The sixth extinction,Elizabeth Kolbert

deerisbn: 9791408851241 is an interesting book inn which words such as extinction are dated to 1800 – three hundred years ago, and that other concepts such as the dinosaur asteroid theory happened in the 1980’s.

The older stuff influenced Darwin’s ideas on evolution. Sort of proves that the average retarded bible thumper is still thinking about raping Darwins female family members as what happened to Galileo’s daughter (my blog) maybe in another six hundred years they might apologise*.

Then its missing poisonous frogs, biosphere two (not here) considered a failure but an the interest in global warming modelling.  The book backs up this with locations.

Then its on to diversity and and admission that not all is known.  Overall an interesting read.

3/5 bananas.

* Priest tape,Based on the Galileo apology of the Catholics in 1990, not of the daughter

hdmi is useless


Hdmi is rubbish

‘Inspiration’ struck bananas one day with an old television mux (thats an old freeview box) one hdmi cable and a computer where i then discovered that the hdmi on the computer can only output, and not get input from the device.

To do that you need ‘professional’ stuff apparently and on linux that’s proprietary.

Oh at least i learnt something about how retarded hdmi is out of this.

what if,Randall Munroe

xkcdisbn:9781848549579 is the guy who does xkcd (my blog) who at times is brilliant and other times goes a bit too american with ‘magic’ 8 balls but thats being an monkey exiled in London zoo for you that’s my problem.

From the sublime to the mad this is a brilliant if useless book

5/5 bananas,

advanced forward zone dnssec

crap security


Having setup one basic dns sec domain (my blog) I decided to do another this time it was a .com so what might have worked in the other is another exciting experience of will it or wont it.

So i recreate the zone, turn on dns sec muse on the records setup for a day and then switch over..  A first change is my dnssec setttings where the protocol used is that same but has a higher number might throw a spanner in the works but its new.

Since i know i need a ksk and a zsk (two records) i hopefuly should be a lot faster than i before.

Primarily i am doing this for tlsa records which for a good primer on try this (not here)  The other domain a . eu has no tls, this . com has tls.

There are other ways to generate tlsa with

openssl x509 -in input.crt -outform DER | openssl sha256

But that gets your a hash not a tlsa record IN TLSA 3 1 1 largesequenceoflettersandnumbers

dnsecyes  danednssecAnyhow so this image (left) should change to this (right)

The 3 1 1 are needed otherwise the dns record will be rejected.

The switch day arrives and unlike before my nameservers go straight over on a .com.  However the dnssec keys are different rather than use a public key i can use keytag, and digest and digest type of which all have been provided by the dns provider which is very different to my experience with .eu.

These also stick however i have ds mismatch and a ttl mismatch of which i cant do anything about

But it mostly works bar those bugs appear not within my range of problem solving ability or power to resolve.

An interesting note to this is the keys (or digests) are not printed for .com  registry in the whois, so it appears that the bugs i noted i cannot do anything about.

A day later and an experimental dane tlsa entry does not work which i can fix and that will be a blog post for another day.  One tlsa record does work so its not all bad.

I am not convinced about sshfs records which i could do but i imagine theres a whole lot of wrong encryption in my setup although its very secure despite its ancient setup.

All good apparently.  Reverse dnssec zones however are a mystery but something to think on and a topic for later

Cosmicomics,Italo Calvino

hippiesisbn: 0330319086 is an older book which i failed to ‘grok’ that may be because as an ape i don’t do tie die clothing, have long hair and smoke something.  The problems of the monkey house are not really your concern but a contemporary read of this is a bummer.

Far out man crap and should you get 1960’s slang candyass.

enough said,

Firefox ‘apps’

frustratingBananas has looked at apps once before and i downloaded a game.

Then i could not find it I had to word search it in marketplace and then click open.

That sucks.

The game was quite fun although some of the levels where solution proof.

Deleting the app was fun as they assume your on an android phone, Linux people have to show hidden files then delete a folder, so much for about:app-manager

A work in progress.


the untrendy barbecue

dontcallmecrazyBananas reads that the gas fired bbq is untrendy, and burning wood is now ‘in’ and also known as the burner


for the smoke

Implements required (new) are a syringe (i have no idea why you need one instead of a golden spatula [my blog] – liquid meat?) and probably a gas mask on the odd day in the uk when most of human population deems it ok to lets cook outside day*

Gas is controllable and has advantages that trendy people** don’t realise but then again if your wise enough to be trendy and spend £200+ on a metal drum with apparent special scented mixed woods i read then good luck to you.

Trends – sigh

* tuesday and friday in the spring and summer here in the zoo and other days, you may need an umbrella – less for the average human ** one bbq a year

The missing future

a11c2aa48db94e3b9a26476b1b324f18The future is a strange thing to predict.  At times it seems as if its going backwards.   Examples include where is your personal spaceship, and if go back further to the 1960’s we are even losing bbc three, but lucky bbc four still remains.  Hal will be happy.

rudiGenerally things do get better and the trend seems right but those futurists do get horridly enthusiastic.

I wonder if the future is lacking ambition, or the systems like capitalism fear it after all you buy to rent ebook’s not own them and pay again for an updated version is not the future being subverted by economists and copyright crooks..

Mind you even when astronauts have to play golf on the moon * (my blog) rather than do exploration stuff

I want that future even though most of you it seems dont.

* perhaps they met (my blog) and got scared ?

A visit to a cinema

Bananas visited a cinema, and saw a film. That is a post for yet another day but the customers in the cinema where vile so lets muse of that for now. Oh the I last time I went to a cinema prior was over six months so no i have not seen that film you just saw.

coughThe cinema was

  • hot (i don’t have heating on in may, – january maybe) and no i was not wearing a coat
  • the people behind me kept there mobile phones on (fake coughing does not change it we know what a phone sounds like) – when you cough to tune of the sound when it happens then you might make me doubt you – hint for you who do this
  • There was a constant murmuring and coughing from a bunch of kids

I am glad i don’t do that on a regular basis.  Mind you i got the ticket free and still thought that wisdom of crowds was somehow lacking.  Makes netflix (my blog) seem a good deal.