Blood on the page, Thomas Harding


isbn: 9781765151040 is about a non fiction murder and secret law trail in the uk apparently we all have to take every-bodies else opinion that water is wet and there is nothing unethical going on.  Smith (my blog) is responsible for the 2006-1017 legal odyssey so in camera trails dont really work for secrecy just like super injunctions and who (my blog) uses olive oil and children’s paddling pools.

Wang Yan v Regina is the case and the murder of Allan Chappelow which is still shrouded in secrecy.   The fact that Wang Yan used Chappelows money is undeniable but since Yan was apparently a small bit part of 4/6/89 events soon makes it mired in censorship for reasons very few know.

wenlock a policeman

It starts with a murder , stolen funds are used and the police get involved eventually a body is found and Wang Yan is found to be a prime suspect through police work of good quality.

Yan is a bit of a crook like this person (my blog)

The evidence is low in quality* but the other alternative motives are also low in quality as well so it comes down to the secret evidence that the first set of lawyers where denied access to by comrade Smith.   It is no advert for secret trails either and although the government appears to not use them it is hard to find out if they are occasionally used.

While the author attempts an Agatha Christie solution with colonel plumb with the candlestick, helped by the servant none of that explains how the money ended up in Yan’s hands.

Ceci Garrett has been helping hoarders, like this one,

An informative book but one no closer to a truth than at the beginning although the limits of what European union rules where being well tested ten years before brexit

One to read regardless 5/5 bananas.

*the victim was a hoarder – here is an interesting and often distressing american tv documentary about these people , and it took three days to find him needing a dog.

173000 spam comments so far

Which seems entirely reasonable, despite blog links not counting for seo (my blog) i guess somehow despite that there’s a good reason for them – perhaps people are being sold bad ‘advice’.

Some of the domain names look legit but somehow i guess there not and are typo squatting.   Maybe if i get bored i will find out why until then i look forward to staying ignorant.


who is Andrew Philip Cross at wikipedia

In (not here)

Raises a question – man with bots ?  who never stops working, if so bias is implied and Wikipedia mean he controls it and if your not ‘Julian’ then do not even think about editing Wikipedia.

I don’t like Wikipedia (my blog)  but to call wikipedia ‘open’ is debatable and perhaps verging on smear campaigns via ‘selected twisted facts’ and omission

Don’t trust wikipedia seems wise advise.

This is also not the first time they have been caught lying a religous ‘scholar’ who won arguments with i have a phd there but who did not was another example of wikipedia misuse that i know of.

If you think wikipedia is open then the sky is pink all the time and magical unicorn exist.

Elon Musk and the right to repair

We all chuck stuff away but i was surprised to learn that teslas (my blog) if out of warranty or deemed as such by Telsa and his agents have a value of $0 – unless you have a donor car and access to diagnostics computers so good night and good luck.

Musk has also been adverse of open sourcing of the  libaries his cars use – even taking time to be gpl license correct

Since the monkey house is averse to $1000 phones (my blog) and getting them fixed like agricultural tractors needs a computer to reset the right to repair does matter – your probably paying for the main dealers to fix things in food that farmers incur already.

I learnt something (my blog) and yes while i dont expect (or demand) to fix a 1900 era railway engine without engineers you will perhaps think differently when something under three years old is deemed trash just because apple and musk think so.

Repair / recycle (my blog) might be good but many people do not want you to.

I wonder if Musk’s spacesuit will be repairable? – i do hope he can hold his breath for twelve months while somebody ships him a new one from earth.


Bananas was wondering about in the zoo taking a break from entertaining zoo guests when as that it ape i was called to figure out some weird old employees amazon shopping basket – somehow they had signed up for prime as as occasional amazon humans* I decided to cancel the free trial which appears is a uncheck box thing they missed or was intentionally obscured by your friendly amazon designer who wants you to ? $us 90 a year .. or what ever it now costs

Five minutes later i cancel prime (at least four clicks) and i am back to figuring out why the cart items have disappeared. That also takes five minutes – eventually what they did and what i did resulted in happy zoo employees.

So i saved myself one return job on cancelling amazon prime for them  later on in the month.  As even i do not do amazon for shopping the site seems overly sprawling and not as cheap as others.

Prime is not a money saver but that tale is one for another day


Happy Harold Camping Day!

Harold Camping failed meet jesus seven yeas ago or return as a zombie

Today marks Harold Camping is overdue an end of the world by seven years (my blog).

Happy Harold Camping day everybody

So lets wish Harold (who has yet to return from the dead and so is also overdue) and his alive cult believers a happy anniversary.    Conrade Harold is a fine example of a crook using religion and his retarded followers who clearly have mental health issues.

So next time some respected religious nut job knows the end of the world do remember Camping .

It should be celebrated every year.


world without end,Ken Follett


isbn: 97814472455487 is the second book to this (my blog) and set later.  There is a lot more sex and crime than in the first and feels english the input by aristocratic types is minimal and a good thing.

Not a book to read on its own but likeable as an extended world view this time set in the 1300 hundreds with trips to french battlefields

It is a whopper at 1300 pages and kept me engaged and reminds me that catholic religious types are pro slavery and the aristocracy  not much better.

5/5 bananas

Happy Adof and Eva wedding day

If your in Windsor England today please wish adof (my blog) and eva my best after i read one parent has already been deemed a security risk.   Surprisingly the press have been going on about this mixed marriage so i guess the patriarchy and royalty is fine to sjw’s even though it is not marxism.

I shall be working here in the zoo- the zoo’s vets are also on standby (my blog) just in case.  So come visit the monkey house instead i read somewhere that 60% thought (my blog) the hype made by msm about this was something they did not care for.

the ‘lady’ trying to sell me a deleted domain

Wesley Perkins

You all remember Wesley Perkins (my blog) ?  Well i got yet another mail and so discovered that gmail is domain registrar ([it is not] and i could buy it without using ‘her’.

This via gmail does not mean i will buy it and i have not responded to this scum of the earth domain taster

I suppose a fool would pay big money to this female technical ‘genius’.  Is that what social justice warriors think is a it stem career?

gdpr will not kill facebook and some predictions

Mary Portas ‘fashion’

gdpr is something that has got a lot of peoples panties in a bunch.  It affects smaller firms rather then big ones (my blog)  so a bit like that cookie law (my blog).   – press ok because the law says so

it has been pleasant to get emails from companies asking us for belated permission to send us even more  email so it will be interesting to see if those wishes are complied with or the crap keeps coming.

Since whois lookups are also part of the thing that is also concerning but since many isps dont respond (my blog) and i mallet there ranges i will probably still know enough and people like the riaa and other mafia organisations will still probably get there accurate data.

So gdpr will hurt small firms and make absolutely no difference to normal people.

Somehow gdpr sounds a good idea but l ike the cookie law it will be useless.

Politicians are great aren’t they.