do not track revisited

putinIn this (my blog) i was left thinking and one day i visited the code for the eff stuff on github. I discovered that /wellknown/dnt-policy.txt has to have ssl which seems illogical as tracking does not need ssl, and that the dnt spec is still being written.

I know the eff likes the idea of https but that seems a bit like project bloat.

A long term project do not track it seems.

A definition of tracking is tricky – here is another example load a page with mobile query linked to the jquery site and bang your being tracked, install it on the website and serve it from your site and no tracking.

It’s infurating in its small minded way



the heart goes last,Margaret Atwood

orangeisblackisbn: 9791408867785 is an interesting dystopia but worth it.  According to some reviewers no books have been written by her when several (my blog) have been published so its an interesting question where genre ends and literature starts if your a snobby journalist.

This got a few articles about it and as i like the author regardless of what journalists deem a book however it seems i am unqualified to tell you being a chicken sexer.

People join what might be best described as a cult in america live parallel lives with some laugh out loud moments.  It is a satire and well worth a read even by chicken sexers.

5/5 bananas.

Plugin perils

picardOne day visit refused to work, so i decide to clear cookies and cache, it still did not work.

I sigh and try the next day, where i am still having the weird issues.  So i go visit my plugins configurations and re-enable two things to allow and bang the site works again.

If only i looked there first.

oh dear – AC Nielsen now also will fuck up publishing

moranThe book is something i read a lot of via a library (my blog), however e-books mean i would have to own three e-readers and shop at the only shop per device, so that is no sale on ebooks (precisely rental) here although i do have pdfs with the zoos address in. as to whether i own them or not is a matter of legal opinion.

On ereaders which i note are now untrendy is that I also cannot get adobe drm on linux – so that makes some ebooks even from a libfrary useless.  Oh Remember when adobe quit that software business then your ebooks wont work any more

Publishers complain about a lot of things amazon, e-reading, there pet cats vet bills, but when i can read about books and i am told there not available in my region – specifically this happened with wool* (my blog) so unless i buy three e-readers then i am not going to read it unless some lazy publisher thinks people might read it.

Then some crazy idiot in publishing has the balls to complain that people are not buying books, or renting them for a fee.

tosremasterThat is when Nielsen who now track book sales will really screw stuff up – after all they killed star trek on tv so why not books as well.  The Publishing industry should take note that obtaining books is hard work with there business model apparently even though i cant buy it as its not available but at least nobody has heard of captain kirk either.

That is before i mention these sidelined authors (my blog), then maybe that problem is one of there making by asking Nielson to find out what is hot and not the readers.

* not from a sheep

the tale of princess Kaguya, Isao Takahata

kaguyaimdb: tt2576852 is a japanese film that no cinema seemed to show although i know it to be on two critics best of 2015 films lists.

I opt for the subtitles, (my blog) not the dubbed version one being superior to the other. It reminds me a little of this (my blog) and it is a stunning view.

Not for being non computer drawn, but the mix of music, timing and thought it is a brilliant.

5/5 bananas


reverse dnssec

dontcallmecrazyHaving seemed to have forward dnssec setup what about reverse dnssec.  I am not an isp so this is not going to be a long post as this is notmy problem.

Anyhow i created a reverse zone on the zoos dns box and once the zone was working  turned on and with just a zone signing (256) not key signed as that would be something my isp would have to handle.

So reverse secure dns is not going to happen if your isp is retarded like comcrap who we dont use, british telecom also would seem incapable to that as dns is pretty much voodoo to them.

I have spare slots for dnsec for our zoo domains but i am nt sure that would work in the real world.  Anyhow being mad i try and add the stuff to the domain below.


It does not work as this is what forward only dnssec loks like below


So dnssec is as good as a your isp or registry. Forward is easy, reverse forget it.

postcapitalism,Paul Mason

wordisbn: 9780846147388 is a book that maybe sees things that maybe are not true. In the introduction he states that Wikipedia (my blog) are the enemy to encyclopedias while ignoring the foxes in the henhouse be they seo’ing, or using there influence ala schillings (my blog) over a balanced view.

That’s before i even mention them citing reed elsevier, whom are cancer on public research..

After that stall, Mason makes some sense rewinding to 2008 and Lehman brothers that was the first domino to fall and introducing me to Nikolia Kondeatriev whom it appears even economics phd’s* have never heard of either.

happy comrades queuing

happy comrades queuing

This book jumps on a hell of a lot of bandwagons linux gets a couple of pages and while he fixes Marxism he just about remembers that trade unions where not liked by communists phew it was a late catch by the author.

I glazed over a lot of this book and while he is on the money on efficiencies (my blog) and yes is game changer we soon go back to Wikipedia issues which is a sabo*** in the machine for my thinkingbut a lot of thinkers are misinformed on wikipeadia.

Despite the fact that Karl Marx could not imagine a web server** and his wiki theory parts of this book feel right despite the jumping on many zeitgeist for a few pages its not a completely wasted read.

2/5 bananas

*i am not an economist **oh dear *** french for shoe




Victim book stats



Occasionally i read victim porn books like Megan Stammers aka Williams and Sarah Wilson (both links my blog).   The Wilson book is newer and has less links due do it being hushed up by political and civil servants types although you could argue that the labour party would rather you not read that.

loser of book stats

loser of book stats

As i write this the Stammers post has 5.5 times the number of readers that the Wilson book has. Make of that what you will.

I see a bias here that is revolting.

Seveneves,Neal Stephenson

hardhatisbn: 978008132514 is the latest brick from the author whom i have a on/off relationship (my blog) with. Its a full frontal assault of hard s/f from the go when things go bang.

This feels a difficult book and while the stuff has validity you perhaps had to be with the author at the meeting with the billionaire before this was turned in fiction.

Part one concerns itself with the year from the time things went boom and fails to keep things optimistic despite space getting a belated investment to save humanity.  Things fall apart as the useless ‘general population*’ eat themselves while a few do amazing things.

Eventually the zombie cum soap opera is stopped when the remaining women dig out there dna machines and start afresh.

If you play word bingo then this has it all.

mehPart two is set 5000 years later and goes seriously futuristic while doing a that lous and clarke type exploration of the remains of the disaster with trips to are now old home.

Both are alien and on a first read part one is much more accessible than part two.  Although the science sound great in the latter but i suppose 5000 years without religious perverts (my blog) would be impressive.

2/5 bananas on a first read, it might reveal more on a latter reread which i somehow doubt.  It is a good reason to use a library.

* either too old, not farmers, religious (perverts then), political types or children