Sally goes sofa shopping again

leather sofa at the zoo for all your apple addiction problems.

leather sofa at the zoo for all your apple addiction problems.

Sally is our brainy ape who helps strange iphone users (my blog) who have worn out here sofa or ‘couch’ So one monday she went shopping and told us apes a funny story when she returned.

Having looked at websites, one of interest was located in an anti car city so Sally got to this location and walked and walked until another ten minutes of walking came to the showroom.

It was a monday so not a popular day but this showroom was described as being in a warzone so while the advertising looked ‘nice’ the product in that condition looked poor.

After a long walk back and a return to see somebodies else’s product means Sally will be able to help fix all those problems they have in luxury once more.

when the fat lady sang at the cinema

operaOpera is not a thing for us apes, most operas after all have secret policemen in for reasons i am not totally sure of but then i am plain ignorant about opera,

No i dont like it, mind most opera fans only sit through the bits they like and not the whole thing when i went the once so much for opera ‘lovers’.

That’s my complete knowledge of opera, so do not expect me to review them anytime soon or blog more on this area. But when i write this it is oscar season (which is January) when not a super hero film can be found in a cinema – well i suppose they have to have a holiday at some point since those things do not win gongs even if an oscar is an industry created award.

Back to the tale…

Professors new cinema (my blog) opted for the fat lady over the oscar films on a saturday evening which for under a month can actually be found in cinemas rather than ending up in dvd or a streaming site when those hollywood types then wonder about the world they created.

The film got scheduled for a monday evening and i dont think i yet blogged about it. I may not like opera or the majority of released films but the fat lady won i think you can agree and clearly there is profit to be had over film although those opera snobs probably see it as a bit chav being shown in a cinema.

Bizarre questions on a second hand item

photoThe zoo has some ancient photographic equipment which has little value to anybody since you know digital cameras came along.

So it is listed as for sale, (my blog) bizarre question one from somebody was what size is it when it was stated The second question was what kind of glass does it have.

I tried very hard to be sincere but the best i could do for the second question was ask if they wanted me to smash the material to bits so i could tell them.

malletThe item is not a must have hidden gem pg photographic history you all really need should you be an photographic historian , but designed for a specific task so the question what kind of glass does it have is one for association of ancillary photographic manufacturers which no doubt meets every tuesday on a leap year to discuss the standards and best practice of such things which i made up just now.

Or i might locate a hammer and become the founder member, care to join me in the aapm too ?

Really dumb Microsoft hosting

retardI really admire retards who use microsoft and pay them to be morons as well.   Our zoo mail server checks for valid domain names.  I run a report daily and just who should appear.

I enclose the section for giggles.

Domain unknown senders

There is another scammer domain about stocks and shares of which also was hosted by your incompetent and scammer friendly Microsoft staff.

One has to admire the idioticness found.

empire of cotton,Sven Beckert

Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov

isbn: 9780240011713 was an economist pick of 2015 which i eventually got around to sourcing from a non Camdem library.  It is a dry read and less ranty than this (my blog).

Comrade Murray (see blogs i read, and my blog) gets a nod that the same tricks condemned by the left as bad are being used by them 250 years later or now.

It has an interesting economic perspective on cotton and how it has changed from rare commodity to mass production item where the location has radically shifted so an insightful read.

3/5 bananas.

Stuff seen

Been a while – none of these are in a cinema.

101101 Revkiavík

imdb: tt0237993 was made in 2000, and moves at a pace which is thought provoking 5/5 bananas.


waterdivinerThe Water Diviner

imdb: tt3007512 was one of those films with a 8am showing on a monday morning that i saw on dvd after professor saw it on a plane probably also at a awful time too somewhere.  It has no superheroes in it.

5/5 bananas

drumsMockingjay part 2

imdb: tt1951266  is the hunger games thing and i cannot remember if i blogged the first which saw on television however i saw a part 1 in a cinema. I did write something about the books but i cannot seem to find it.

Being a part 2 film of four its a thing you like or dislike but i enjoyed it i will not give it bananas in this context..

lobsterThe lobster

imdb: tt3464902 was seen on dvd since a cinema was only showing it at 1400 on a tuesday so really really convenient.  However being a non sequel/remake without superheroes probably meant it deserved that time slot in a cinema.

A very dark comedy and worth a see 5/5 bananas

Goodbye to microsoft windows

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

Was caused by an attachment virus on the only zoo pc with a windows os that i had to deal with my once week preventative fix picked up. It encrypted the files – for the user and no the zoo did not pay mind you my attempt at bitcoin was a failure (my blog) so even if could have i still probably could not assuming that is that the ransom works.

So i am glad i cannot buy bitcoin, or mine them if thats the only purpose.

I did not execute it but it means no more microsoft here in the zoo.

I had reinstall vista to get a working cd drive on the crap computer (my blog) and then went in a non microsoft os since it would not allow me to boot anything but windows – sony corporation (my blog)comes to mind for that just think that they invent ransomware another great sony product!.

We have backups of the files  so nothing was lost.

Who to blame – well it looked a new virus definition, so me partially but i do already deflect a lot of crap, Microsoft for a lot more blame being they designed it that way and the user for opening that thing and compromising it.



I stand by the decision to wipe the computer after all it was compromised and to put not microsoft on it too – so i debricked it called microsoft idiots, and deprived hp of money for new hardware who would have loved the money.

Microsoft windows is a dangerous place, economics wise (tco) it is a not good long term decision.

No more satnav updates (my blog) ever is a downside but if your stupid like they are, or reuse our wga key then clearly then it seems they dont really want you as a customer.

Wifi works- videos play, no files where lost, and the computer is very hard to compromise now being not microsoft.

smile !

smile !

So microsoft and there partners lost a lot.  A good day.despite the effort. Me happy.

silly injuries

mrsillyBananas was composting the daily bananas one day when i sneezed and i was positioned awkwardly so i transferred much of the sneezes power to my back.

So began four days of sitting in proper chairs (no sofas) and sleeping on the floor being hard and not bendy, simple things become matters of concentration.

Certain things are still a bit sore to do but i am mostly recovered if a little cranky. Life….