anti-Zionist, anti-semitic or labours proxy postal ‘voter’

Politics is corrupt just look at Jack Straw (my blog) who treated voters with curry or curries (plural so more than one) which those Northern police forces also ignored (my blog) and with the Labour party loving its proxy (postal vote) persons who may or may be collectively bargaining* whose electors who come from the same background who also may or may not know they voted in such manner – so much for a individual rights – or one man one vote as the saying goes.

lordreidPeter Skinner (bbc) also has a whiff of corruptness.

Apparently the ‘reds’ like Peter Skinner are anti semitic if you read things but is being anti jew different from being a zionist which if isreal exists then so should iran and pakistan, another example can also be given. The merits of the state of isreal are dubious, Pakistan could also be viewed similarly as problem.  If one can not be criticised should those others also be ?

I do hope those proxy forms where sent in by the few for the majority before this row – you know this is ‘democracy’ at work apparently.

Feel free to tie yourself in knots.

*nothing wrong with unions okay

drm means no sale

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

I have a steam account which is nothing to do with old trains, and as i am a pc down when i write this i cannot take up steam up on there offers since steam is on that rather than what i am borrowing.

Sure i could setup a new steam validated hardware thing, and even logiin to the web bit of steam is a pain in the arse but why should i as that would entail telling steam i want to use another pc to buy stuff

Drm and validated clients might make valve feel happy but no way am i jumping through hoops.   Not that i wanted to buy them anyhow.

saying tata to Tata steel (and hello to the carbon car)

industriaLThe msm news (my blog) has when i write this been focusing heavily on steel production so either the chinese are making too much of it, manufacturing makes it last longer with paints rather than let it decompose after three years in a ford motor car, and a lot is now recycled.

Which means if your making new steel you have a problem.  Steel is an old solution and composites are the things now since steel is heavy, and not having the tolerances required for jet engines. In defence armour piercing means steel is not going to end up simply needing a paint job.


kirk unit

I was enjoying some star trek one evening when even bmw announced that one of products was now stronger and lighter than once it would have been with traditional material of which you can guess even though ‘carbon’ describes everything in the universe this is lighter than steel.

Now steel is a useful product but to call it innovative or a pancea to all problems has past. It seems that these indian owners have raided the pension scheme in the good times which is not simply just a thing they do but Philip Green who ran a retail ’empire’ also did and left that business too  in a state of being uneconomic which i read a book about many years ago by not contributing to that boosts profits for a while anyhow.

It makes shareholding interesting if the short term results means there is no long term business then it does make employing mba grads (my blog) a difficult proposition.

I leave you make up your own conclusions although i am sure Tony Blair is due some blame.

The unravelling,Emma Sky

isbn: 9781762392576 is about Iraq and if like me you have never heard of Emma Sky this is reading before a snail called Sir John Chilcot writes an official report that will probably never be read being 100 years late or state that nothing wrong was ever done by anybody despite that still missing wmd*.


Sir John Chilcot

Sky is not a civil servant but academic who volunteered and saw stuff in Iraq (my blog) although post war plans seem missing and after going south, then north a job to which had no description was found.

I came and conquered, and then left itAnyhow i came to rather like the author who despite the failings of a few top politicians (also including Hilary Clinton) into a state that sort of works.

Iraq it appears is pulled like a puppet from the North via Turkey, and the South from Iran so to de Iraqi -ng Iraq means fun for all.  Once Iraq was de Saddam-ed groups came into the mix who those wise political thinkers like Bremer created.

hclintonA bad ambassador choice from the latter Mrs Clinton’s state department  caused the collapse of the independent iraqi state to fail when having a government meant that while it existed it was in name only – i leave you to draw conclusions from that.

So it was left to the army to fix the mistakes of the diplomats again who kept making them while dealing with a civil war, foreign fighters and local politicians.

It is an insightful read, and since that other million pound document is no where to be seen mired in Tony Blairs excuses – so at £20 its a bargain even if you have to buy it rather than get from a library, however snails should not write reports

5/5 bananas.

*that wmd

Fiscal ‘responsibility’ and Scotland

CEILIDHBananas reads (my blog) and so a library is used, I decide to buy a book (my blog) since in an large area of a over million people plus there no copies to hand so a justified purchased in one reason.

Whist shopping I notice a second hand site which i doubt i could not use without registering again or use the thing i used for above but Ipursue some titles i would like to read but cannot via a library for not being available.

