the young adult book as a tv series rather than film

I think i once may have blogged (maybe a future post) of a film of young adult book which was awful and rushed as a film and i then discovered that Hollywood discarded it after book one sounds familiar ? (my blog).

Then netflix (my blog) made a tv series of it which was way more developed than the bug budget film was,

I wonder if this shows a disdain by film professionals for the films they think must be made or get money for and that television production has a better feel for stuff say chapters and the depth of the books.

It kind of explains the video game films and board game films and toy films (my blog). Perhaps writers have got wise to Hollywood and others have yet to figure this out?

modsecurity on debian

Modsecuritty left me confused – i thought i had the basic rules but had the extended crs rules as well and so it did not need configuring.  Debian (my blog) wiki keeps mum on the subject as well.

I know its working although its reporting via ruby,  upgrades via python make it a multidisciplinary tool.

From what i read outside of Debian it seems to work with our stuff so it remains on.  Mystery software that sounds like a future problem for disable.

Its log messages are also hard to grep and awk.

I guess i shall be writing about mod-security rules at some point in the future…

ecommerce idiots who rely on google way too much

Relying on google  is a bad move.I saw this while doing stiff and was surprised since i could not continue doing things.

Idiots – even the zoo has its own recaptcha software (my blog) and if i can do it  Lazy people. – it seems it shutdown sooner rather than when announced.

So i did not buy from them – ergo google breaks the internet/ or perhaps they did not want money – not my problem as i found it elsewhere and they liked money.

I bet the google domain report (or buy adverts from google or else) will ignore that there software stopped them from making a sale.


some Debian 9.4 fun

with debian 9.4 postfix (my blog) started working once again, and opendmarc (my blog) had a funny five minutes when pidfile mismatched in the systemd config compared to the opendmarc.conf.I also needed dpkg --configure -a when apt decided stuff was still wrong with opendmarc..

who was right is a debate but I have not changed stuff i still have an opinion of systemd still sucks.

Opendmarc logging for reports also seems broken as to why i will have to look at it but it was and then it did not

I lost cups printers on an separate 686 Debian kernel but the rest of the zoo on i386 printers works so not a terrible headache

Overall forwards and a bit backwards too

Derryck John thug of the year

Derryck John

Avoid this scumbag and his unidentified criminal friends who he did not give up*.

John, of Croydon, (my blog( pleaded guilty to six counts of throwing a corrosive liquid with intent to “disable, burn, maim, disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm”, two counts of robbery and four counts of attempted robbery.

He deserves more than ten years, and a few more – scumbag of 2017 winner i think unless you don’t think eyesight is valued

*is he being paid to keep quite still

female guilt and large gifts

Professor told us apes a story about his significant other. It began with a ill advised holiday which the fallout from is still coming with both sides being egged on by prof’s wife for reasons best known to her

Suffice to say one of them wishes to be still friends when the other still desires the need to insult the other and being women point out her failures too.

The secondhand car (my blog) is apparently a peace offering to one side – its value £3000 but to one party it was given away for a bottle of fizzy wine who looked at the car like a defective object and eventually took the car after realising the situation.



steam ‘multi-platform’ and useless stuff

I Bought a game (my blog) and the soundtrack came in mp3 ogg and wma formats – the last of those being a shit microsoft format wiith drm.

I suppose that is one way to support stuff, not that i was supposed to notice that.

The music is pretty good and for the extra three pence for all the other dlc content seemed a risk worth taking rather than just buy part one and part 2.

Those steam badges are also useless, however i did create a badge for making gems from badges that i did not expect but i have no clue about how to use them. I suppose if you have Asperger’s life is hell being completist or needing that pre-release thing worth absolutely nothing  but as a casual gamer i have no desire to show off my steam things to people.

They cannot buy bananas. it is odd that ‘dlc’ is non badge thing compatible.  Not that i give a stuff.

If you have suggestions about what to with these useless steam stuff drop me a comment.

we are really nice Saudi terrorists really (compared to the nasty isis ones)

Bananas was watching television one evening in the zoos security office (my blog) when the Saudi Arabians who are recently bombing Yemen as well decided to advertise there new western ideals by telling you worldwide victims of Saudi funded terror that soon there will be segregated* cinemas will be soon open being that cinemas do not exist there currently at all.

Saudi Arabia – Not pro womens rights

As Iran does not have cinemas suppose that is a one up –  but i do wonder what films they will be allwed to see since not many islamic films get made and certainly not the iran home made films or the ones with jewish actors in.

Maybe its a suicide bomber training hotspot.rather than a cinema? after all training terrorists and funding them is the primary aim.

My desire to visit Saudi Arabia is not on any bucket list i have.

*the sjw‘s (my blog) will like that

Mondelez in the wild

happy Mondelez customer

Some zoo visitor purchased  cabury (my blog) and i overheard some young visitors to the zoo describe there chocolate as horrible with bits of brightly coloured chewable things and a oreo thing of which being an ape i have no idea what an orea is,

While a need to ‘innovate’ is probably good i do wonder that if the brand will survive.