music’s next best thing as predicted by Phillip K Dick and ttip

luteWill be medieval sonnets, after all the Lute (you tube probably dcma’ed) is due a comeback and Jon Dowland (encyclopedia) 1563–1626 is dead and not copyright.

shall i sue, shall i seek for grace, shall i pray, shall i prove, shall i to to be heavenly joy with an earthy love

That Phillip writer (my blog) was a genius mind you once it is used nobody will be able to use it again.

Mind you perhaps the sound of rocks banging together (caveman style) could be next (my blog) as the trans pacific deal becomes a fact .

Ghettoside,Jill Leovy


Phoenix Jones

isbn: 9781847923622 has a problem a bit like this (my blog) and feels unwilling to talk about the ‘problem’.  Los Angeles is host to the early example of Dovon Harris .

Mr Simon’s books (my blog) are ‘suggested’ by some blurb authors on the back and it is no way near the quality of those.

Its style is sanctimonious verging from bleeding hearts for victims and hero like appreciation of local policemen.  Scattergun in its approach as Dovon* appears once and then somebody else takes his place.

Eventually i gave up on this list of dead people with a paragraph to them and came to a conclusion that there are better books on the subject than this – i will review one when i have a scheduled space.

Poorly written 0/5 bananas

* i have no idea what happened or care.



The new bedraggled paper phone directory tale

wetdirectoryBananas was out and about when she kept seeing paper directories soaked with rain.  It became a challenge along the lines of i spy.  It kept me amused on the way back to the zoo.

I must have walked past hundreds of them now advertising material only good for recycling.  So i would not pay to be included if so many never even got looked at except to be thrown away.

The simple dream of ldap dashed once more

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Ldap is something the monkey house does not need but if we had it i would need four stores, and then connectors to the other four things.  And maybe four ldap admin tools.  So yeah not one instance on one server preconceived ideals most ‘admins’ think normal are out .

I decide to resume my much delayed project and ldap can do the four things in one daemon [we are debian apes] but then come the list of ancient ldap books and the slow realisation that the multiple instances are in an older config format.

So i decide to do it step by step and try out fusiondirectory which if you are non cave dwelling ldap lifeform is a web thing for ldap.

I can do stuff with ldapsearch but in testing debian admin credentials don’t work with fusion directory

failOh well.  I sort of expected that. Nor is it in standard debian

Finally after mutlple go’s i get to login to ldap, but the gosa project interrupts things saying no ldap objects.  Packaging in gosa means i install gosa of fusion directory not both unless i tell .deb packaging to ignore dependencies.

Oh there’s three more ldap stores to create and i want to do this debian stable not testing or next release.

389 directory server needs java (my blog) and tale of woe which is a horrible pile of security issues in its own right.

Lets conclude this fail now.

Broken Monsters.Lauren Beukes

lifeondeathrowisbn: 978000764593 is set in detriot (my blog) so it helps to know a bit about the place. However there lies a problem for the real life might be better than the fiction.  The book captures the current zeitgeist of the nsa scandal (my blog) and a globalised world with efficiency.

Anyhow one might argue that many of the characters in the non fiction could be the people in the fiction. and thats is where the problem is,

The book then has reddit sections  so it either be a time capsule that loses relevance or success.  Which i doubt. I will not be reading this author from now on

0/5 bananas the non fiction is better.

Cleaning out firefox

fryI was starting to squint at firefox, and nothing else on the screen. An ssl issue decided the issue to reset the profile and i am glad i did.  Fiefox and its many updates might work but the fonts then became usable again after a reset and I was not squinting.


The problems of consumer testing products

Samba is pretty, not useful

pretty, not useful

‘which’ is a publisher who review things.  I do not have a subscription but know a place that does so one day i use it for six minutes to look at electric toothbrushes which dentist vet wants me to buy (my blog).

I write down the top two which look ok and later on google to find that those model numbers are from 2010 and so are mostly ebay products and secondhand. Both have different identities now with newer models in proper shops.

So still none the wiser.


My first netflix film

killerswas Killers (imdb: tt2409300) and something i had though to do on dvd but netflix preempted it (my blog).  Chromuim on linux [open source san api’s from google] could not show it, so that meant using googles chrome via a deb file being an linux ape.

After a bit of fun with apt-get at command line* it installs and works in linux, please note i did not even bother to try it in firefox.

And I caught up from the tv save point.  If i am to gripe about netflix is the subtitles and the audio description** are the same since i dont speak one of the many Indonesian languages or Japanese and its dialects i dont need it to say bananas is chewing a banana from the zoo and making a loud noise.

Anyhow this is a bit like American Psycho by author Bret Easton Elis (isbn: 0330319922), i have only read the book and i am not refering to its film which i think they made. plus a but of fight club of which i have never seen on film only read the book (my blog)

It is an uncomfortable watch 5/5 bananas

* the gui loader failed. ** the car starts, indistinct noise

Reality versus Idealism.


do i look fat ?

Bananas was wondering about in Camdem (near the zoo) when some human females nearby where talking about dieting for that wedding address one of them is supposedly getting to wear.

So having attracted a human male in ‘fat’ mode* they now want to be different.


upgraded man ?

I really don’t understand humanity sometimes.  I mean do they get a upgraded man if they fit in a size zero dress ? is that how it works.

I will seek an explanation from our Sally (my blog) i think. Humans.

* the shape they are in now

The servant economy,Jeff Faux

isbn: 9780470182390 is a book that describes that mainstream left wing policies are the same as right wing policies.  Put simply Tony Blair* was really a conservative although you thought otherwise.  It works for most countries.  However i will stick with internationalisation rather than the american names.

Milliband s On your side ?

Milliband s On your side ?

Anyhow with Milliband the same as the others and following the path set by his peers this book argues that the retreat of the state means its a shit time to be a politician.  Trade agreements, economics and having countries that do it your way mean incomes fall.

A lot of the stuff here is not new but american politicians (my blog) too are keen on funny finance rules that one hopes that the shit never hits the fan at least while they are in power.

This is not to say that all government spending is good but when you outsource and have no competition that also has consequences. This has been seen in military spending if the government does not train soldiers then how do the pmc’s like blackwater (since renamed) find employees.  Edward Snowden did not work for the government before he became famous.

The interesting question here is when the ppe’s (my blog) migrate to business rather than this democracy thing for reasons of a self explanatory nature.

3/5 bananas.

* who has made a lot of money selling the nhs.