Music thoughts

I was thinking about how few innovative music makers there are. I recently discovered Brain Eno who wrote a specific track in 1975, Gabriel and Glass (my blog) who are also that generation came up with music that sounds like it will transcend time.

Bjork i can see in that list post 1975 being innovative but the rest ?

I am sure punk will be in the list of forms but i wonder where the average musician will rank four hundred years from now?

ipv6 a self made hell

drevilSo in this and that you probably may have noticed something.

Beneath the yes it exists is a  layer of consultants and salesmen looking at vendor lock in, want a manual ? they dont exist.

Sure ip4 has per configuration settings, but i dont know the ipv6 settings are but i do expect to buy a basic router and expect it to work as such without having to engage an army of gurus and salesmen getting involved  ipv6 appears to be voodoo and never mentioned by these firms

It is not my problem but if i cant buy it and switch things on how is ipv6 usage supposed to increase ? Maybe a fairy will turn it on by magic.


chav winter sports to replace olympic events

Ice skating (my blog) is an odd ‘sport’ (my blog) as i note (my blog) here and there (my blog) but i see a competition of ideas from the professional anorexics with celebrities also getting in on the act at the same time as the chav broadcaster (my blog) think that its a ratings winner probably because of  a certain disney film..

I was in the zoos security office one sunday when a beying mob where breify screaming at there favourite soap stars  or something.  None of the presenters where openly gay unlike the bbc who demand that fat gay women present all sport and why not.

I was unaware as to who these people where but when tv does not need sport (my blog) and makes it better without getting mugged by grafters and corrupt sporty people then perhaps being an Olympian is a waste of time – if you asked  the average people to name somebody perhaps the celebrity is will be mentioned.

The tv was soon turned off and nether sport or celebrity doing something like it was cared for.

I assume the tv version is cheaper than the sport version after all somebody has to pay for those free $40,000 gold watches for these sporty worthies all get.


bsd as a linux killer (no systemd)

not your average bsd developers

I dislike systemd (my blog( and with the total failure of postifx to load using this crap software  i decided to try freebsd and netbsd and installed it successfully rather then my fail attempt noted here (my blog(

It is early days but  i think it has most of the things i need including cups kde – netbsd has the nicer installer and freebds is a bit of download it all monster and has none of the control of lnux packaging.

It is vm’ed so far and if it does not pan out there is openbsd or devan so life after linux is possible.

Martin Luther catholic dissident, Peter Stanford

papist fab! and gay

isbn: 97814756216664 is the european bloke not that black guy and this book is written by a catholic apologist who it appears to be searching for a truth proving his faith is the best.

I like Martin Luther (not the american) who certainly moved thought on and it is interesting to see the fate of queens in europe (my blog) compared to independent churches that Luther inspired.

Being Luther is old it is quite tricky to disentangle myth from truth but i got a sense that he was well educated and could think despite becoming a fairy tale professor of theology, if he where alive today i think he might have been an atheist / brexiteer.*

The problems of rome are well documented – Italians got europe’s wealth and none of the ‘good’ church jobs – northern europe paid and got no benefit.    Luther was not the first to propose reform and was one who was not burnt to death by those lovely catholic folk for upsetting the money making machine that catholics are.

Ivan Payne ex priest rapist living in Aderdare, South Wales

That appears to be the apologists writers main attack, i wonder if Luther had failed if the author might too have been tied up and burnt as a heretic perhaps with Ivan Payne (my blog) today with the match ?.

Luther is important and this eventually dawns on the point scoring author that while core Luther is perhaps still five hundred years too controversial for catholics where his successors where more moderate.

I like Luther more than the lutherian faith.

5/5 bananas.

*some points are similar.


A film critics cinema

Professor came and visited us in the zoo and told us that his new cinema (my blog) is a place where the critics (my blog) might apparently go to as non superhero films are shown.



Instead of the dire superhero films like ‘Barbie v the Fantastic tau’* there are those films critics review for actual seeing instead of us having to go to the peoples republic of Islington, or waiting for it on dvd, or the television since professor may have funded it out of the tv license via the bbc or channel four keeping luvies in moaning debates (my blog) takes our money not theres.

Its a bit of a surprise to professor but then i suppose what is happening now will also be reflected in the multiplex after all when Ken rescues Barbie (my blog) from the Fantastic Tau’s has a limited appeal.

I apologise for spoiling future film plots and associating Barbie with maths

flatland* that circle maths thing also known as pi that keeps a couple of maths types in full argument mode as to whether you say pi or tau.

I am sun mu

imdb: tt4722674 is an insight into chinese censorship as a north korean defector sets up an art exhibition in china and you can guess what happens. (my blog).

I rather like the art but then the zoo does have propaganda posters framed.  If you know a site where i could buy a sun mu print i would be grateful if you tell me below.

5/5 bananas not good sub titles was white text on a white background means this is a watch on pc rather than television* screen.

*sansung (my blog) – joke

i still do not grok hpkp and overriding it like a pro

I have mentioned it before (my blog) and since chrome (the web browser not a metal alloy) eventually gave up on this cryptographic hash to verify sites** i decided to have one last go.

I read online that

openssl ecparam -genkey -name secp384r1 > ec.key openssl ec -in ec.key -pubout | openssl ec -pubin -outform der | openssl dgst -sha256 -binary | base64

Got a backup key or something

That looks like this – note not run on a real certificate

read EC key
writing EC key
read EC key
writing EC key

# cat server.key
4Ej/s4iCfUWgBwYFK4EEACKhZBananas – in  – the – Falklands -M4szuJE0DDh/pLBmob

So it appears to add sections EC PARAMETERS & EC PRIVATE KEY to a file

The magic of openssl is beyond most so i went looking for a hpkp generator which appeared to work although despite not doing ec private keys also got me a backup pin hash.

I still had no idea how i could generate a backup cert from those keys – still think money would need to change hands  with the ssl mafia.

Since i had a commented un-working hpkp block with /” syntax a rather nasty line of config speak compared with most already i copied it and used the hashes from that generator and tested it twice both sites agreed hpkp was there and valid.

But i was unable to reproduce how the backup key was made.   It felt easier than before with less effort but i still felt i have no feel for hpkp

I did not add it to the other zoo domains for reasons of being an unknown quantity i would guess if you asked your tls provider does it generate backup keys – your be told to buy the most expensive ssl they have and be done with you.. It appears that encryption files get some extra section but how it works beyond that is beyond me and the ssl supplier

I prefer tlsa hashes (my blog) rather than magicall stuff that very few seem to get.

If your more illuminated than you where well done, but it still makes it useless.

I also had replace tls and i decided to break hpkp

I discovered that i had no access from firefox or chrome

In firefox to disable hpkp find SiteSecurityServiceState.txt in the profile directory and

vi ~/.mozilla/firefox/<something>.default/SiteSecurityServiceState.txt

search for the domain name and delete them.  Restart and you will gain an uncle Bob.

Chrome is also intentionally screwed up but since i do not use chrome its not an issue, Reseting chrome clears the issue – however if i can find and edit / delete to defaults my hpkp settings i am sure malware / ransomware bot could as well.  I conclude that hpkp is useless

Tomorrow cute kitten pictures*

*i joke ** still requires tls certs from a ‘trusted’ ssl source of which most require money.