Debian 8.0 niggles and Debian 8.1 release in the wild

jesseIn the original release  not much and should be easily resolved by now releasesd 8.1 release. I upgraded (my blog) so many of these issues are of my own making

  1. anacron has a broken python script – one time event – see /etc/cron.weekly/apt-xapian-index in the later section.
  2. /dev/shm is populated when running x as startx  – rkhunter monitors it
  3. mailgraph (still useful imho) tries to exec css for you one for logfile watchers and easily fixed
  4. apt/Apache2 dpkg: error processing package libapache2-reload-perl (–configure):777 happens all the time
  5. cyrus imap has no pop3d command not that i used it and it might be ancient in my context since i am lazy and have been running imap for a decade.
  6. the cyrus imap bdb errors (my blog) are related to /var/imap which i dont use as a mail store. – ignorable
  7. p0f-analyzer can not handle a pid like it did in wheezy say –pidfile /var/run/p0f i had to remove it – might be my handling but it worked in wheezy like that

systemctl enable foo.service will help with scripts that work but do not init on boot up – yes you postgressql server of which more further down

In 8.1

  1. apt/Apache2 dpkg: error processing package libapache2-reload-perl (–configure):777 happens all the time
  2. amavis seems to not reload every 24 hours – an observation from the change although a week plus online it seems to reload daily.
  3. cups [printers] got an update and we have an ancient ‘word processing*’ computer running debian 5 which can print to debian 8 but then stopped working.
  4. /lib/systemd/systemd –user does not seem to run once and quit when i ran command from a non root account – days later i killed the process.
  5. Postgres works and apparently i am running a 9.4 server with 9.1 config files. I won’t have that oracle crap on the box, you all know it.  Had to do a systemctl enable postgresql once again which failed on a reboot. So although it says 9.4 server the command systemctl enable postgresql@9.1-main.service actually loads.  Another test to do on the next distant reboot.
  6. /etc/cron.weekly/apt-xapian-index is the python issue from 8 above see 1
  7. cron.daily/spamassassin does not like reload so that is a botched init.d to systemd connvert  – I usually call sa via amavis, not daemon although i testing the /etc/default/spamassasin.dpkg jessie file as i came from wheezy.    The jessie file seems to be more compatible with systemd.
  8. failtoban i reconfigured with the debiin 8 defaults since i thought the thing was not working for email.
  9. cups with hplip sucks monkey balls on x, i have a foomatic (cheap hp laser that needs drm) and x will ask to download the firmware all over again.  remote printing works just fine.
  10. My sdcard reader (a cheap usb thing) works in 8 like it did in 7 on the rare occasion i use it.

Nothing serous.

mums the word

jimmysalvilleThe secret world of spies (my blog) and homosexual spies (my blog) seems to be at odds with the concepts of state of late.

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman in her safe seat

Those of you living in a cave will be no doubt shocked that Harriet Harman and friends like Lord Janner got away with even threatening policemen with these secret laws.

It will be interesting to see how those lot defend the *** that means they cannot even mention x or even y. That last thing was a secret so please don’t peak or else.

So next time some politician thinks that you need no rights or online rights remember that those laws can abused like its citizenry was.  Remember mums the word.

House of cards

cashewIs something i can’t possibly comment on but it is so good that the Kevin Spacey version got the media impression of newspapers right (my blog).

However i read that the last season (I have only seen 1 & 2) is not as good.  I would argue that the influence of monied individuals in season 2 is on the ball.  Frank did the right thing regardless of the morals.

So it themes are on the ball.

Eye makeup adults who overdo it (like schoolkids)


Nearly a flag

If your a human reading this then you probably may know about the british school children (ask Charlie my blog) who apparently went to school only to learn make up and smoking skills after being constantly told to remove it.  Beats lessons i guess

Anyhow recently I was in a bank in Camdem (near the zoo) when one of those types was behind the the bullet proof glass chamber thing that banks have despite the fact that bank robbing is on the decline.

I did not say anything but i knew exactly what they did at school, oh and they still need more practice at the make up.  If they smoked as well is a mystery and one i’d rather not know after all one has to have expectations.




posh tv versus free to air tv

truedetecttrue detective (my blog) was something i saw on dvd.  It was a bit of slog but ultimately a worthy eight hours of entertainment, so the dvd was passed to rest of the monkey house.

It looks good even without ‘hdmi’* (obsolete formats my blog) so that validated one choice.

The rest of the apes progress with it is slow, ok so i was motivated to sit through two four hour sessions, in three days two episodes have been seen.

