some additions to Japanese netflix

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imdb: tt5301958 Manzai is slightly reminiscent of Rakgugo (my blog) if less formal not quite western stand up .   A bit of a slog and sometimes funny although quite hard to know when at times.

A story of comedians which comes from a manga* is comedy trying to be unfunny and i imagine quite hard to do. Despite that it has moments of profoundness.

5/5 bananas


imdb: tt6574146 is a japan film anime and rather well done. Stylistic and thought provoking.

5/5 bananas

Knights of Sidonia

imdb: 70301578 is an interesting take on ideas but set in space, a series its format in netflix sucks so expect a lot of fast forwarding reading the subtitles from a distance is a problem as white text on a white background is a problem and is not a bananas problem.

4/5 bananas

As an anime there are two seasons of if and

*ask your mummy what manga is.

gmail user names and domain names bad perceptions


The gmail account i use has a emailer man (who emails us as a woman)* who wants me to buy at probably an extortionate price for the domain name that matches it.

What this transgendered idiot fails to realise is better names exist and i only choose the account name as it was not in use rather than desirable googles insistence on all android phones (my blog) having google account means all the best combinations have been used. .

I of course did not inform them

Jimmy Salvile renewal time.

Jimmy and Tony

Bananas was minding her own business and entertaining zoo guests when a beta ape out of the blue demanded it was time for the criminal records check (my blog) to be updated which came from some paid employee of the nhs who bosses volunteers (unpaid) about like this ape.

Nice work that .

It is a throw back to Jim and his chum (my blog) seen to your right which seemed to throw this ape into chaos and asked each of us here in the monkey house to read this, open that print it and then they telephone the volunteer manager of whom wanted this shit but could not be arsed to update there records.

In the end the ape got on a bus and saw the very important person as the links and the passwords sent apparently did not work as stated in the printed email.. All of this shit was apparently due to somebody worrying that the nhs is full of isis supporters* after they spent a fun summer blowing up children, killing policemen, raping females in Newcastle and tourists as is islam’s way..

Humanity. – anyhow having had enough of that with withering looks from the ape even about recycling paper they spewed out in several attempts to make sure there not muslim rapists or terrorists the rest of us went back to entertaining the zoo guests rather than dealing with idiots who sucked the life out with idiot dramas..

Speaking of citizen Blair has been in the news recently for getting paid by arabs while being a fully paid diplomat trying to find religious peace – i wonder if that might be considered a supporter of isis or deash.  He did not get a peace deal.mind you who wants to solve cancer (my blog) fixing things hey there’s no profit** in that.

Anyhow that’s what happened.

*i wonder who let them in?  ** Pakistan gave North Korea nuclear bomb know how

Is sogo opensource ?

I have a small interest in supporting one mobile phone via some kind of webmail and Sogo (my blog) is your horse for that. Alas in Jessie i was i386, no joy there. In Stretch (debian) things went amd64 bit and to my surprise i found a deb that could install.  It felt too easy but….

Having found most of the config files i then wondered about the database schema and found no files to create the sogo tables*.

Sisyphus is still a role model

There do exist update files for schema for crap mysql and the amazing postgres

ls so/sql*

But how can i adjust nothing to something ?  eg

echo “Step 1 – Converting c_content from VARCHAR to TEXT in table sogo_folder_info” >&2
tables=`psql -t -U $username -h $hostname $database -c “select split_part(c_location, ‘/’, 5) from $indextable;”`

for table in $tables;

So my adventure in Sogo came to an abrupt halt.

It appears to be a compile job.  Close but not useable. Its good that open source still retains mystery to it.   After all it keeps me in daily blog posts. apt remove sogo.  Maybe the third install attempt will  be the one?

*i have other databases.


Cancer charity scams

Meet Wendy Watson MBE (not here) of National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline

Since 2012, the charity’s accounts also show that as little as 2.8% of annual donations has been spent on “charitable activities”, such as running the helpline

No wonder there is no cure for any cancer, its a nice little owner for Wendy Watson and ilk for the pink trademark as well, after all if you cure something you dont need scam artists like Watson MBE.

