Hunting for the bbc hit tv series – perhaps not the success ?

my eyes

I was asked by the zoo security office to find strictly [my blog] at a later date.

With the bribes [my blog] taking the attention, it seems as if it cannot perform.

Alas i could not find it on the bbc catch up service as it was not in the top 10 of things mr and mrs average zoo visitor apparently watch.

Eventually i found an older event but no navigation for the series

My spies keep me informed on the woke aspects but i do not watch it either but racist dwarf detection is the most important current thing i probably do* here.

Perhaps it is best to say the bbc might have lost the audience and us apes in the zoo [my blog] are more interesting than a fat lesbian who is famous for something i do  not know about but i can poke it for reasons i have.



insufferable white snobby green now has to pay road tax on electric car

Electric cars now have to pay road tax soon and that will make the insufferable shits vocal that there carbon producing thing is green when its not*.

Since the roads are in a bad state already [my blog] i do not expect them to improve with the eco warriors now paying tax for there saint elon devices**.

Do not expect africans with gucci handbags to help.

*cloud cars anybody **nobody talks about any other ‘brand’

not enough woke amazon customers

Lenny Henry ruins authors cred

I read amazon has a shortage of woke non racist customers.

I am not a woke customer of theres and as the black actor [my blog] does not like me as i hate fantasy.

I am sure amazon staff can emphasize with there situation that the monkey house money is not for them and despite losing there job it best to not have the wrong sort of money.

When amazon staff call anybody stupid that means there money is bad and well it is better to be noble and idle rather than busy.


Lesbian beach sex festival and no beer in Qatar was not a good idea.

Vinny Jones the balls grabber

Georgina & Gwyneth [my blog] are off to the sunny climate of Qatar to play football thanks to the not corrupt actions of fifa [my blog].

Apparently there are no hotels and sex and booze are not really tolerated – i read that beer is also banned which if your a sponsor of the festival say who makes beer like Inbrew so do not expect them back.

Does that make Afghanistan [my blog] a football place soon ?

Being not in the northern hemispheres summer i doubt there is much joy in winning and it affects the normal football season and the sooner its over the better beings that’s it’s fucking hot in Qatar and no beer.

Money might have been a thing behind it.  Look for the beach orgies.

Oddly even corrupt football [my blog] think it is now a bad idea.

When i think the same  way as a corrupt bribe taker but then promoting slavery and making future bribes is perhaps a lesson in how not to do it..

Electrical Vibrations


The world of chess [my blog] is a fun place and apparently men players are inserting vibrating  sex toys in them to win.

This is important as it is another legal point [my blog] that while the media might have its side magic sex toys is still an unproved thing and one side has been put to a disadvantage.

The media might find that expensive and another limitation on bias they proudly write with.

You and i can both look forward to naked chess and perhaps have a giggle at when chess becomes porn.   I hope porn stars play world class chess.