Wrestling’s slight gay problem


Barry White songs a must

Bananas reads that the ‘sport’ of wrestling is back* at the Olympics i do not follow sport except to follow the cheats (my blog),deviants (my blog) and other characteristics (my blog) worthy of spotlight.

Quite what a team of gay men get to enjoy doing groping and get funded to do it even in Russia is an odd duality being that Putin (my blog) is known for being anti gay stance.

Then again as sport is run by nazi’s (my blog) and with some of those things being extremely stupid (weight lifting is for people whom dont get Archimedes**).

I think sport is for retards (my blog) anyhow, and clearly if man hugging is a sport then obviously it must be good for the fatherland right ?

* never knew it was one to begin with ** a dead Greek

Behind the slow readers


it was great

When you use a library your not sure what order books will come in, or that the kleptomaniacs (my blog) are not in front of you who piss everybody off.

Slow readers are the worst but amusing to observe for if it takes them a month to read three hundred pages (that’s a short book) it works out that they read three pages a day if that at all. I can do 300 in an evening once the zoo is shut.

Anyhow despite those r e a l l y s l o w people it makes economic sense for me to use a library (my blog).

Anyhow if your the slow reader reading about slow readers who use a library then push yourself to reading four pages a day. Thanks

The landline phone system with a problem

dectBananas (me) was tasked with the replacement of a dect base station (my blog) with a call recorder although there is a recording service provided by our phone service company which is not british telecom.  An easy job. However i notice that nuisance call blockers are now a thing in these items. I see that these are also migrating to mobiles.

The monkey house does not receive many of those as we are telephone preference listed and do not enter those competitions where you sell your phone number to various marketing professionals.

Telephones do work and here with deregulation there is an actual market that is competitive which is not what you can call america’s monopoly providers with data being fed to the nsa for being patriotic for reasons which threatens them to retain that model of robber baron/oligarch .

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

It is interesting to see that despite the unwillingness of the phone providers to regulate ‘spam’ calls other than voluntary methods the hardware end* of the industry has supplied a solution but with the fixed wired phone line going the way of the dinosaur for people i wonder if the ‘phone spam’ problem will continue to cause its further decline.

* most pots phones are owned by end user, not rented here

I love network cables (a tale to amuse)

picardNetwork cables are common, guarantee a specific speed that wifi cannot on daily usage and i take cat5 cables for granted.   Until this moment i never have had a dud cable until this seemingly old cable decided not to work any more.

It looks perfect and i would love my several hours back i spent trying to figure why at that moment after years of being not interfered with when it just then packed up after spending a fun couple of hours troubleshooting the card a r8169** Gigabit Ethernet* and the router both being blameless.


* The binary blob driver that is supplied might be damaging the cable ? ** a bit shit until recently with reboots my purchase mistake [edimax].

whoo! a delayed royal funeral

prince charles

not dead but a royal

Richard the third was found under a car park after going missing in a battle some four hundred years ago.  This seemed apt

Sin, death, and hell have set their marks on him,
And all their ministers attend on him

It was time for a funeral and so the thing was a whole day affair and televised with hangers on and ilk getting there 5 minutes of fame.  Hey he got his wish, and had a reserved parking spot which goes some way as being a social privilege even today.

the meta reboot

ascannerdarklyWe can remember you wholesale is a short story by Philip K Dick (my blog) in isbn 0586207694 and is 22 pages in length, written in 1965.

‘success’ and being dead paved the way for a film, and then a recent-ish* a reboot of that film.

The story is still better than both ‘interpretations’

* not in a cinema

Dect telephone replacement

The monkey houses main telephone was deemed in need of replacinghellotmobile by the alpha ape for some reason or another so after some troubleshooting with rechargeable batteries the base station was deemed too elderly to do its job.

Mind you it was second hand when bought and a ex display model and even the web shop it was bought from is no longer in business.

People are are lazy it seems with phones you either buy a set of them or one phone.  As the additional handsets are classed as ok i have the job of re-registering the phones to the new base. Equipment wise there dect handsets are ok but as we have an ancient phone which is dect but an older protocol of dect and that does not show much information however it is registered to the new base after a little bit of fun and games.

dectSo i really do not understand why people buy home phones as they do.   Maybe i am crazy reusing stuff.

Anyhow the rest of the apes seem happy about the new phone.

boy,snow,bird,Helen Oyeyemi

cookooisbn: 97814472373136 is a new author here but hit a list of authors under an certain age which one of them was her (my blog) either there was a large queue for it at the time so i decided to wait.  As books dont go off.

There is some talent here but i found this a bit alien 2/5 bananas.




i think you’ll find its more complicated than that,Ben Goldacre


an apt image

isbn: 9780007462483 is an author i have read before (my blog).  This is a collection of journalism so the usual suspects* get poked for fun again.

Also there are a few pieces even the guardian newspaper would not run on idealogical grounds and earlier bits.

As one of the more logical and reasoned people who can see through most of bullshit this is an look at what journalism should be at its best.

4/5 bananas. a bit repetitive for those of you who have read the other books.

* like the shit smeller – really there is a person who smells shit.