Think about it.

Googles (& Alphabet’s) possible missou problem

Google have been in the news recently and they fired somebody for writing some internal words that become public. Now i do not know who leaked it and corporations do like to keep there laundry hidden so one might think shooting the messenger was the right thing to do in that context.

south african claims voodoo is a thing

However in terms of sjw group think* (my blog) i do wonder how working at google/youtube will be perceived by the rest of us.

You might remember  Missou a higher education institution in the US that has a huge sjw problem who believe in racial segregation and since your supposed to learn something rather than just become a sjw which does not command an income and the skill of walking with placard stating “don’t eat chicken” mean its paying customers [students] either think its horribly racist or a very shit place to not learn non sjw stuff.

Gnome [not a height challenged human] but a software project went down the sjw route and recruited the ‘oppressed’ only to find they where not up the job. There’s a reason i don’t use gnome as a window manager even with the Potterang (my blog) doing stuff that could be seen as bad decisions.

Apparently many google staff now don’t feel ok after sjw management chilled the environment way beyond the fridge.

social justice warrior

Now if google can only employ sjw staff from sjw degrees say womens studies and social studies then maybe if you have gmail account you better start backing it up or finding a new email provider.

Another example – good luck talking to a womens studies grad about your technical problem with your aws server.

Own an andriod phone ?

If alphabet management think that going down the missou route and the gnome project will mean world beating stuff that makes them money then good luck to them.  The  world of ideologues might be nice but customers do not all inhabit that world.

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

People voted Trump rather than the women with the email server in toilet.

If left leaning Hillary Clinton thinks email is deserved to be sited in a pubic toilet (my blog( then i suppose that should attract females to stem roles.

Things change who is to say that alphabet brands will be  still on the tip of your tongues in the future if they continue.  Hard to use google in China hint hint.

I do not have a crystal ball but this is an interesting read (my blog).

*Sargon was directly mentioned too in another leak. who is neither right or left leaning

Australian netflix

It may be of interest (my blog)

australia tv


imdb: tt4649420 is a bit like rabbit proof fence a film which says i never blogged about although i think i mentioned.  Part sjw and science fiction it has enough going for it for the six episodes – expect a cliff hanger.

4/5 bananas – indigenous but incomplete


Periodic Tales,H A Williams

itampon by steve jobs

isbn: 9780141041452 is about chemical elements and not what you may assume it is about.  Rather general and occasionally amusing is the authors visit to a homoeopathy (my blog) shop in covent garden for plutonium which apparently is good for depression.

Some elements are not as loved as others but the author puts it coherently most of the time.

4/5 bananas.

strange tales of hewlett packard printers

I and the zoo have a love/hate relationship with older hp printers with non oem ink, we love the ink.  Printer – meh although the printer in question recently kicked the bucket (my blog)  and was replaced.

One day some time ago i was reading slashdot when i noticed that what i write (my blog) was being said by many.   Recently one cartridge was ‘REALLY EMPTY’ and after intervening with a button press since we ignore the hp sensor

This even pissed off the zoo staff  who started printing to a different laser printer which means to hp that the other printers ink wont be touched and so not replaced until its not printing in a missing colour deemed required.

Meg Whitman is ok, what about ebay ?

Meg Whitman is ok, what about ebay ?

Two weeks go by and i check out the printer settings on the server to find it to have defaulted to american letter size paper. rather a4 and when i turn it on its ink level is fine and it does not shutdown on start up, or need a ok pressed.

I of course expect such foul play from Meg and Cary (my blog) as shit ex bosses of HP.

The result for hp is that no ink genuine or otherwise was bought by the zoo.

What really confuses me is that i dont remember downloading a new version of hplip, or changing printer settings on the Linux server to letter size which no sane person directly uses but sends jobs to it.

Its not my reputation HP its yours.