Fraudsters, ex-models and abh

By gellas tits ?

While getting the daily Rwandan one morning weeks ago i noticed perhaps by copyright theft that my ‘favourite’ ex page 3 girl  has been attacked by a younger boyfriend.[my blog].

I read six words* but assumed it was a fraud victim from unread scans of webpages until it was a known person to the ‘victim’.

Somehow i think blame lies on both sides here.    He will not be husband version++ probably not version five as she goes through the loop or tries too.

Too much information  ]in ten words read but how i guess fame and age do not always end up as a fairytale.  Mind you perhaps the sleeping princess [my blog] also got abused by the prince who awoke her.

Mind you perhaps it is a cautionary tale and one that perhaps is future classic cursed by alcohol, swindled and swindle others so who knows.

*i joke.  – very large eyesight letters it retards

The bbc where celebrating hacking which as they hate the internet is probably a bbc thoughtcrime.

The ‘hacking’  started with false tips making the site useless.

It did not break the site.  What the site creators did shut it down.

They used hosting companies rather then host it themselves.

While hosting is simple doing it all makes it a bit more than just using  a wizard and making the server farm do all the work is there failure.

Akkad [my blog] and others also detested by the bbc have had censorship issues but for the bbc  too celebrate this it fuckup shows there true colours marxists not reporters.

The issue and the gender are also problematic after all does non fruitful yaniv [my blog] get one.

My takeaway is stupid people think its great but forget it shows there bias and there pro censorship.  Well done bbc but the bbc diversity department might think you have bad views and need to be also censored.

You might have noticed that i did not discuss the issue.  What texas does is not something that affects the monkey house but when californians hate california and flee to a place with different views there not doing texas much good.

Quite how california is not the paragon of america democrats is an issue for them not me.

I am sure outdoor pooping is great fun and something exceptional to sell the california economy.  Go poo.

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

Silicon Valley certainly is not american [my blog] and the site failures show a lack of problem solving

If that is a bbc win then i guess i can ignore them.


‘unwanted’ aircraft carriers and submarines from france

France has a few issues and with the brexit negotiator for the eu having an anti eu stance as he is up for local elections means it is not all full fat butter and champagne*.

Anyhow they have a military and make stuff one of which was an aircraft carrier for the Russians which they never paid for reasons.

Another sticky issue has been the issue of selling submarines to friends and either it taking too long or some other issue there other friends have signed a deal.

I do not get the logic but military shipbuilding seems a curious activity and while i cannot buy a gunboat it seems strange that nation states can which seems to defy the logic of defence.  After all we all do not buy north korean weapons.

I am not sure how champagne and warships are the same but it appears there not and the french seem upset by that.

Economics is a funny thing.  Mind you with an anti war bbc you think this failure would have been celebrated after all only a left winger can write on the issue of nuclear arms.

Somehow i doubt the bbc will be invited back soon for something like this [my blog]

*illegal immigrants do not like the french.


round the bend with debian 11 networking

a crazy person

Lets discuss bullseye fuckups !in networking.  I am blaming myself but if the stuff happens to me it might be you

I was involved in car crash of linux networking.

Molcar [my blog] summed up the experience. Blockages.

Guess how many hours where spent troubleshooting in coments.   It started with realtek nonfree firmware not downloading during the upgrade to 11 from debian ten.  Despite me watching for oh shit moments the card was there but had no driver.  Attempts tofix failed

Another pc involved network manager – it freezed x session and i had to hard reset four or five times a day. So i had to setup interfaces file and bang no more x server crashes.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

If you happen to know the networkd team please pass on my lack of psychic powers .

Moving from i386 to 686 ifconfig is thoroughly broken a sign networking and linux have inconsistencies.

This is the fun i had downgrading,

eth0 right – that’s easy, but it changed to emps<number> in debian 11, and remained that way for debian 10 downgrade with a virgin disk.

Ok i can change the card name, and bang two days later it is eth0 once again as it decided that was something that could happen.

So i change it back and it fails to connect to the zoo’s lan on ipv4.  I look at the emps settings – no change.