I discover that many books i cannot find in england are actually in Scottish libraries and are also for sale legitimately or otherwise. they where published in 2015 and sold on in 2016.  How the other half live.

Commonwealth Games - Team Scotland Kitting Out - University of StirlingIts strange that we ‘southerners’ suffer but Scotland does not. Hmmm i wonder if I can get the male members of the tribe into kilts och!  They know about kinky David Furnish too with his olive oil and paddling pool (my blog)

I dont fancy the learning to play the bagpipes but a library with books in – Golly!

Portal update

2015-08-10_00002If you remember i failed portal (my blog) somewhere in chamber 15. After a second attempt i had to use sv_cheats* and the portal anywhere code which got me pasr that issue.

That got me past the jump, and allowed me to continue. However using cheats* can glitch the game. Portal 2 is a much better thought out game.

Eventually i got to the end

Some of the bonus challenges in portal strike me as needlessly silly so portal 2 is the better game.  I still had the issues i mentioned before in the prior post.

*I just could not do it without – other platforms might be more nimble.

Emotive ‘media’ language that misses the point.

headacheBananas was briefly watching some documentary with selective facts.  Imagine that you gave somebody a banana a day for eleven months, and you got nothing in return – no grooming, collectively throwing poo at zoo guests.

You try and contact these banana eaters for months and months only when you take action via a third party  Then come the emotive ‘why’ questions.

_59941043_schoolscompositeIt is disingenuous to say that this came out of the blue and that this was decided immediately on day two.  It is also fascinating that only they are the only bad people not the poor building standards (my blog) that both labour and conservative parties did nothing about which only they as public bodies tolerated.  Try and get those same standards for buildings owned by capitalists and you would have planning approval denied.

lordreidIts a funny world that means party politics is above blame, but not those who have a legal responsibility to sell items to such bad properties but to get payment is deemed ‘evil’.

I am confused as to who the villains really are.  But then spotting the real bad guys is not a talent i have. Sorry care to throw some poo with me?

fifteen rounds with horrid tomtom software

retardTom Tom (my blog) make gps things with crap update software for microsoft and apple.

So could i virtual host it in linux keeping the crap updates working.  One day i dug out a very modern copy of windows xp, fired up a vm and had a go so you don’t have to.

The virtual machine was a hefty 80gb [because asus made an 80gb image not my fault] and it eventually ran and by golly this Microsoft os looks horrid now


Firefox was the first thing to be downloaded then Tom Tom home, as the vm had usb support the vm refused to pick up the device that registered in linux as being a filesystem.

I tried usb filters from the gps but alas i had no luck although the really horrid tom tom software ran. It did not work. Another success for tom tom and there great developers.

I would not buy a tom tom gps box.

Failure to launch of the modern home (making ewaste bricks)

Not working new brick

Nest – Not working new brick

Housing remains an area where domestic electronics is still basic, sure there’s an electric metre, fuse box and a mile or so of cable requiring manual input and that’s 1930’s technology.

Your boiler (my blog) might have a timer and a thermostat so that at least is some kind of computer if single purpose and an idiot.   However if you read that link of mine there are fails even plumbers and electricians fail to do with this stuff.

Then somebody had the idea of connecting stuff like lights and heating to the internet who google naturally bought [nest] and then the progress story fails.  Nest had a failing out with apple as a hint of problems and secondly some lightbulb manufacturers decided to drop some transmission standard protocols and make them vendor only so go and fuck off if you wanted to turn off and on both philips and somebody else’s bulbs with technology.

nick telsa

nick telsa

Then nest recently decided to brick older nest controllers because they can.  I dont particularly see a lot of point to modernisation if the controller makers and things that respond to it (or the internet of things [iot]) are going down the drm path and when Phillips and Google tell you to fuck off and either do it there way or not at all perhaps that 1930’s wiring still installed today was really wise after all.

Yes better give those thick Liverpudlian's there money back

1930’s fashion

The monkey house remains progress free from drm and suggest that you too remain in the past until google and philips stop pissing about with progress and lets face it retro is quite a nice look.

Control is nice, but better insulation is a safer bet

To finish there is a joke which goes how many people does it take to change a lightbulb if google and philips and all the other makers of this stuff had there way your probably looking at a very large number of people on a regular basis. on the loose again

robbieRegulars know we hate shodan (not the martial art) and I was alerted that there is new host in the wild by a job which does the work for me.[]

So it appears that there’s a new naming scheme for these crooks with rim.census and an new ip to block – so something to null (my blog).


You dont want to be like these people.