Snobby bbc problems

I dislike the bbc (my blog) and while they have a distaste of science fiction i was amused to see that a returning non bbc series (my blog) got competition from the bbc with a french based tv sience fiction series which while not american must mean something to snobs oh which  i happened to chance on it by accident.

It was not on the mainstream bbc channel as it was not ‘diverse’ enough and since it was not local then it is also a fuck you to local media talent. My solution record it first and then record my returning series.   – Could have caught up with it but why do that.

If that is not an up yours to s/f genre at the bbc then what is.

Not sure i will mention it again but with three hundred and sixty four days without it on I am sure that was just a scheduling fuckup  – the fact it ran to a hour as well the same time as the non bbc show must also have been coincidence that two episodes where broadcast together.

Anyhow this is not a compliant but an observation.  How dare that other non bbc channel do something intellectual

tls email and spammers – very funny

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

We have tls email (my blog) and i am amused to see the log file seeing hosts without tls or it seems anything else try and connect to the secure port,sure yes its an ‘open’ port to try but i am sorry to say the checks for unencrypted email still stand you have to pass those too.

While a number of ssl crooks (my blog) would sell them a certificate it does not mean anybody gets a free pass just because of tls.

The world of email it seems is too hard for people or they are exceptionally lazy due in part to free email services and microshit.

Its no problem it also has a limiter for idiots but full marks for telling us your idiots.

traditional retail is no gateway.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

I was looking for a magazine – i had a name and a subject (my blog) – i had asked at my library and was told to look online more on that later.  I also visited a shop based newsagents to see if they had anything since i was out and about in Camdem – i saw one article in a general magazine.and so i asked to which the answer was no despite a large amount of collect toy cars, learn yoga dvd’s and other stuff of no interest.

So i left and returned to the zoo where i found the magazine online as the library staff said it might be with the article i mentioned from the shop in the library service online and accessible and a specific magazine.

Quite why nobody else seems to use libraries baffles me (my blog}- i suppose spending £10 on magazines is best ? according to average people.


Experiment end

Experiment is over (my blog)

Results where that amp use is minimal  so it does not drive blog engagement.   Turning amp off in posts here resulted in the same level of viewing as on.

As some of this content is boring (my blog) and few fun * (my blog) posts get the wider engagement. It is bit like comparing chickens to sharks once again but the tech posts have a longer lifetime

However some old  technical posts do get amp’ed  (via the wordpress cdn) but i am sure that is somebody using the proprietary standards in google-chrome a bit like webp (my blog)

So amp is a waste of time based on the statistics and data i have available to me.

What amp says about css is a post for another day.

Charts and data would thus be a waste of time.

*who was lukes father ?

Embarrassing sjw tattoos in the future

Chocolate frog‘s (my blog) are not my thing, it seems i am now not alone.  If you like fantasy things great it now seems the sjw’s beginning to see that there idol of right think is going to far.

But this is from a sjw writer seems to indicate that making everything sjw-speak or non triggering is making these fake geek girls (my blog) pause for thought.

As an non tattooed ape who would rather not know (or hear*) that the black man in star wars did not have sex with a robot perhaps she and her sjw kin should throw Rowling under the sjw bus for being wrong.

I think she will be a future convert to the right.

*have not seen it, dont care about it but at least nobody has a tattoo (or admits to it) to say i fuck robots something feminists fear

‘soap’ on the discovery ‘factual’ channel

Spanish telenovel with amazing acting

There a free tv channel (fta) here that deals with man subjects (my blog) opposed to lady things -the  pay tv version (my blog) got it first so its old news if your an idiot and pay for cable but patience never killed me.

One thing that kind of appealed  to me was a thing about an astronaut with xray vision who could see one centimetre golden objects from space in the sea*.

trippy cow

How much of this is bull is left to viewer but a perceived sharing of miltary and civil (early nasa) missions was also made an interesting aspect ignored.  Nothing to see here.

What was perhaps was unnecessary was the soap opera bits where the skywalkers (i joke) acknowledged there past and ‘rocky’ relationship on camera before making up.

