation or some other fault and rejected.

I will not bore you with he technical details since most of you all use google for email so not really worth blogging upon.

Welcome new staff members i suppose but since they have also to deal with spf dkim and dmarc along with dinssec life is quite hard but it appears that those countermeasures work.

It will be interesting to see if they are directed at us or get a wider use where with one of the above things will also inform us of there activity.

animals, including a chicken to sex

Perhaps i will suggest to the zoo should get these spammers and put them to good use like in feeding the lions after all one can argue that as keen prospective employees there certainly good for something.

Be a shame to waste ‘talent’ like that and fresh meat is always welcome.

Firefox 57

i went here

Works better and is faster then before, the chrome like visited sites in a concern as you guess what i looked at and the more esoteric plugins like dnssec* are not updated yet to the new extension standard yet.

You should be ok with the usual average extensions.

Layout wise some things change for the better and curved tabs are replaced with rectangles which does not bother me and probably saves processing time.

A lot better than firefox 56 which was a bit odd at times.

*not really necessary but useful.


Logictech does a sony with it’s ” harmony ” controller

A logictech harmony is a home controller thingy which i had never heard of until i read that it is expiring due to bad expired ssl and they do not want to maintain it – wont rather than cant.

So if you bought it your screwed the message being go buy something else and use that until it too stops working because somebody did not want to sell it. Sounds like logictech hired some people from sony (my blog)

Smart homes (my blog) seem like a con and when lightbulbs cannot work except with philips controllers (my blog) the concept that one thing can do it all makes it feel like its a spy in your house rather than a convenience for you.

Perhaps this smart tech is capable but when ex employees of sony get on board they will ultimately retard it’s continued expansion into peoples homes and the electronics industry profits.

Who wants money ? Not logictech it seems or part of the home automation market. .  You get my point.