air miles is a scam

The more i know about air miles (my blog) the more the word scam becomes a good word for this marketing scheme.

Days change for instance you cannot use air miles on a monday mean these five digit plus units are essentially unredeemable

Lets hope you all get wise and insist on flying the 23:00 flight on wednesday in the one air miles allocated seat just to piss off the marketing department.

That’s probably how air miles work.

Leila – indian netflix

netflix needs subscribers and where better than from India, after all microsoft technical support (my blog) is good from there**.

Since i like stuff with subtitles* i decided to give this a go.   Dystopian with a warning text it correctly points out that indians can be bad and things like the caste system have been maintained by indian society since independence.

This is a book by Prayaag Akbar.  and being it ends after six episodes i decided  to go read the book.

Worth a see, book review to come.

*provided i can read them ** i joke

outlander confusion

skirts and dresses for all

on prime (my blog) outlander (my blog) tempted me but i waited until it was on free tv since its now on free tv, and the episodes did not match up.

I like this but either i got mixed up (doubtful) or amazon put the series together wrongly. So either there is a tv edit or a streaming edit.

On well i am confused as fuck and as the tv episode [with adverts] runs to 1.40 hours – i guess at some point stuff with match up and if it does not then i will be wise about the various edits of outlander.

Still outlander is very well done and worth a see compared to most tv.

‘Jessica’ Yaniv – wax my balls or else

Wow Canada! – reminds me of the that film that i have not seen hobo with a shotgun** that looks an good correlation.

Yaniv is famous for many things and has been on the radar for a while – now this..

Lets face facts when twitter’s sjw’s* reverse there ‘hate speech’ bans not in Yaniv’s favour the game is probably up as a one man intersectional ‘person’. and probably now is causing damage to the genuine small number of ‘different’ people.

The more left wing and intersectional you get the weirder the policy where you have islam and transgendered thinking there left wing but each hate each other as seen in Birmingham in the uk.  One cannot be islamic and pro homosexual one is bigoted and the other would be thrown off a building (my blog).

Yaniv is a social media performer and whether this attention was desired or not is something to think about but actions have consequences and that once you start and include more and more people is kind of predictable that even i know of this.

*when the left do not protect there intersectional kind your in trouble. ** the bloke from blade runner was in it – looks cheap.

debian ten new things

Debian 10 (my blog) is a fast loader even on a server and here a few things different which debian deems un-news worthy.

Its been a week or so

monitor sharing [HARDWARE] – the zoo being cheap has a monitor with three interfaces on it i(vga/dvi/hdmi) n the old version debian would seed control to the thing on the hdmi interface rather than the dvi port on no interaction being debian has a dvi interface, the new version remains on the hardware screen – not a problem since the hdmi interface can be chosen from the screens menu as required.

If the zoo had billions to spend on another monitor it would be a very low priority and probably be an ex-display/return one as well.  The monitor remains turned off 99% of the time anyhow – emergency use case.

Usually we remote into it


tls 1.3  (part of openssl) works and things we use can use tls 1.3, quays tests work and confirm it in browser client and .server


/usr/sbin/amavis-services msg-forwarder
/usr/sbin/amavis-services childproc-minder
/usr/sbin/amavis-services snmp-responder

Since amavis keeps mum on changes these seem to be new binaries i hairy eyeballed.

zombie process


is a bit of a mystery the zoo’s  only non working component – think postfix got grandfathered and if your not doing sockets how it used to so nothing happens

Milters ….


The new config is baffling, our old config works  so damn it i will use that.


Debian reports large memory blobs now and the usual hidden /etc/.java directory returns and deleting it means it gets recreated regardless.  You have cron mail to read every day.

Cyrus imap

No nasty surprises a week in.


Opendmarc [milter] is a no go but everything else appears to work.

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

Ipv4 & Ipv6

I had to add an timeout option to systemd to make a list of open ports to load since we use a miix of static and dynamic ipv6 it seems pretty stable.  Iov4 seems to also work although the boot process still whines i have a bad interfaces file entry but wont tell me where or why.

Patches have been light so far.   The ghostscript patch stopped my desktop (i386)  from seizing in x several times a day.

Apart from our isp losing ipv6 for five minutes a day (everything also does) it does feel like a debian problem as the router is not debian based it soon returns so i am not blaming them for that.

