the new bank that did not induce competiton.

The monkey house gets stuff from banks as the tribe of apes has assets but since a number of branches have been closed due to declining use when i do need a bank its hard work, with some false promises and non working it make it a performance* .

One day i heard of a new bank and wondered where the nearest ‘branch’ might be – i am happy enough with the bank of Rwanda but the nearest branches where in the same places i would have to visit anyhow.

As to the competence of these branches that is an unknown so it seems i wont be switching from the bank of Rwanda (not here) then.  I tried.

*twelve [12] days to pay in cheques.

selin ascends,Josiah Bancroft

isbn: 9780356510810 is part of book series which i did not know when i started this as a man losses his wife while shopping.

So perhaps it does need a series*.

Set in Iraq with a tower of babel and a tolerant multicultural throng** i guess there will many books where man goes on his quest but never reaches its end. The ills of economic systems are documented so something that might not be fiction.

Classified as fantasy the world building is good, the fights and action not so good so its an uneven book.

1/5 bananas *humour **certainly not an iraq of today


retards with dmarc


Another retard who used Microshit (my blog)
Remote Server returned ‘554 4.3.2 mailbox busy; STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:StoragePermanentException.MapiExceptionMaxObjsExceeded; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Cannot complete delivery-time processing. 16.55847:B1020000, 17.43559:0000000090000000000000000000000000000000, 20.52176:140FE5810F0010106C020000, 20.50032:140FE5817F17101071020000, 0.35180:03000B37, 255.23226:76020000, 255.27962:0E000000, 255.31418:7B020000, 16.55847:8F010000, 17.43559:0000000090020000000000000F00000000000000, 20.52176:140FE5810F0010105B050000, 20.50032:140FE5817F17101060050000, 0.35180:0A00B780, 255.23226:65050000, 255.27962:0A000000, 255.27962:9E000000, 255.17082:E4040000, 0.18273:6F050000, 4.21921:E4040000, 255.27962:FA000000, 255.1494:0A00BB80, 255.1238:79050000, 1.29920:07000000, 7.29828:41420F000000000000000000, 7.29832:40420F000000000005000780, 4.45884:E4040000, 4.29876:E4040000, 4.30344:E4040000, 4.37696:E4040000, 4.58176:E4040000, 7.40748:010000000000010C00000000, 7.57132:00000000000000000F010480, 1.63016:9E000000, 4.39640:E4040000, 8.45434:10D38DFFA885F2418179636382C870570F010480, 5.10786:0000000031352E32302E303438352E3031353A5649315052303630314D42323430303A38623266373864612D303436612D343561632D393363352D383533343364623537393438000F010480, 255.1750:C4050000, 255.31418:80030400, 0.22753:80030400, 255.21817:E4040000 [Stage: DeliverMessage]’

Well done retards prove yet again that microsoft is really crap at everything.

Dear sat nav executives its 2018

So professor owns two sat nav devices – one that can be used in any car a tom tom (my blog) , and the other in a car (my blog) which to remove would take hours to remove and make the car un-drivable – one is ancient and had to use windows software to upgrade it so it never happened being a linux shop here in the zoo.

The newer ones connect to wifi apparently.

The newer car based unit [opposed to being in any car] still needs windows to update argh

I am not asking for an ethernet cable just something non os specific.

I have no objection to usb flash drives but when some idiot in the sat nav industry thinks microsoft windows is best then professor will not be buying extra software since it needs windows to download it.


Its 2018 this is not rocket science.however you wont be getting extra rich while make updating incar satnavs a multistep process.  The zoo will not be buying crap microsoft software just for you.

So if have sat nav shares the sale is final and no additional money will be collected because of microsoft.



Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

imdb: tt2582496 was seen on netflix (my blog) and i thoroughly enjoyed it, occasionally funny and all times smart this is a film worth seeing.

It should not be mistaken for another likewise film hollywood decided to make at the same time* but if that is how they want to behave then so be it that is not my problem   They seem petty minded.  If that is how they think the world works they are misinformed.

5/5 bananas

*happier i think and not seen. and not wanted to be seen

life on death row: the mass execution

Is a bbc online thing which will never see a broadcast after the bbc shut down this (my blog).  So much for bbc ‘promises’

As i have no reason to watch bbc tv but have seen previous episodes (my blog) i decided to watch it after i checked in six months of not watching bbc tv. which technically this still is not.

The series of four and a bit hours covers Arkansas use of its stock of drugs to execute eight people as they where going out of date and having been awaiting completion of sentences for decades some might say the death penalty did not really exist there as the legal system and politicians of both colours that unwilling to enforce law.

There are some interesting sub thoughts on branding and death row preachers.

Four where executed and regardless of your views it was compelling viewing that will never be seen on broadcast television because the bbc are dumb

5/5 bananas – i love the music.

rechargable battery screwups

glass half full ?

Some years ago the monkey house purchased some new dect telephone rechargeable batteries and got a charger for them ‘free’ even though the dect phone (my blog) charges them.

As a green ape (my blog) i kept this fifth wheel and when i bought some different rechargeable batteries i used this fifth wheel to charge them as the device in question did not have a power lead.

So once a month i plugged the thing into a usb thing, removed the batteries and charged them up for an hour or so assuming the best.

A year or so later i discover the display is dull, and one day the thing stops working so it appears my light monthly charge did not charge the battery which i have no indication of.

I part recharged them it seems. Having reprogrammed the item as it had no juice and given the batteries a longer charge seems to have resolved my issues.

I am not a mind reader..

libreoffice 5 impresses me

Well as i am not using the fucking awful oracle software version (my blog) i can report to you that the zoo is very happy with libreoffice 5 – personally it feels faster since i am not a big user of it it does all of what i want (my blog) it to do

Recommended – if you buy this kind of word-processing ‘office’ stuff i from a company that begins with the letter m think your crazy and since they also do not like certain types of content then i wish you good luck and hope they let you keep your files rather than make you begin from scratch.