So i wonder since i dont really watch a lot of this television I wonder if the people who pay to get these channels actually watch the stuff.  If they dont then is not cable television then just a statement of waste? I saw it dvd being a non cable tv person.

I enjoyed it but not at the cost most paid for it via a tv subscription service.

Eventually the rest of monkey house realises its rather good and it appears it will be seen to the end.

* not gold plated for the audio freaks (my blog)


A linux bias, and the snowden factor



I read that the snowden (my blog) revelations has apparently cost the us $8 billion and this brings me to my hunt for a dns provider.

However you can also argue that by giving snowden the evidence somehow this would have come to the attention of the rest of us.

So Bush and his private contracting pals (that’s Booze Allen, with an admiral on management and Dell) who both hired Snowden cost somebody eight billion, Snodwen was not a civil servant or government employee.

Any how due to a weird mishap (correct at my end) i noticed that an open source project hosting* had a microsoft front end despite three of the four servers located outside of the us i feel that there is a weak point here is with microsoft use, not that a thing of many is sat in the us after all even americans use dns.

Somehow it feels wrong to support microsoft by using them even via a third party is a tactic way of making the many microsoft wrongs (my blog) a right.  I think i can do better.

I might forgive a firm that has a windows desktop, but ‘servers’ is a no.

Balmer has a legacy and it hurt both microsoft and the firm with the bad servers.  misconfigured or otherwise

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft

Who is the worse of the two – Steve Balmer did more bad then Snowden did if you ask me.

* i need geographic spread something i dont have, open source on windows is possible but not as good as on gnu

don’t trust don’t fear don’t beg, Ben Stewart

whalewarisbn:97811783350773 is a book that needs extra commas. Anyhow the first problem is an attack of loviedom in the form of celebrity weirdos like that vegetarian beetle (my blog), and Gary Shteyngart (my blog).  Expect others if your able to see the cover before you get it which is sign of problems which as a library using person i had no advance warning of.

This is about greenpeace and an russian oil platform. So one side are villains.  Anyhow some insight might be found on Putins happy land (my blog).

The aims of greenpeace are a little odd in respect to these people (my blog) quite why oil is ok and also its ok to slaughter whales is a question that you will have to ask them not me.

Eventually the Russians board the ship which inspired this book so it is debatable that it was the wrong thing to do as it made its way from fish and chip wrapping story  (easily forgotten) to something more substantial.


Putins many tricks

Mind you From Putins perspective it seems to have put a stop to Greenpeace in Russia either the media are not interested, or boarding oil rigs is not happening.

The portrait of the russian penal system seems to be mired in preconceived ideas.  Just because you may have done something does not mean you keep doing it.

This is a book perhaps that should be read in the style of you had to be there.

Overall Russia is a petro state (my blog) so when the ngo and putin meet there will be consequences something nobody thought that might happen shows a total lack of foresight on greenpeace thinking.

Overall an odd book 1/5 bananas.

Its a scam – free international television, but linode, and amazon happily host it.

boredBananas was bored one saturday afternoon when one of those spam emails hit the monkey houses general mail address email which is us asktheapes@zoo okay. So send your questions in!

It was offering free international tv somehow without hardware or electricity so magic!.

You know Rwandan genocide game shows such as killthetootsie (Wikipedia) and stuff like that.  So i googled it rather than sending it off to spamcop asap who would send it to be ignored by linode and amazon ec2 platform which has more crooks than clients (my blog) after all Jeff Bezo’s needs the crooks cash.

I have had these emails before and it looks very spammy, however i did not know how it worked but being bored i can reveal now that for a one time fee of $us 50.00 you get a microsoft app – useless for linux which we use which apparently finds the stuff already out there for free.

notbutterAha i hear** you think.

Although the $49.99 fee is not mentioned until you click on the link.

Just so i am not making this linode and amazon stuff up here are some email headers that point to linode.

client-ip=;;; receiver=zoo 
Received: from ( [])
Received: from David (unknown [])
From: "David" <>

Anyhow is a variant of one of many domain names happily host via ec2 which you all know i think is run by sub normal retards if you read the links.

chainsawMind you murderthehutu sounds a bit crap although i heard chainsaws* can be used at the end in the current series on rwandian tv but it sounds a bit boring after one episode..

I would unsubscribe but as i did not sign up, and seriously doubt that it be acted on and probably would be seen as a further confirmation of yes the monkey house likes crap email.  So it went to spamcop.

It is sort of interesting to see the scam and who helps them.  What you do and think is your own business but you know what i think.

* death by combine harvester is better. ** not really