losing the plot with firefox and tls

I was doing some experimenting with mta-sts (my blog) which required a webserver and new hosts.  None of which worked in firefox until i had tls  per host.

After swearing a lot, i even considered a server reboot but a hard restart of the web server eventually got me a site that worked  as  expected even if firefox kept refusing to serve the site.

The thing about mta-sts is it serves one file and firefox can read it it does the user no real point in visiting such a site unless your experimenting like i was.

Once the first was done the other three zoo domains got mta-sts.


Municipal dreams, John Boughton

isbn: 9781784787394 deals with the yo yo change in policy on council (social) housing and the lack of building regulations that apply to local government (my blog) ,  Mind you if they think flat roofs are a good idea (my blog) for the english climate it could be argued that no local government should never be allowed to build anything.

Anyhow with that tower block going up in flames* (my  blog)and the change in perception mean this area needs a light shone on it.

The usual suspects include the salvation army, this bloke (my blog) and the health engineers who put the sewers in.  politics mires this admirable idea with short termism and the labour party (my blog) is accused by turning this scheme into a workhouse rather than social engineering and aspirational it was once thought it was in fact gentrification is a word used which does not mean what means now.

The idea that all council houses are the same is roundly mocked as the first built units are better than the last as the money ran out.  Modern housing changed from ideal to something deemed a military goal after all healthy cannon fodder (my blog) is needed.

After the second world war when both money and building material where in short supply naturally any restoration in quantity of housig could not be met by any government so larger schemes with large builders took over taking bribes as well while housing was built its legacy has not lasted if you read some of the links i provided.

As to whether maintenance was lacking or poor initial building by the contractors no one in local government checked on  the politics once again interferes for if you move labour party supporters en mass outside a voting area then what benefit does the  social housing  have for politicians ?  Housing thus became a football.  Short termism thinking began.

As industries moved (my blog( [or became uneconomic] housing began to be in the wrong places something both conservative and labour parties failed to notice.

1977 seems to mark the end of 177 years of ‘council’ housing when the labour party made it female friendly and begins the trend of the single mother on benefits. preference (my blog you get the idea man deserts)   Although some successes there is a lot of failure and the rise of housing associations non local governmental  organisations yes but unable to get away with burning tower blocks and poor buildings which fail all including as an advertisement for builders.

That takes us to 1979 when the wheels fell off the train and the labour bias of the author show though.   He can be highly negative of anything that shows councils as anything but paragons of good, for instance no mention is ever made that lambeth in london  had a rent deficit for several million pounds for social housing, which meant some tenants had rotting and falling apart kitchen units (as seen on tv news) despite paying there rent it was not fixed

While criticism is accepted it seems one side gets more of it than others.   Another thing he forgets is that with the cladding that set fire is also on privately owned buildings as well but i suppose the confutation that only it used on public housing makes it a gas chamber device** has a charge to it but if you lease a property in a private building that’s not a gas chamber.

The UK needs housing but what appears to have happened is the builders are still busy*** even when the economy was in recession but they do not work singularly for the public sector any more.

What the author also forgets is that in the 1940’s the price of property fell and the council tenants where materially richer owning cars and disposable items where mortgage holders did not and had to build better houses and flats due to building regulations

So when people talking of housing shortages it seems that council housing got all the attention during the after war years of austerity.   This means governemt both red and blue can be blamed for not building.

Immigration also does not help is another problem unseen by the author.

So there are faults and this is not an unbiased report- read the links for context 3/5 bananas.

*not the first ** flats with cladding are very hard to sell *** Auf_Wiedersehen_Pet (not here)

goodbye Christopher Robin

oww bump bump bump down the stairs

is a film (imdb: tt1653665) well worth a see but it is not the most recent film.  I like this bear of little brain  anyhow and its adult take on writing it means it can do wrong in my eyes.

Since a lot of you also decided winnie the pooh (my blog*) was the best childrens book i am not alone.

Its been years since i have been in a cinema.

5/5 bananas

*not Xi Jinping

Emailing the zoo’s boss like a professional spammer would

Do you (yes you*) want to email the zoo’s boss – well you can and somebody did email Cave (my blog) and his assistant who’s details are written in a page of html as a comment.  I laughed when i saw the reject in the daily report since Cave does not work in the zoo..

These people or there clients tried to contact Cave and i must thank them for the early morning humour attempt.

address: 33-01, 33rd Floor, Menara Keck Seng, 203 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur,
e-mail: abuse@vpsmalaysia.com.my
abuse-mailbox: abuse@vpsmalaysia.com.my
admin-c: KSA6-AP
tech-c: KSA6-AP
auth: # Filtered
last-modified: 2017-05-05T02:32:21Z
source: APNIC

Lol somebody is an idiot – I imagine its on a spam list of ceo’s  Its a shame one cannot neurotoxin spammers (my blog).

Anyhow Elvis needs a contact next i think.

*sjw and npc’s included.

Thin aluminium cans

The monkey house had a delivery of carbonated soda cans  one had a fault in on moving the larger pack resulting in the pressure vessel losing its contents with a leak.

As a non soft drink drinker* i was mildly surprised that the containment vessel as so soft since it was not thrown around.  The non aluminium packaging appears to absorbed some of the liquid but it felt like it was packaging on the cheap.

Having found the offending vessel it was drunk and the can recycled hopefully into something better.

*banana flavoured cola sound horrible.

letsencrypt dns renew niggles

The zoo’s dns certs needed renewing and certbot renew was not happy with our dns certs opposed to looking at a http header.which works a charm

So i sat down and came up with

certbot certonly -a manual -d zoo --preferred-challenges dns

Sisyphus is still a role model

Which needed new challenges to the dns zone but issued a new valid certificate where renew kept failing to.

I have no idea why renew does not work with dns challenges but since i did everything it asked for before feel i can blame somebody else rather than the monkey house here.


Exit Afghanistan (or lets blame norway today even though they left)

imdb tt3218890 from 2013 is a documentary about handing back (my blog) Afghanistan to its ‘tolerant’ locals*

It features the Norwegians leaving some place i have never heard of or never wish to visit it and the handover to ‘crack’ trained Afghan troops.

Step one by afgans was to whine about the norwiegian base, and the supplies they left [continued below], step two was to audit the stuff as it seems to indicate that what was left was being sold to the taliban by the soldiers from afganistan.

The afgan troops then did not do what norway did when there  – patrol and they stayed in the nice base they criticised and did not protect the locals while the taliban blew up locals for visiting the mosque.  At least the soldiers where safe.

The Norwegians where also blamed for the loss of employment in the town – so the argument that afganistan is best left to afgans seems wrong as they could not run a sweet shop or provide employment.

It seems the Afgans cannot take responsibility and blame everybody but themselves however there all grade a* muslims . – quite how stealing what the norway army supplies left for  afgans to continue  is Norways fault is an open question and sure they must be guilty of that too.

So since afgans dont need help why should anybody help them after all its a paradise for bomb makers.

The level of irony is amazing 5/5 bananas.

Well i learned something.

*not really

The titan

imdb: tt4986098 is a netflix thing for us apes, and rather good despite perhaps being seen as a rip off to dancing with smurfs and staring the same person*

The film returns to to the Pohl Man Plus idea which was also experimented in film here (my blog).

I like that it had a science to it

5/5 bananas