Back to the zimbabwe ‘problem’

There back at it these paragons of democracy (my blog) with no internet,(my blog) still lots of gucci handbags (my blog).  Got to admire a zoo guest with a posh handbag is a talking point for us apes or there goes an dictator/president for life.

‘Mind you being owned by china (my blog) does not help.    Anyhow i suppose it is nice not to have to worry about crooks using the internet there.  Problem ? probably not.

gucci grace

Since zimbabwe is a 26 word score in scrabble  add your high scoring corruption words in the comments.

The Mugabe’s i bet would  insist upon it if they could email .. Oh well.

Do you have a favourite Gucci handbag if so why not tell us about it since grace Mugabe is out of contact.

Perhaps when they turn the internet back on they can invent the advance handbag scam, after all why should Nigeria have all the fun ?

If you want to solve the ‘problem’ Bob Parsons (my blog) is your man and china surely will help their friends in Zimbabwe.

Dont give up your day job

As observed by the log reporter

SMTP dialog errors
1 Non-SMTP command
1 DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha1;; s=key1; c=relaxed/relaxed;

1 SMTP protocol violations
1 Improper command pipelining
1 After DATA

The zoo does not use them, and probably this will advise you on any technical merit

getting off this planet is bloody hard

The First imdb: tt7412482 not a bank] is yet another whoopie where pretending to going to mars yet again (my blog) and again (my blog) instead of being on pay tv, it was on fta  television.

It mainly concentrated on a drug addict, accountants, psychologists (my blog) , and soap opera – so even Neil Armstrong types are fucked up.

Oh well dont worry you  are screwed up as well apparently.

grandpa adolf – who was also a 2010 year hipster

The monkey house visited professor (my blog) and we noticed a new photo of grandpa adolf complete with the hitler look.   It apparently was cool again  in  2010 (not here) once again.

I think the picture dates to 1939 and also has company in hollywood.

It’s another look and name ruined in the west.   Its kind of funny that women do not have that problem.

the useless samsung ‘account’ and a warning to Disney corporation shareholders

No drm on the old tv sets

Elsa (my blog) is a smart tv or so i thought, one fta channel streaming app is not supplied because they used flash (my blog), its browser is ancient (my blog) so one evening i attempted to eventually create a samsung account.   I found no means to upgrade or add /delete apps (hello disney shareholders too) and so deleted the samsung account from the smart tv

I have a samsung account but looked at (via a real pc) it is for for mobile phones not tv’s   I would rather not create personalised tv viewing data for samsung to sell being its main purpose in life in my humble opinion

As the tv is short on expansion i can see why kodi sticks are the way to go.

So will i be watching disney streaming tv on elsa  – no cannot rather than will not unless a new tv is bought and i doubt that will happen.   If your a disney shareholder then do not expect us to buy your streaming products so quit trying to be netflix.

I actually like netflix  original content and i am glad that when the disney stuff will leave as it creates future opportunities for them to do new things for instance dc comic’s lesser comic book characters.   Which kind of proves my theory that the origin story is the best and after that diminishing returns are the order of the day.

mafia run the british red cross

The magic word here is cannot,so if your a shareholder in disney then many people will not simply be able to access disney pay tv unless they buy something on a stick, or junk there tv’s.

Capice ?

As a newish tv and somebody who cannot see 4k, yet alone 8k resolution i do kind of doubt the monkey house will be buying new tv’s anytime soon

a hiccup on the route to ipv6 [fritzed]

Sisyphus is still a role model

I bought a router [part 2] (my blog) and it jailed our network hosts into a nat prison.Even the router could not relay stuff to our mail hosts and that was with some tinkering, As to ipv6 well it had it but it failed the ipv4 test.

Sigh while it kind of routed ala pubic ip/28 <->  192.168.x..x it was pretty much unusable doing  anything else.

I guess it is a router for the masses not the professionals.   I will miss my dd-wrt router (my blog) when it is time to put it into emergency backup mode and once i have the correct solution (possibly a few attempts).

You might think i am crazy for finding average routers too crippled but that’s the fact.

Weird uk state run economics (or fuck you poor people)

Gordon Brown (my blog) was not a wise prime minister and a man of the people opposed to a tory. He introduced loans and the rest they say is history.

So much for labour being for the average.  That bit them in the rear.

Clearly there is logic there after all if everybody pays it makes sense to do it.


Another is train fares (my blog) .  It is probably cheaper to own a car for some  journeys rather than use a train here in the uk unless you engage in voodoo techniques such as multiple tickets about three months ahead of schedule.  Which is  the same thing with the ‘loans’.

Professor told us that the peak fare doubles compared with the off peak fare which made the car journey economically viable even off peak.

A Bogota bus

That could also be a discouragement to go shopping (my blog).  So also anti social mobility and access to sjw universities is more costly.  Well done Gordon Brown man of the people.

I am not sure a  thirty five year old diesel train is green either in the scale of things but thats another blog post


Life 3, Mark Tegmark

isbn: 978024123729 is a book that been hanging on my read list but very few libraries (my blog) have a copy of.  Eventually i reserved it and read it, the first bit is of interest and after that he mostly naval gazes at dyson spheres* before discussing ai ethics and would they respect them.

Either we evolve to become the borg (my blog), or ai becomes us say via the talos principle (my blog) and discards limitations of organic powered intellect (yes you).

This is one of those books about evolution so if your bible basher your screwed but it might be good that the words here might make it into that ai thing as a module.

As an ape here now and as only the very young might see the beginnings of this could be seen as highly speculative.

3/5 bananas.

*think death star economics **2

ubiquity network kit

Is something the monkey house bought and something I like since ddwrt and variants is in a process of change (good luck navigating that) and the cost of something to put it on was crazy.  Ubiquity was cheaper by 130% and apparently openlede compatible.

I also like the fact that your not forced to buy wireless since that changes a lot.

ipv4 support is good, ipv6 support is more geeky being no gui for ipv6 yet so mysterious commands need to be set by console.  Since our ghetto ipv6 setup (my blog) was not that good its not a huge disaster although ipv6 does need to be reliable and done on routers rather than tunnels.

Overall it is early days but i see no downsides although the lack of ipv6 gui does make it an more tricky configure, it appears without a native isp tunnlels are configured correctly but unreliable consistently while it might think it is up (ping ok on router) it will not route packets to the lan clients.

So dont use tunnels for ipv6.