Hmm, this is some weird shit but I remember making some link files in /usr/lib/ that did not work ever but it then activated for the first time..

abomination crap from Poettering

cd /usr/lib/systemd/network/
/usr/lib/systemd/network# cat

#hardware a:b:c:d:etc not an apple fan boy thing [my blog]


Yes i am seemingly to blame even though Poettering‘s [my blog] networkd is fucked up and works strangely.

No i have idea why it changed days later.   Networking is simple but when systemd enable files and change name of things and  forget to have the firmware in the repo then good luck.

The moral is do not trust systemd and networkd.  I have lived through this shit and recommend you do not.

I hope you understand my mistrust of debian 11, further war stories await.

netflix films

Not american films – so if your a idiot who likes diversity remake blockbusters piss off.

Ride or die

imdb: tt14164234 is a Japanese film about love and lesbians and which there is death and takeaway food and why not.

3/5 bananas – this sort of thing probably does not get any viewership from ‘normal’ netflix clients.

Cities of lost things

imdb: tt4397342 is the 2018 item not the many others with the same name.  Taiwan film so despite it being in mandarin there is no communist party worship.

It is a tale of failed romance and worth a see.

5/5 bananas

Chernobyl: Abyss

imdb: tt10648714 is a 2020 film from russia and reminded me of the south korean film [my blog] which had explosives a nuclear disaster and divers.

Chernobyl happened and this is an odd film since it celebrates Ukrainian workers and while not as bad for science as the hbo series** is very deferential to the politiciians and is very much something Putin would approve of.

It is not a true telling but a love story.  Chernobyl was a bad case of a kettle with no water in it* and shit scheduling from soviet government.

No mention is made that the european central bank funded the containment vessel.

1/5 bananas

*that is something we can all do **raved about and not seen by the zoo


Clarkson’s farm on prime [my blog] is something i heard of and deemed worthy i watching,  I like some farming stuff on youtube and it is mostly american.

Clarkson injects dry humour into disaster after disaster and points out weird government* / eu rules.

Season one economics are i think misrepresented as a lot of the ‘loss’ are assets with some value.

It is a less woke with a strong dose of economics than the bbc view and worth a see.

*the lunatics run the asylum

Zimbabwe time!

masvingo airport

My favourite country [my blog] is back

smtpd[1*]: warning: hostname does not resolve to address No address associated with hostname

Oh well that was it.  Whatever it was the mystery is better than the message they always fail to  deposit.

Its a bit like there sport [my blog] However at least i know who bought mrs mugabe those gucci handbags.

Somehow i doubt it is just one firm doing this and as it is my favourite country [zw] i am sure dealing with dictators for life means paying bribes instead of other revenue – like zanu pf party members in the business taking a mafia share just so there windows do not get broken.

Notice also the lack of chinese firms included here by the bbc since China is a perfect place and already owns most of zimbabwe..

Disasters with debian 11 [bullseye]

avoid like covid-19

My adventures with debian 11 did not last long – a laptop [my blog] perfect in version 10 felt like shit the screen driver was also vague, so i went back to debian 10.   It was not a nice process – screen was sharp again.

I also tried 11 on a server and that was fucking awful it actually rebooted itself being too busy.  That had to go back to ten as well for being unresponsive.

During this nightmare i went to i686 rather than 32bit and a lot of the things i failed to do or got errors [my blog[ worked in i686.

There are war stories there too.

Sure i can blame the older hardware for some percentage but when a four core processor feels like it only has one  and networking goes bye bye as no driver then i am out.  I do not need that

Debian 11 – avoid.

I will  link nightmare events  back to this post and will not be updating raspberian* [my blog] to 11.

Every few updates for debian do go like that but until i get better hardware im not suggesting anybody use bullseye unless you have the latest in amd processors and gpu’s.

Not blaming debian but it would have been nicer if shit that worked in ten was there in eleven.

*not our server or laptop in case you thinking it is.


Exciting times

I am getting a new bank card – the one i have is still valid but hey the bank keeps telling me its coming* and after ten emails saying it best thing since adolf hitler honestly the excitement has worn off.

Anyhow i am hoping your way more excited about it than i am and if this is the case then great

*covid-19 may not help