no sex please i am just a soap star

brazilian tele-novel

News from the jungle telegraph in the past reaches me that somebody called Dunn has lost her job on the tv for onlyfans [my blog] ‘content’ for refusing to give it up.

Having never seen more than three seconds of a tv soap it seems that in the uk there are still a number of prudes still in television which is odd as the number of tv soaps that apparently feature murder, affairs, fear of monkeys and mental disease by the multiple heads in a population of twenty people but showing your lady bits is a no.

the cow was the best actor

Determination was that this is a bad role model by the tv people.  None of our neighbors are axe welding downs syndrome suffers which you all apparently live near to

It is not important but perhaps it says something about fame not equalling money [my blog] or soap watchers are very prone to dying in plane crashes, committing murder and doing what they see.

Further good news has come in since that a woman Amrapali Gan is now in charge of onlyfans and so they are now feminist friendly.

Humorously there is a male model in Singapore* who has been arrested for transmitting porn via Amrapali Gan’s site so he is screwed being male but perhaps a career as an actor as an axe welding downs syndrome sufferer is a future for him.

If you have thoughts, leave them below.

*not a bastion of chewing gum either..

anti semitic american criminals i presume?

Malik Faisal Akram is a dead muslim from Blackburn ‘England’ who despite having terrorist friends and traits was allowed into the US, bought a gun from criminals there and tried to do a mass shooting in a near empty synagogue.

The elephant in the room is that the  mainstream media describe him as a british man.

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

Those american criminals and immigration people are not racist, but might be anti semitic.

I somehow do not believe in ‘mental problems’ here after being deprived of curry but hey perhaps curry and other pakistani home cooking makes terrorists of ‘british’ citizens like akram.

A success for Biden here ? for allowing the ‘british’ man to terrorise people he does not like.

sex,lies and washing machines

Cleaning up except the house

The zoo’s washing machine was overloaded and somebody raised hell over the issue who having overloaded it then left for pastures new to break other devices*.

Yes the fix is obvious. – stop it and continue reading

That left some zoo inhabitants a bit confused and one poor sod got a dressing down from a retail battleaxe who sold new ones and the fix was the same cost as a new machine assuming the german thing still had spare parts available which required model and serial numbers and a camera as the text is small and at 120 degree angle.

are you shrek ?

Battleaxe domestic goddess said also no to 15 degree washes –  fuck greta [my blog] and green things and those things to aid washing only do part of a job.  I am sure some germans and chemical industry experts are wondering about there professionalism if there reading this.

Then the machine returned to normal and life continued.

A washing machine it appears is not a lifetime purchase and those chemical things they recommend do not work is a best of a conclusion i can make here.

Anybody else do better ? or should we burn clothes after wearing them.

The zoo never returned to check the parts availability and ever since life sans the domestic goddess [my blog] has been peaceful.

*really – the title of a film is the title.

mexican standoffs with payment networks

A year ago i blogged about this [my blog] and its long rollout.

Visa a payment network seem to made huge missteps by sponsoring the drug addicts in sport [my blog] meaning they put up there charges resulting in me having another payment network device instead which works with more features according to the royal bank of rwandia.

I hope that olympic sponsorship was worth it.  Or do you have to be a tranny [my blog] to use a visa card being inclusive and all that.

Amazon are dropping them today and you all know about that but has ‘sport’ killed a payment network.

children are visa’s customers

It will not really affect the zoo but  i hope visa liked the results of the sport personality to sell visa even though you will not be able to use it at amazon.  But they seem to have lost a lot to gain a hip tv advert presenter who i do not know the name of and will be forgotten by many millions more in three ish years time.

If i cannot buy olympic tickets* without a visa card i am glad to say sport also is a lot less ‘inclusive’.   Well done to those sport geniuses for that insight too.

They say it takes two to tango but sport and visa seem to totally losing the point.

*never going to happen but like to point it out to those who might wish to.


silly people and rules

Before switching on netflix one evening last year i saw a uk comedian ‘approved’ * for tv personality attack shell an energy giant for crimes against saint greta [my blog] oil is not is green but can I borrow your tesla which is powered from the power grid?

Irony aside that apes like me and you humans where using carbon to see the attack.   Being uk based the ‘famous’ person failed to get to meet the boss as he targetted the london building where the boss was not to be found at this office and since you cannot educate a brick nobody thought it worthwhile to comment on the one sided diatribe with a horseless** comedian who does not practice the greta message.

irish drugged up horse

I bring this up as shell have since decided to leave the eu and do business in the uk for reasons that an eu court decided to ignore reality.

Assuming the tv firm also knew this the trip was pointless and killed greta  a bit more and amplified the end the world by broadcasting it.

Imagine if your grandfather [old] was told that heating was bad***.  Imagine the surprise when grandfather moves to a place where its ok to and so upset the Netherlands.

While energy is still needed its is interesting that even the approved have to use energy and do not ride there horse to work.  You should also know that railways are bad [my blog] for the environment just in case you forgot that

Perhaps the woke uk personality will be able to recycle his failed hour long program using more carbon products soon.  He is a poluting comediian after all.

*left wing talking points etc.  **horse shit is a joke you could make here *** on 14/1/2022 daytime temperature was 2.0c which is near to 0c

Inside the Biden presidency i must presume?

Some of you hate Trump and ok, Biden must be a poor replacement [my blog] and both have failings.  However this netflix gem seems to have been designed for Trump but still rather is apt even for Biden.

I have not seen it but it looks funny.  As Trump was dogged by democrat plots and proven false who is to say Biden is not a puppet for Putin although the main stream media would never mention that even if a million witnesses knew. .

I think something will boomerang back and perhaps inside job should have stayed unknown about until the left had another republican to hate.

However money needs to be made even in Hollywood.

shockingly boring

Netflix in the region had an american film which i thought might be well done.  How wrong i was.

A current war

imdb: tt2140507 details the debate between ac and dc – not the rock band*.  A cartoonist on the the web the oatmeal encapsulated the idea in fifteen seconds,

It was boring. 0/5 bananas  failed to get into this.


Julie the Rapist in Wigan

Meet Julie Morris [bbc]

A primary school deputy head teacher and her partner have been jailed for dozens of child sexual abuse offences, including nine counts of rape.

Julie Morris, 44, the safeguarding lead at a school in Wigan, and David Morris filmed themselves abusing and raping a girl under the age of 13.

Spot a trend ? [my blog]