I am not regretting this upgrade.

where are the ipv6 email relay testers and sasl [password] bots

guess who this person is

Where are they, it seems only ipv4 people do them.  Sure it is early days and most people are using a big email provider and maybe ipv6 if they have a more modern mobile phone.

Its rather nice ipv6 if quiet compared to ipv4.

In fact nobody seems to use ipv6 and yes we do send and receive ipv6 mail unless your nerdy or a few specific internet behemoths .

Office365 retards at Microsoft who cannot check for dmarc,spf and dkim..

Satya Nadella is thick

Oh dear Microsoft [microshit] Makes me continually wonder why anybody thinks microshir is a ‘business’ platform.

We do not use Microsoft products and have very decent email servers which Microcrap and Satya Nadella dont care about probably because its linux and not giving them any money.

The email from microcrap ended up in marked as spam, undeleivered  and not in plain text.

X-Spam-Flag: YES

X-Spam-Score: 9.613

X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=9.61

If it was an email i sent i would find another supplier that used a real server rather than continue with microsofts shenanigans.

So if your too fucking lazy to check spf, dkim, dmarc, mta-srs and cannot do ipv6 then offiice365 is not real platform for anything.

Well done that retard at Microsoft who decided to not check anything.

having a moment – upgrading raspbian to buster

The raspberry pi 3 (my blog) is something that just works but was struck on debian stretch [version 9], My prior attempts with upgrading where not good although bad sdcard’s might have helped here with that impression.

So preparation for the end of the world took time -i made backups of important files , and an iso of the disk just in case disaster struck.

Stretch does work but a better dns thing might be nice and buster has been a general success in the zoo on intel hardware.

It is easier to attempt the upgrade than do a native debian install (my blog) which is an unknown experience.

Once ready and sitting next to the thing with a keyboard things went smoothly – only two usual prompts as blogged about before the following files caused conflict

  • /etc/sysctl.conf
  • lighttp/conf-available/ 10-cgi.conf & 1–ssl.conf
  • plymouth/plymouth.conf
  • /ssh/sshd_config
  • /fail2ban/jail.conf – temp file warning as welll /var/run goes /run.
  • /bind/named.conf.options
  • /lightdm/lightdm.conf

lighttp needed help and i moved the old config file to a backup and installed the version in /etc/lighttp.

Bind9 init is a mess

named[1841]: binding TCP socket: address in use
named[1841]: unable to listen on any configured interfaces
named[1841]: loading configuration: failure
named[1841]: exiting (due to fatal error)

Despite it claiming not to work bind9 does work  – ignore systemd (my blog)| for your sanity



an imaginary racism, islamophobia and guilt, Pascal Bruckner

isbn: 9781509530649 is a french author who wisely points out that making religion a protected class means they become anti sementic and non pluralistic

Rowanda‘s civil war (my blog) can be argued was made worse by governments designated as tutis or hutos – resulted in lots of dead people.

The left has this problem and seeks to blame victims of terrorism for getting killed.   Myths like arabs cannot be anti semitic and are also debunked and anti women make the lefts position untenable.

Nothing particularly new here. Worth a read.

5/5 bananas



Idiots off the port side

Star Trek has few problems of the sjw kind, in fact i have not seen the latest series and netflix has since quit buying crap from cbs.

I read that some retard at amazon bought the post picard series since netflix avoids what cbs has since done to star trek and there wise to it not being it**.

I have no desire to know what captains do after seven series (or four if unlucky) and while Janeway, Picard and Archer is way too white, Sisko is probably a stooge as well in the eyes of sjws and so bad reboot who have also messed up another big franchise.

At least this means cbs will soon loose yet another streaming platform while fucking up Picard.

There are many people who will explain to you* how cbs screwed up star trek and i am not that person.  I hear another word plagiarism (or copyright theft) is also being mentioned again and the jj abrams people are doing the theft.

Let me wish that amazon employee good luck finding a new job a few years on from now.   Americans also will not be seeing this series  either since it is a pay tv thing.

Amazon streaming is something i did not like (my blog) but as prime is more associated with free physical shipping (my blog) than tv its not something worth the price for and thats an eu perspective not an north american one where prime does not have it.

*doomcock ** you ask for a glass of water and get a pink wet substance instead.