As to how much of the tale is coincidence makes it more interesting for tv than simply finding something normally is perhaps worth thinking about.

Did it need the soap opera part ? no fortunately i recorded it so i was able to move past those bits.   It is odd that factual things need awful soap opera dialogue  aka spanish telenovels but what do i know.

For a program i have discounted 80% the first hour nailed it and each subsequent bit kind of adds five minutes per episode.   I was also surprised to hear that our professor here in the zoo failed to pick up on that two channels (free tv) that had sport on which seems to be problem when channels dedicated to a certain type change.

*not spongebob squarepants (another joke)

dns cookies is my next fun adventure

edns cookies are a thing and my next adventure – it will be a compile or a package if ready by February 2019.

I only need one server to make ready here in the zoo but i think it might be more technical.

The documentation i have read seems to be written by somebody who has the new version and explains how it works with an existing feature but says little expect for hints .

It is a way off and will have to take there word for all this.   Since dns is deemed an archaic thing by many i somehow doubt that i will be the only one with bad dns.

Having managed to get source packages and changed certain files

BIND 9.10.3-P4

built by make with ‘–prefix=/usr’ ‘–mandir=/usr/share/man’ ‘–libdir=/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf’ ‘–infodir=/usr/share/info’ ‘–sysconfdir=/etc/bind’ ‘–with-python=python3’ ‘–localstatedir=/’ ‘–enable-threads’ ‘–enable-largefile’ ‘–with-libtool’ ‘–enable-shared’ ‘–enable-static’ ‘–with-gost=no’ ‘–with-openssl=/usr’ ‘–with-gssapi=/usr’ ‘–with-gnu-ld’ ‘–with-geoip=/usr’ ‘–with-atf=no’ ‘–enable-ipv6’ ‘–enable-rrl’ ‘–enable-filter-aaaa’ ‘–enable-native-pkcs11’ ‘–with-pkcs11=/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/softhsm/’ ‘–with-randomdev=/dev/urandom’ –enable-sit‘ ‘CFLAGS=-g -O2 -fdebug-prefix-map=/x/bind9-9.10.3.dfsg.P4=. -fstack-protector-strong -Wformat -Werror=format-security -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks -DNO_VERSION_DATE -DDIG_SIGCHASE’ ‘LDFLAGS=-Wl,-z,relro -Wl,-z,now’ ‘CPPFLAGS=-Wdate-time -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2’

It still did not work with

/etc/bind/named.conf.options:3: unknown option ‘cookie…secret

so it looks as if bind 9.11 is the only option as the compile took forever on slow hardware.   Oh well another bug in the documentation as i cannot seem to do it that way.

So that package manipulation was a bust.  So i think i wait.

Gay cake in northern ireland (the baker strikes back)

Apparently this is really important (my blog) in northern ireland the cake wars saga..

Pink frosting and pink cake stuff is now banned.

What an carefree* society it must be only to worry about cake.

My head hurts.

Well done if you got the film title, please claim your banana skin prize from the zoo’s compost patch.

*i wonder if northern irish bakers have gay detector employees or machines.  ** gaydar?

.website tld banning from email

Having recently blocked .pw (my blog) it seems the newly minted .website tld was asking for blocking too.  I obliged them with a spam assassin rule.

header website_IS_BAD_TLD From =~ /.website/
describe website_IS_BAD_TLD website  TLD ABUSE
score website_IS_BAD_TLD <your score>

Since a .website domain has no real legitimate reason to email (or mx records) – they where asking for it

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

The moral being dont spam the zoo as all of you with .website spammers suffer. Being spam hosted by google for email is beginning to justify a block of google servers so it is not one sided.

All fixed.

Microsoft is intentionally deleting your files


Imagine my surprise when Microshit (microsoft) are forcing upgrades and deleting your files because they know best.  If your a windows ten user then microsoft consider you a retard

As Microsoft know best i can count this as yet another reason to not pay the microsoft tax or operate any windows software.

After all you dont need it.